He is your soul mate

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VAL “fire wolf pack?"Val asked. "Yes. I saw that she was there. And by the looks of it, she may stay there for 2 or 3days." Hope said. "But why she is there?" "Did she have someone in that pack?''Roy asked. "I don't know. Maybe or maybe not."Hope said. "Ok. Roy, we need men for this mission. So we should go to HIM" Val said."Are you sure? You wanna go to HIM" Roy asked. "Yes, we don't have a choice “Val replied. "Who are you talking about?" Hope asked. "The vampire king" Roy replied. Hope nods her head. Roy said"I will go and ask for an audience with his majesty” Val nodded his head and Roy went out. Hope looked at Val and said, "Can I go now?" "How will I know you didn't lie to me. So; no. You can't go. You have to go and help us catch the girl." Hope said nothing and went out. She came to her room, which was allotted to her. She threw her hood and sat on the bed. She was angry. She thought about the struggle she had to go through to come to this point. So she called the one who told her that she was a witch. She took out white paper and burnt it. It almost turned to half burnt ash when she heard a voice. It's the voice of a youthful woman. She said "hi; Payal. How can I help you?" "I failed the mission. The crown of the witch is destroyed before I stool its power." "How can that be?" That youthful voice asked. "I don't know. The only explanation is that she is more powerful than all of us." "What a girl destroyed it?" "Yes she only touched it and it broke into pieces. I checked the stone. It has no power within it."hope replied. "Hum.. I think you should get to know the girl. Her power and everything. Maybe we could use her." She said. "I want the same but that blood-sucking vampire isn't letting me go," Hope said. "Don't worry. Does he want to get the girl?" "Yes. Madly." Hope said. "Then here is the thing; you go with them and take the girl. Took her to the vampire realm. We are collaborating with them so we shouldn't have any problem." "Okay. I will do as you say. Thank you. I was so angry that I forgot about collaboration." "Who made my dear Payal angry?" She asked. Hope smiled and said "only you call me with my original name. All of them forget about that name." "It is your birth name. So I should say it." Hope smiled again and said "Bye. Take care. And thank you for helping me and making me smile." "Don't mention it; dearly." And their line disconnected. Hope was determined to get the girl and have her. ~VAMPIRE PALACE ~ Roy went inside the main palace. Val doesn't live in the main palace. He left after … Roy gave a deep sigh. Roy asked another aide "is his majesty here?" "Yes. He is. But he is having a meeting and he said not to allow anyone to go inside. "Okay. I will wait. I want to have audiences with him." "You can go back. After his meeting ends I will personally come to fetch you". Roy nob and left. He went outside and saw Val was standing there looking at the cherry blossoms. Roy went near him and called “Val?" Val look at him and asked"do you remember it? We used to play here. It was small just like us. Now look at the tree. It got taller than us. Roy looked at it and say"yes" "what did his highness say?Did he refuse to see me?" Val asked. "No. He is in an important meeting and will meet with us after. We will have to wait. Let's go to the lakeside garden. We can wait there" Val nob his head and both went there. Val was about to sit when he heard the most disgusting voice in the world. “Val" even without turning he knows who she is. The bloody smell hit him hard. The blood of his mother. Yes. He turned and saw his mother murderer standing before him.  ~RAHMAN~ Nadia entered his office and looked around. "why is it so dark? You will have an eye problem if this continues. “Rahman just kept looking at her. After exploring the room she sat in the chair. "Now tell me; what should I need to know? Rules and regulations." Rahman said "we don't have any rules and regulations but as we have sensitive ears we tend to hear something we are not supposed to. So please watch out what you speak here ``''Okay. I will." Then a girl entered the office. Rahman said "meet Lille. She will be with you all day." Nadia looked at him and asked, "will you impression me?" “No. It's for your protection. For some reason, the werewolves have havoc. And we can't communicate with them. So it's better you should have someone to protect you." Nadia nob and left with Lille. Rahman wanted to stop her. Wanted to keep her within eyesight. But he stopped. ~Nadia~ "Hi. I am Nadia. I already know your name. So I thought I should introduce myself. Nice to meet with you". Lille smiled and said "nice to meet with you too. Would you like to have a tour of the compound?" "Yes. Why not? But let me meet with Mia. I missed her." "Ok let's take you there." They went to another room. Nadia looked around. It is a normal house. No one can tell they are a werewolf. Wait; do werewolves can change back into a human? Nadia asked "Lille; can you tell me about werewolves. I mean do you guys shape shift like movies? So you have a mate?" She asked the last question very excitedly. Lille laughed at her excitement and said "yes. We do. We can shape shift. The only time we are unable to do it on the new moon. And yes; we do have a mate. But it's not like we have to marry them and will be a widow for the rest of our life if they die. It's not like that. We can choose other than our mate. sometimes we don't even meet our mate. So we marry who we love. There is no restriction." Nadia nob and asked"after marriage if you meet with your mate then what happened?" "It's up to that couple. If they want to break their marriage and went for their mate is totally up to them." "So it's almost like human love. Here I was excited to know about amazing stories “Nadia said in a dreamy voice. Lille laughed again and said"you are funny. but We are concerned about one person." "Who" Nadia asked." Our Alpha. Our pack leader". “wow you guys have Alpha too. Who is he? I want to meet him" Nadia said excitedly. "You already meet him. Rahman brother is our pack leader. He is 25 years old but still didn't have any mate. He doesn't even fall in love with anyone. He is the strongest Alpha in our history but he remains single. Should we worry or not? You tell me." Lille said. "Yes. You should. Don't you try to get him a date or something?" Nadia asked. "Nah. Do you want us to get killed?”Lille said. Nadia laughed and said "you all are afraid of him. And here I was calling him wolfie." Nadia started to laugh more. But Lille looked surprised. She asked "you called him wolfie and he didn't say anything?" "No." Nadia said in between laughing. "Do you feel something for him? Like lost in his eyes and have butterflies in your stomach?" Lille inquired. Nadia gulped down and said "he is handsome so it's natural." "Hum.. maybe you are human, you feel different from us. When we have a soul mate we have deep connections. And when we finally mate we have a deep bond. We can feel each other pain and all other feelings." Lille explained. "I see. But why you asked me if I felt any difference with him?" "He didn't say anything and he took you to pack. And for your safety he assigned me. So I thought maybe you are his mate?" "What?!!!! No. How can I be??" Nadia shouted.Nadia denied that she is Rahman's mate. And Rahman didn't say anything to her. And our poor Val suffered from tragedy. How will these three overcome their problems and come face to face with happiness? Happiness knocks on the door for those who work hard for it. So let's pray they all find their happiness.Those who didn't add it to your library please add it. Who knows by reading it you might find your happiness too. :)
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