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~Nadia~ "No. We are not mates. I mean I don't feel any extra connection." “Okay; as I told you humans are different." "Not human but witch," a man said. Both Nadia and Lille looked towards him. Lille said "Abu; what are you doing here?don't you have a meeting?" "I was on my way when I heard you are talking with her. Sorry to interrupt." "It's ok. But what do you mean by the witch? I can't sense any power from her '' Lille looked at Nadia. "Yes, you can't as she doesn't have it right now. But when she has only God knows what she will do?" Abu said. Nadia instantly hates Abu. She thought how someone can judge without meeting the person. And she hasn't done anything to him. But from his tone, Nadia can say he is angry. Why? Nadia asked him"how do you know about it?" "Well Rahman said to me and today we all are having a meeting because of you" "do you hate me due to your meeting?" Nadia asked. Abu had a scowl on his face and said"who said that I hate you? Hate is a big feeling. We don't know each other enough to hate you. But yes; I don't like you. You hurt my friend." "When did I hurt your friend? and who is your friend?" "Rahman'' both Lille and Abu said it at the same time. They looked at each other and gave a mischievous smile. "How? Care to explain?" Nadia asked. "you denied him by saying he is not your mate. Do you know how much hurt he got when he heard it?" Nadia was shocked. What is going on? Nadia thought ' am I really Rahman mate?? But why didn't he say anything? Is it due to this fact that I felt electricity run over my body when he touched me? Do mate felt like that' she was thinking about these when Lille said “wow. So Nadia is his partner. But why didn't he say anything?" "Exactly my point," Nadia said. "Why don't you directly ask Rahman about it?" Abu suggested. "I will, '' Nadia said. Abu went to the meeting. Lille hugged Nadia and said"I am so happy. Finally, my brother has met his soul mate." Nadia hugged her back and said nothing. She is in deep thought. About her future and all the changes that are occurring in her life. Finally, they reached where Mia is. When Mia saw Nadia she ran to her. Nadia Hugged her and asked, "did you miss me?" Mia answered with "meow" Lille came near her and patted Mia. "She is so beautiful!” Lille said. "She is''. Nadia replied. "Will you stay with us? I mean you are my brother's soul mate so…" Nadia said "no. I can't. I have to leave. My grandmother is waiting. And I promise her that I will return." Lille made a sad face. Nadia said'' hey don't be said. I will come after settling because I have to make sure my grandmother is in a safe place. You see; I am on run." "Why? What did you do?" "Due to some unknown reason the crown of the witch is broken by me," Nadia said looking downward. "What?? How can the crown of the witch be broken?"Lille asked in amazement. "I don't know".Nadia said with anxiety. "No wonder everyone is talking about you. you should stay here just to be safe," Lille said. Nadia nob. "Okay let's go. We should look around the compound." Lille gave a tour and she explained every single detail to her. She explained so beautifully that Nadia knows the compound by heart. She can tell that it is in the middle of the jungle and it’s in Bangladesh. The building has only 2 floors. But the first floor has 16 rooms. On the second floor, they have only 6 rooms. And Nadia slept in Rahman's room. People usually don't live here. Those who have pending work might sleep at night. Only Rahman lives here permanently. Lille lives beside the tall tree. Lille showed the direction to her home. And it has a vast open area. Lille said they clear it for them to move freely. What shocked Nadia the most is when they got out. She saw 4 werewolves on the ground. Two were sitting and 2 were walking. She got afraid and held Lille's hand. "Don't be afraid. I am here. No one can dare to come near  you." Nadia nodded. And they went inside the house. They also have a common kitchen. Nadia and Lille sit there. And one person gave them bread and jam. They eat it. Nadia thought about Mary and prayed for her. Pray that She is alright. "What are you thinking about?" Lille asked."About my friend. I don't know if she is okay or not." "We don't have that problem. We can communicate with whomever we want. But recently we are having a problem with this. I don't know what is going on but we can't talk. And many attack people without any reason". One staff member came, gave them omelets, and said "it's done by the witch. They are under influence. “She came close to Nadia and Lille and said in a low voice “I heard the witch joined hands with Vampire to take the upper hand in the world. They want to rule the world. And the first target is a werewolf as we never seek for power. But still, some greedy werewolf gives himself or herself, goes under the control of the witch, and causes a m******e “Lille said "o. No, what will happen to us." The staff said "only God knows” ~VAL~ He looked at the woman who destroyed his life. She killed not one but two people he loved. Because of her; Val forgot to laugh; forgot to feel happiness; forgot to feel anything other than hatred. Hatred for her; hatred for his father and most importantly hatred for himself. Yes, he hates himself to the point that he wants to die. But he stopped every time remembering his promise to his mother. No, he can't die. He will survive and trump. That woman said, "won't you greet your mother?" "As far as I remember I have only one mother. Who died by drink poisonous medicine; her majesty ". Val said. She gives a beautiful smile, which might melt anyone's heart but not Val's. She moved and sat on a chair on the pavilion. "Yes. It is sad that your mother died at such an early age. If she was alive she might bestow us with the more pure blood prince and princess. We lost a great soul," she said and slipped on green tea. Val said "yes but still, My mother should be proud as her son is in line to the throne. She must be happy in heaven seeing her son doing well." She smiled but it held venom in it. "Yes. As a mother I am proud of all my children. Especially you; Val." "Thank you. Now if you excuse us we have to go," Val said. She only nobs. Val went out and punched a wall. His hand started to bleed. Roy came near him and said" what are you doing? Don't hurt yourself “Val hugged Roy and said "It hurts; Roy. I don't want anything but Two things only. but they took it. So I will have everything. So that no one can take anything. “Roy hugged him back. The aide came near them and said" his highness summoned you both." Val nodded and they went inside the palace. They entered the king's courtroom and saw him seated. He is 112 years old but he only looks like 50 years old. He has the same white hair and blue eyes as Val. Val was a carbon copy of his father. That is the main reason for his mother's death. So Val hates this face too. Val went on one knee and said"Thank you for summoning me" king scowl and asked "why are you here?" "We found a location of the girl who can be the cursed girl." Upon hearing it the king stood up and said "Are you sure?" "We saw it with our own eyes that she broke the crown of the witch. But before we captured here she fled. But we found her location it's near fire wolf pack." Val said. "Okay. I will send a man to catch her." Val put the right hand on his heart and said "please your highness permits us to go. We can track her if she moves from there." The king nodded and said "take Roy and suitable people you like. But remember to come back with the girl. Now go" Val and Roy bow in front him and leave the courtroom. "Now that we have permission let's go to the fire wolf pack," Val said. My dear readers, in the next chapter we will see some Lovely dovely scenes of Nadia and Rahman. Also, our other lead is coming. This time; will Nadia be able to meet with Val or like before she will escape again. To know more please continue reading. And please add it to your library. Thank you all for reading. Love you all.
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