Wolfie is Rahman

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STOP. It is the right word to describe her feeling. She felt like her heart stopped beating; she stopped breathing and stopped blinking and stopped thinking. His eyes have the power to control her entire being. He has dark brown eyes. It might look ordinary to many but for some reason, it felt like she was waiting to see these eyes. She looked at him and asked, "who are you?" He got up and Nadia shouted again, closing her eyes... He pressed both his hands on his ears. Then Nadia looked at him by opening her eyes a little and saw he was wearing a trouser. But his upper body has a well-defined 6 pack and has a perfectly toned body. If he took a photo she will download it from anywhere and attach it to her room. Why does God make such a perfect human!!!. Wait! Nadia came out of her trance and asked "where am I? Where is Mia? Where is wolfie? and most important who the hell are you? how could you sleep with an unknown girl? “Then Nadia looked under her cover and saw her dress was still intact. She looked up and asked, "we only sleep; right?" The man took out a shirt from the wardrobe and started to wear it. "Hi; I am talking to you?""I know. I was waiting for you to end your question so that I can answer them?" "Ok. What?? Are you saying I talk too much?? How can you say that? don't you have any basic manners?"Nadia asked and stood up from bed.That man looked at her and asked "finished? Now; can I speak? Or should I get a warrant to speak?""You can speak. But only to my question which I asked. '' Nadia said. "Ok. My name is Rahman. You were with me last night. And Mia is safe. Slept after eating. And we are in a fire wolf pack. After you fall asleep; I took you here. I try to wake you up. But you were having your beauty sleep and didn't wake up. And staying there was dangerous so I took you here. And about wolfie; I am... why did you give me such a strange name.?" Rahman said. Nadia looked at him and was astonished to know that he was wolfie. He is that wolfie?? And now they are in a fire wolf pack. Wow!!! From one to another. Nadia said “thank you wolfie; I mean Rahman for saving me. And for letting me have my beauty sleep. But now I have to go. I can't stay. I have to go to my grandmother's home. Please let me go. '' Rahman looked towards Nadia. Then he started to move toward her. She started to move backwards. 1 step 2 steps finally he cornered her by a wall and looked toward her neck or chest. Nadia saw where he is looking and put both hands on her chest. "Are you perverted? Even that time you are looking at my chest." Rahman looked into her eyes. Nadia forgot the word. Whenever he looked at her she got blank. She can't think of anything or say anything. It felt like her body was not under her control. That brown eyes whatever it tells her; her body might be willing to listen. She shook her head to clear all this nonsense thought and asked "don't you have any shame?" Rahman was still looking at her and said "first I am not a p*****t and I don't enjoy human meat or should I say witch meat. So I have no plan to eat you." Nadia remembered before closing her eyes she said, "don't eat me." She blushed and said, "should I be thankful?" "No, you don't have to. And to clear your confusion I was not looking at your chest I was looking at your locket. Where did you get that?"Rahman asked. Nadia remembers the locket “the ring of promise" she took out. It still has moonstone and ruby. She touched it lightly and said “My parents gifted it to me. It was from my mother. But my dad gave it. I mean he gave it to her then she gave it to me." "Ok. Do you know what this name is?" Rahman asked. "Yes. Ring of promise. "Nadia said.”Yes. It means whoever has this he or any creature can’t hurt her. I Mean from a witch; wolf or vampire. Here" Rahman holds the ring and their hand's touch for a fraction of a second. An electric sensation
was felt by Nadia. It started from fingers and ended at her toes. She looked toward him. He looked at her and said "so.. where are we? Yes. Here" he points out the stone and explained "Moonstone represents us. I mean werewolf. The ruby represents Vampire. And wings represent witches. Those made the promise. Whoever has it can claim to be protected by all three realms. And as you have it I was bound to protect you. That's why I was following you. “Nadia nobs her head and asks "if you are bound to protect me. What about others? Why were they attacking?" "They didn't see. Or should I say they are under influence? We can't communicate with them. “Rahman said.
"Communicate means? You guys were talking? "Nadia asked.”Yes, we can communicate just by thinking about it. It's like telepathy. But yesterday I couldn't. It never happened “Rahman replied doubtfully.”Maybe your server was jammed. I mean to say; if you have any server, “Nadia said. After listening to this Rahman laughed. And said "we don't have a server. But it can be true." Nadia was lost in his smile. It's so beautiful. And the sound…. It's heavenly. She always wants to listen to it. "Hi. Where did you go?" Rahman asked. She came to reality and said "whatever. Now that you know my answer please let me go. I need to go."
"Yes, I will. It's not safe here. You should return to human society. And I will help you to reach your home" Rahman promised. "Really. I will forever be grateful to you ".”You don't need to. I want to know about the ring story. How did it come to your house? As It was lost many years ago," Rahman replied. "Maybe my grandmother knew something. But she is from my mother's side so she might not know all the details," Nadia said. "Still it's ok. But we need to stay for 2 to 3 days. As they will come to look for you. It is safe to stay here for 2 to 3 days," Rahman suggested. "Won't they harm my grandmother," Nadia asked in a concerned voice. "They won't. She is innocent. And if they harm her; they won't have any weaknesses to trap you. "
"Ok. I will listen to you."Nadia agreed. As it was the best option. "Well let's get you to meet everyone. You go right and you will find a washroom. Freshen up and meet me outside."
"Ok" she was about to go when she stopped and asked, "why did you sleep with me?" "I didn't sleep with you. I fall asleep beside you. And maybe at some point, I came to your bed" Rahman explained. "very bad explanation but I will take that.” Nadia said and entered the washroom. Rahman looked at her disappearing figure and thought "does she feel the same as me?? Does she feel the connection we have for each other? Should I tell her I don't want to protect her for only a locket but to protect her for my love? Should I explain when I saw her in the woods I fell for her. My entire being wants to be with her. Should I say that?
Hi guys. What do you think?? Should Rahman express his feelings to Nadia? Or should he keep it secret to protect her from any harm? Who still does not add it to your library please add it. And give a review. I will appreciate all the reviews.

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