You slapped me???

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Rahman wanted to Express his feelings but thought now is not the right time. He will wait. But this waiting will kill him. Thinking all this he went to his office room. Abu was there and he asked "what are you doing? Why did you bring a girl with you? Who is she? And why are you injured that much? It looked like you fought with the whole pack." "Yes I did fight but not with the whole pack?" "And what about the girl?" Abu asked. "We Were running away. She is Nadia. '' Rahman said. "And?" Abu asked. "She is the one. She is my mate." "What?? Really?? I am so glad to hear it." Abu said. "Don't be so glad. I think she is a witch, “Rahman said.”Then it is great news. She has the power to protect herself. You are always worried about your enemy, now you don't have to." Rahman nob and said, "she might be the cursed girl??" "What? Do you mean the girl in prediction? The one who has the power to destroy the world?''Abu asked in confusion. "yes. And I am worried about it." If she is the one I mean she destroyed the crown of the witch in one touch. What should you say about that?" Rahman asked. Abu was in deep thought and said "Are you going to kill her?" "No" Rahman roared. He thought he would kill anyone who would say about killing his mate. His protection speaks louder than his rejection. Abu said, "if other packs know about it it will cause uproar." "I know that's why we will leave in 2 days." "Where will you go?" Abu asked. "Her home. We have to get her grandmother and put both of them in a safe house." Rahman said. "Do you think they will ever be safe?" "I don't know. But one thing is bothering me. Why does she have the "ring of promise "? It vanished 75 years ago after the prediction. Now she is here and she has the ring. Also, she said it's her father who gave it to her mother." Rahman explained. Abu nodded his head and said, "he might not be human." "Yes. Let's ask her when she returns." They wait for Nadia. ~Val~ He felt enormous pain in his neck. He felt like thousands of ants biting him. He screamed and opened his eyes. He looked around and saw he was in his bed-chamber. He tried to sit when he saw Roy was sleeping in a chair near his bed. He called him "Roy". Roy opened his eyes and said "you woke up. Hope?" And he looked toward the opposite side of the bed. Hope was sleeping there and her hood is still hiding her face. Val thought who slept with the hood. Then he remembered what hope did and ran towards her. He starts to strangle her. She woke up and tried to lose Val's hand. She said "leave…. Me " "you should have thought about it before putting me in danger" Roy came and said "leave her; Val. She only tried to save us. We would have to get killed if she didn't transport us. And for doing that she already became weak. Leave her." "Ok I will leave her. But what about the things she did. She put a needle in my neck, “Hope said "you wouldn't hear me.. that.. time that's the only thing… I could do... to make you follow me. “Hope was turning blue due to pressure. She felt like she was about to faint when Val released her. Her hood is removed and her light brown hair falls out. She has a beautiful ash eye. But those eyes held hatred for Val. She coughs violently. After coughing sometimes Roy came with the water. She drank it. Her coughed stop. She tried to stand up but she was about to fall when Roy helped her. She stood up with the help of Roy and looked at Val. Val looked at her and out of nowhere Hope slapped him. Ash was shocked beyond words. She said" this slap is for calling me your loyal dog. For attacking me when I tried to save your sorry ass and also for touching me." Val was looking at her and said "how dare you slapped me. One day you tried to kill me then slap me. Maybe you wanted to die early." “I don't. I have many things to do. And now that we fail one mission we should go on our separate path. Thanks for the cooperation” Hope said. Roy asked "won't you join the fight?" “I will. Whenever you need me just think about me. Here" Hope to give him some rectangular white paper. "Burn it and I will come within a day," Hope said. And she was about to leave. But Val holds her hand. He pulled her and she fell on his broad chest. She looks at him. If the looks could kill a person Val might die thousands of times today. Val smells a sweet scent. Like jasmine and lavender. It's a unique combination. But he liked it. But he shouted at himself and said to his mind "what are you thinking; Val? She slapped you. Wake up. Don't Think about her" And he said to Hope"Not so soon. We have to get the girl and you will help us." "Why did you need the girl? O; for war. Don't worry you will get her." Hope said. "And for that, we need your help." Roy said. "Why?" Hope asked. "We don't have her location but you might know about her whereabouts” Roy explained. Val looked and said "what makes me curious is how you got 2 powers?? Each witch has one power. How did you have two?" Hope said "I don't know. I didn't even know that I was a witch 2 years ago. One day I met a witch and she told me about it. Every witch yields one power but I can yield three of them ``'' what?? Three?" Roy shouted." yes. I can make shield; cast magic and make trees for potions." "Are you sure you are not that cursed girl?" "yes I am sure I am not. I mean I don't have the power to break the stone. So she might be the one." "Then what are we waiting for? Let's get the girl, "Val asked. Nadia nobs said "first let us make a plan and we need to have more manpower to know her whereabouts" ''ok" they started to make a plan. Hope went into a room. She draws another circle and sits there. Val saw it and asked "what is she doing?" "She is trying to locate Nadia." Roy said. "You mean the cursed girl," Val asked to be clear. "Yes. She will meditate and try to find her location. ““good." Val was about to leave when Roy said "you shouldn't have done that." "Done what?" Val asked. "You should have listened first then take action. She was really trying to save us. Even when she was trying to save me you shouted at her." "I will do it if she was trying to harm my friend. I don't trust her." Val said. "I know but still try to stay cool. I never understand why you have ice powers when you are so hot-headed. Val smiled and said "maybe my specialty.” Roy nodded his head and said "Maybe. But say sorry to Hope." "No. I will never say sorry." Val left the place. Roy took a deep sigh and said "when you will become that Val? Who laughed and cracked jokes? Who helped people in their need. Who stays with his loved one? I miss that Val. I hope someone will bring back that Val. I hope that." Hope stood up from the circle and said "I know where she is." Roy nob and they went into Val's room. Hope said "I know where the cursed girl is “Val looked and she said” In fire wolf pack" Hey; my dear readers. Hope you enjoy this chapter. There are so many questions that come to the surface. Many more will come. We will solve the unsolved thread little by little. So please stay with us. And enjoy Nadia's adventurous life.
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