Hug and Kiss

1755 Words
~VAL~ "We are going there tomorrow. Pack some necessities and we are ready to go. Took the 20 best people with you. We should be able to catch her by killing all the wolves." Val instructed Roy. "You shouldn't," Hope said and entered the room. Val and Roy looked at her. Roy asked, "why?" "We want to get the girl but there is a chance that she will left tomorrow. So take 5 of you people who will move fast. We will kidnap her on the road. and we will kidnap her the next day after tomorrow. Then they will be away from the pack and we can easily get her. And this time; Val doesn't engage in a fight. We will just hold the girl and teleport. And for that, I need you 2 to stick close to me. I can teleport 2 at one time. So if one of you left there; it's up to you; how will you return safely from there." Hope said looking at Val. She was indicating that Val is irresponsible. Val understood the meaning behind her warning and stood up. "Aren't you the brave one? If We didn't find the cursed girl I might think you are the one. Tell me little one; who are you?" Val ran an index finger on Hope's neck. Hope moved a little and said "I am hope. Now back to plan; We should start moving tomorrow. Tonight we should have good rest. “then she looked at Val and said, "have a good dinner. I think you need blood. You are pale as a white sheet." "Does a maiden want to give her blood?" Val joke. "In your dream," Hope said. Roy looked at their little bartender and smiled. He thought Val was coming out of his old shell. He looked at Hope and thought she really brought hope to all. Then Val said, "Roy do as this monkey says." Hope was so angry she came toward Val and hold his collar. "Say any name again and I will put you to bed for a year. I don't mind losing my power for harming you." "Oh. I don't mind staying in bed if you join me there" he winked. Hope was shocked then later she understood the meaning and became red. She left his collar and left the room in a hurry. She didn't even look at Roy. Val saw that she was escaping and laughed. He laughed for quite some time. Roy also smiled looking at him. Val looked at Roy and asked "what?" "You laughed." Val immediately stopped laughing. Roy became sad. Val said "she was an angry little kitten. Whatever I say she became angry. That's why I was teasing her." "I know. But I want my old Val. Who love to tease people and make them smile. Who loves everyone." "He is dead; Roy. He died that day. Only prince Val remains." Val looked outside the window and remained silent. Roy said"Okay. So we should go by the maiden's plan?" Val looked at him and asked, "who is maiden?" Roy said "you; yourself called Hope maiden and you forget “Val remembered and smiled. "Yes follow her plan." ~Hope~ Hope was so embarrassed. How can he be so shameless? She is only 18 years old. Then she remembered the incident and started to shiver. She went to shower and open the shower head. Water dropped on her and she started to feel relaxed. That incident changed her. And she knew that she was not human. But at the same time, she lost humanity. She sat on the floor. Water dropped over her and washed away all the sorrow; pain; guilty; humiliation. She cried her heart out. After crying, she fell asleep on the floor and water still fell on her. ~Rahman ~ All the pack members were present. They had a meeting. Abu entered the office room and sat beside Rahman. Rahman didn't look at Abu. So Abu said,'' you heard." Rahman only nob. One older member of the wolf pack stood and said"we are facing a critical problem. So werewolves are not under control. They are running havoc. Killing people. Destroying buildings and all the things they find in front of them. If it goes on we will have to kill our own brothers. But another and the biggest problem is we can't communicate with them. No matter what we do; we can't talk with them." Another member said "maybe it is due to the witch spells. But I heard the keepers are all dead. So who cast such powerful magic?" Everyone was shocked to learn that keepers are dead. They are the strongest among the witches. So who or who killed them? Rahman raised his hand and everyone stopped talking. He stood up from his chair and said, "Some witch joined with vampires and they are the ones who are doing this". He took out a file and gave it to all others. They saw 3 hooded women and one wolf. That's the wolf, which attacked him 1 day ago. They saw it and said, "what should we do?" Rahman said "for now we must collaborate with witches who are against the war. I think witches from Bangladesh are not willing to join the fight. So we can ask for their help." Most of them agree. Then one asked, "We heard that you took a girl." Rahman gave a strenuous look and nob his head. "Who is she? Why did you bring her." Rahman said "she was lost when she entered into the jungle for a short cut. I help her. It was dark so I let her stay. She will be going tomorrow. ““is she your mate?" An old woman asked. Rahman doesn't know what to say. He heard Nadia telling Lille that she didn't have any special feelings so she might not love him. The old man asked again "do you love her" Rahman replied "I do. But she doesn't. Now let's end this topic." He looked at Abu and asked, "did you get the information?" Abu nob and said “the one who attacked Rahman was under influence. And 2 of my brothers have the same influence. We tried to find a clue but we couldn't. But the one who attacked regained his sense. We interrogated him and found that he was sleeping in a wood when he smelled something sweet. He looked up and follow the smells. Then he saw a woman in a hood was sitting there. He went to her and after that, he remembered nothing. He said he didn't saw her face only remembered the sweet smell. I think they are using some kind of potion to lure us werewolves and make us lose control of ourselves. That smell was the sole reason. And when it went out of the system they regained consciousness but forgot what they did before." All heard it and said "we should alert all and give the notice to move in groups.” Everyone agreed and with this, the meeting ended. Rahman looked tired from all the meetings and work. Abu went near him and said, "you should rest." "I will after sending Nadia to her grandmother's home." Then they heard a knock. Rahman said "come in" and he saw Nadia entered the room. He indicated Abu to go out and Abu went out. The door was closed with only two remaining. They were so close in distance but far by their heart. Rahman wanted to tell her that he loves her. But he couldn't. ~Nadia~ She entered and said "hi," Rahman looked at her. She was feeling uncomfortable under his gaze. She moved from one foot to another. Rahman said “we will leave tonight. It's safe that we left at night. We can go without anyone noticing." "Okay," Nadia said. "Do you want to ask something?" Rahman asked. "Yes. Why didn't you say that?" Nadia asked back. "What didn't I say?"Rahman asked and folded his hand "That you and I … I mean we. Okay, what I want to ask you is `` are we soul mates?" Nadia finally said it. Rahman kept looking at her. Finally, he came near her and stood in front of her. He touched her hand. Nadia was shocked but that same current feeling ran down her. He took her other hand and looked at her. Nadia saw that  his eyes had that longing look. She wanted to hold him to cure his loneliness. She looked at his face and asked"why every time you touch me I felt that current running in my body. Why; when you look at me I felt like I was drowning in those eyes. Why I want to see you again and again. I don't know you but my heart tells me to trust you. Why?? Is it because our heart ties together?" Rahman looked at Nadia. He freed her hands and held both of her cheeks. He looked at her and said "When I first looked at you I fell in love with you. I love you all thousands more after seeing you more and more. Your chatter makes me want to talk with you. I want to protect you. I want to keep you safe. That's why I wanted you to leave this place. " "why? I mean I want to leave now. But why can't we meet again?" Nadia asked. "If you stay with me you will always be in danger. I don't want that." Nadia held his hand that's on her cheek and said, "if you are there I am willing to stay in a dangerous place." Rahman became so happy. He pulled her chin up and kissed her. Yes!!! He kissed her on the lips. It was their first kiss. They only touched their lips. It's so sweet and pure. Both remain like this for some time. Then they left each other. Nadia looked downward. Rahman touched his nape of the neck. Rahman coughed and said "I hope you don't mind. I want to kiss you at least once." Nadia became a red tomato and said "it's fine. but you have to take responsibility for stealing my first kiss" "What is it?" Rahman asked. He was curious to know about Nadia's answer. Hi my dear readers; what do you think Nadia will ask him?? And will Rahman be able to fulfill it?? Tell me in the comments and please add this book to your library.
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