Naked man on the bed

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Hope was shocked to see mary. Hope asked "Hey; what are you doing here? Why are you running away?" But Mary was badly injured. Hope looked at her and said "You need help" she pulled out a white powder packet from her pocket and took out a water bottle from her backpack. She mixed the white powder with water and splashed it into her head. The injuries start to heal and bleeding stops. Val asked, "what is this?" Hope said "an exile for injury." Then she went near Roy and put something in his mouth. Val shouted and said "what are you doing? If you are planning to kill him; I will kill you." Hope didn't even look at him. Soon Roy regained his senses and he looked around. He looked at his hands and feet. He could move again. Val went near him and asked, "are you alright?" Roy nodded his head. Hope said "we should leave. She is not the one." Hope looked at unconscious Mary. Val said "yes let's go. Roy needs rest and I need to get your head straight. '' Hope look at Val and say nothing. But they heard "Not so soon" all of them looked toward the sound and found witches standing there. All of them are surrounding Val; Roy; Hope and mary. "Now that's what we call an action movie scenario” Val smiled. Bindi was standing in front of everyone. She said "why do you people attack witches? Who are you?"
"Sorry for the late introduction. I am Val and he is my aide Roy and my lovely dog Hope." When Hope heard the lovely dog she gave a disgusting look towards Val. But he didn't look at her. Bindi said "Val. Means the vampire prince. What are you doing on witch grounds? Have you lost your path? Or do you come to havoc?" Val said "I wish you are my mother. You understand me without even seeing me." Bindi smiled and said "Thank God I don't have a child like you. Or I will die due to a heart attack. Now tell me prince why are you here?" Val said "I am here for my lovely dog. She lost her precious thing and she was looking for it. As a faithful master, I was helping her. But getting into an accident." Hope was fuming with anger. But she held it. Bindi said "whatever you lost is none of our business but you injured one of us so you have to pay for it. Give us the girl who injured her. And I will let you go." Val smiled and said "over my dead body" bindi moved her palm forward and all the witches attacked Val and Roy. Hope screamed and said "stop'' .but no one listens. Val moves forward and attacks bindi. She was blind but in fighting, she was like a sharp knife. She never misses a point and attacks Val with full force. Val attacked her and sent cold wind toward her but she suppressed it and sent back the winds to him. Hope saw that and thought if this continues they will lose. So she took out a crystal ball and threw it into the air. It Busted into the air and all of them started to cough.
Hope went near Roy and said something into his ears. He nodded and both of them went near Val. He was moving his hand to remove the smoke. He said, "what the hell is that?" He looked towards Hope and Roy. He said "what is -” before he could complete Hope push a needle into his neck. He felt like all the surrounding was spinning. no; he was spinning. He tried to hold something and both Hope and Roy supported him. Hope said, "Are you ready?" Roy nob. Hope said something and a circle form around them. Many witches tried to go inside the circle but they failed. And within seconds a light blue color emerged from the circle and Three of them vanished from there. All the witches looked around but couldn't find them. They are surprised to see both herbalist and caster power in one person. All of them went out of the smoke zone. Bindi asked Azam to carry Mary. They went to headquarters. All of them are in a common room. Bindi was sitting near the fireplace. One witch said" head I think we got the wrong person. Or we missed something. In history, no one is capable of using 2 powers at the same time. And that girl uses 2 powers. And the other girl; Nadia. She broke the Crown of the witch. I don't know
what is going on. And why don’t we know about any of these girls “bindi remained silent. Azam came to the room and said "Mary woke up" Bindi stood and went to Mary's room. She went where Mary was lying on the bed. She had a bandage on her forehead. Bindi asked "are you ok? Did you have a bandage?" Mary nodded then she remembered that bindi can't see and said, "yes head." "Now tell me my child; why did you do that? Why did you let her run away?" Mary started to cry and said “all the witches want to imprison her and never let her out. Worse they might ask to kill her. So I let her run away. ““do you think by running away she can get rid of her problem? Now that she is out there and without protection, she can be harmed by anyone. Just like you got injured. “Mary cried and said "I am sorry. I didn't mean to harm her." "Don't cry. That time in that position; I might do the same thing. You just help your friend. “Bindi hugged mary. After some time Mary asked, "Will Nadia be ok?" Bindi signed and said, "only God knows ".
~Nadia ~
Here our Nadia was eating that poor wolfie ears. She was talking continuously. She said about her grandmother; her home; her school; her job and even about mia. Poor wolfie has sensitive ears and now that she is talking nonstop it is making a headache for wolfie."Now let's talk about my childhood. I was a very naughty kid. One day I stole mangoes from my neighbor. The neighbor aunts became so angry and tried to beat me with a stick. So the next day; I went to her home, stole all the mangoes from her trees, and gave them to others. She can't even ask back for her mangoes. I said to them that she is the one who sent me to give them mangoes. Everyone went to my aunt's home and said thank you. But she … My God, I still laugh remembering her face. She was burning from inside. “Nadia smiled. Wolfie looked at her and thought of a naughty kid. It matches with her. After walking they come near the lake. The lake where Rahman was attacked. Wolfie went to the lake and drank water. The moon is hiding behind the clouds so it's dark. Nadia went near the lake and splashed water into her face. Wolfie looked towards her. Nadia said "I am so tired. Let's take a break. We will start our journey in an hour. But if I don't rest now I will fall in somewhere and hit my head. “she stood up and went near a tree. She sat down and Mia came to her lap. She hugged her and said "I am sorry mia. I shouldn't have taken you. Now you are suffering because of me. I will find a safe place and keep you there. Don't worry. “Mia moved more close to her. Nadia kissed her forehand and closed her eyes. Before closing her eyes she saw wolfie was coming towards her. She mumbled, “don’t eat me." And went to sleep. She felt like she closed her eyes for a few moments. But when she opened her eyes she screamed. She saw she was in a bedroom with a fireplace. But what shocked her move is the naked man on the bed with her!!!! Who is he? How can she be in bed with a naked man? Moreover, where is she?? Wasn't she in a forest? How did she get here? All this question came out as Nadia's scream and she saw the man move a little. And slowly he opened his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes everything stopped….
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