Beginning of new love or sad ending???

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Nadia smiled and said, "you have to promise me that we will meet again." Rahman smiled and said, “okay we will." Nadia became happy. "Now go. Take rest. I already reserved a plane ticket. But we will stop at Istanbul for transition then we will go." Nadia nob. Nadia was about to leave. But she stopped and looked at Rahman. She said " we will go to my grandmother's home. But where will we go to stay safe." Rahman said " I will find a place. I already talked with two people about this. And if we can't find it we can come back to Bangladesh." "yes. I miss my grandmother." saying this she hugged herself. Rahman went near her and hugged her. "Don't worry. We will meet with her soon." Nadia started to cry. She said "why this kept happening to me. I was happy just two days ago. Now everything changed. I want that old Nadia back. Who doesn't have to worry if she will see the next sunrise or not? Who doesn't have to worry about her grandmother? Only have to worry about her exam. Why ?? Why?? I have to go through this" she cried. Rahman soothed her. After some time she stops crying. He looked at her and saw she fell asleep. He carried her and put her to the bed. He was about to leave when Nadia held his hand. He saw it and sat down beside her on the bed. He watched her sleeping. He touched her hair and felt the softness. It's like cotton candy, which can be melted with a simple touch. He was lost in her. But Abu spoke in his mind. Abu asked, "where are you?" "In my bedroom.” Abu laughed and said "finally my friend is in the bedroom. Congrats?" "You stupid; dumbo; I am in my bedroom but that doesn't mean anything " "when did I say anything? O; you thought some dirty things and you blame me for it. Not fair my friend." Abu said in a meekly sad voice. "Forget it. I can never win with a drama queen like you." Rahman said in a defeated voice. “who is a drama queen? I am a drama king in search of his drama queen. “Rahman pressed his hand on his forehead and said "please tell me what you want to say. Or I will curse you the whole night ``'' you won't have time as you will look at Nadia the whole night. How about this? Tell me you love me and I will say the reason I called you and you can go back to watching Nadia." Abu said in a teasing tone. Rahman sighed and said "I love you. Happy? Now tell me" Abu laughed and said “I tried to contact some witch. And Anna replied to me. She said the head in Bangladesh is ready to collaborate with us. But have a peculiar demand. ““what do they want?" Rahman asked. "The head said you must return with Nadia. And said that you must protect her at any cost during the journey. “Abu replied in confusion.”She must have seen something and warned me. But why did she ask me to take Nadia to her?? It's not safe." "Yes. She said to tell you that the most dangerous place is the safest place for Nadia. How did she know that you will ask this?" Abu asked. "You forgot she is the one who predicted the future," Rahman said. "O. Now I remembered. I thought we were talking about another head. ``Yes, they have 12 heads in the whole world. And each has a different region to maintain. Bindi was the regional head of south-east Asia. “Abu said "I understand. Now what will we do?" Rahman said "we will follow her instructions. I will go and get Nadia's grandmother and we three will return here." "That's a great plan. Those ways you can make her stay with you." Rahman nob then remembered he was talking on the mind and replied "yes. Let's see what the future brought us" ~HOPE~ She felt like her whole body became stiff. She tried to move but she can't. She can't even lift a finger. She was feeling pain and cold. The water was still running. She started to shiver and she was feeling like she was on the top of Mount Everest. She again tried to stand up. This time she almost succeeded but at the last moment, she fell. She hit the glass door and had a cut on  her forehead. Blood came out of her head and washed away by the cold water. All the water drops felt like an alpin to her. Which is piercing her body and soul? She wanted to close her eyes and let it end. She was about to when she heard “what the hell is this?" She looked at a person. He has waist-length white hair and deep blue eyes. So blue that you must be confused with green. When you look at it you will feel like you are in the deep sea and feel suffocated. Also, you will feel pressured under those eyes. It held authorities and didn't take no for an answer. She was looking at these eyes and remembered a pair of other blue eyes. Which held the promise to be with her? To be her life; to be her breath; to be her shadow; to be her happiness. But that blue eyes shattered all the dreams and promises. She felt like dying. But this pair of blue eyes is different. It only held one promise that is to torture you to death. She was only looking at his eyes when she felt warm water fall on her. She stirred and looked around. She tried to come out of trance. When she was trying to adjust her mind on the right track she heard “Are you trying to kill yourself?" This dominating voice can only belong to one person. She looked and confirmed that. It was no other than Val. She was shattering and asked, "why are you in my bathroom?" "Wow look at this little one. Instead of thanking me; she is asking me ``why am I here?" Val said in a dramatic voice. "What I mean to say is that you could have sent a maid. Why did you come?" Hope said. Still shattering. “Because of this stupid tattoo," Val moved his hand to let her saw it. It looked normal to her. So she said, "it looked normal to me." "I know it looks normal but I have this weird feeling that you are in pain. I can't pinpoint it." Val replied in confusion. "It happened but we don't have this kind of blood contract where you will feel my pain." Hope said. Val shrugged and picked Hope up. Hope shouted, "What are you doing?" Val didn't reply and took her to the bedroom. He made her sit on the bed and ring a bell. 2 maids came. He said "help her get dressed. And make sure to keep her warm" Hope said "I can take care of myself. Leave me. All of you get out" Val sat at the level of Hope and said "listen; angry ball. This is my palace. Whatever I say is the law here. Don't disobey me. Or I don't mind to show you your real place." Hope looked up and said, "f**k you." Tears came running down her eyes. Val saw it and said “leave us" two maids left the room. Hope cried and cried. Val just stood there. But he couldn't bear it anymore. He pulled her. She was weak so she lost her balance but he held her. She looked at him. A Tear stain mark was visible on her cheek. And she cried early. He saw her red eyes when she opened them after shouting for 10 times. He didn't know why she was in so much pain.she was strong and she didn't take bullshit from him. So why was she crying? Val said, "stop crying or I will personally change your clothes." Hearing it Hope tried to stop crying but failed. Val became frustrated and took her to the changing room. He saw a white top and blue jeans. He shoved it into her hand and said "change" she looked at the tops and then at him. "Change now; Hope." She shivered but this time not because of coldness but because of his voice that called her name. It's the first time he called her Hope. She said "you go. I will." "Sorry. But I don't trust you. You can fall at any moment. I promise I won't look but change in front of me. Here “he took a piece of cloth and blindfolded himself.”Now change “Hope to remove her cloth with a shaky hand. She used a towel to remove water and then wear the tops and jeans Val gave her. After changing she was feeling like she did a mountain of work. She was so weak that she wanted to sit down. Then she remembered Val was standing and said "you can open your blindfold. I already changed". She felt shy to change in front of him. So she tries some moves to make sure he isn't looking. After confirming that he can't see she changed. Now that she changed she sat on the fall. Val  removed his blindfold and saw her sitting on the floor. "Do you love to sit on the floor?" She said "I couldn't stand still. So I sat down." Val took a deep breath and picked her again. This time hope didn't say anything. He put her to bed and asked "where is your medicine?" Hope looked and asked "which medicine?" "The one you used at the girl in the woods" "I have it. It's in my bag." Val went to get her bag and gave her the medicine. "Use it. You have an injury to the head." "No need. Just give me a bandage and dressing material. I will clean my wound. “hope said in a weak voice.”Why don't you use your potion." Val asked. She said "it is for an emergency. I can't use it for minor injuries. “Val became angry and said "minor injury? Did you look at it? And you lost too much blood. Don't be stubborn and use it." "You are not my mother, stop nagging me," hope said in an irritated voice. “I am not but I don't mind becoming your daddy." "Can you please not joke about this?" hope said in a defeated voice. "Only when you will listen, I will listen to you." Hope gave a sigh, snatched the potion from his hand, and applied it. The pain reduced and she took another medicine. It warmed her body. She was feeling a lot better. Val asked "Are you feeling alright?" Hope nob. He stood up and was about to leave. Hope called "Val”, he looked at her, and she looked downward. She was looking at her hand like it was the most important thing. Val asked "what is it?" Hope still looked down and said "Thank you" Val's eyes got big and his heart started to beat first. He replied “welcome and take care of yourself ". Then he left the room or should we say run from the room. Hope looked at the empty space where Val was standing. She remembered what Val did for her and she smiled. It's the longest chapter I wrote in this book. Hope you all like my chapter. I am thinking about the love triangle or love quadrangle. But We will see what the future holds for us. For now, just enjoy their happiness. And in the next chapter, we will see some action. So my dear readers, be ready. And who still doesn't add my book to your library go back to the front page and give love. That's all it needs to have a daily update about this beautiful book. So hurry. Love you all.
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