It's time to fight back and win

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Nadia was in the forest. It was dark and as far as she looked she couldn't see anything. She gulped down and tried to see where she was. But she couldn't see anyone. She shouted, “Is anyone there?" Only her words echo in the forest. She started to walk slowly and soon she felt like all her hair was standing up. She felt an eerie sensation around her neck. She felt like someone or something was watching her. She looked back and saw trees only. No one was there. She started to sweat. The dump feeling of her clothes sticking to her made her uncomfortable. She walked slowly and heard the crushing sound of leaves. She looked toward the sound and saw an animal. It was a lizard but not exactly a lizard. It has a human face and as soon as she saw it; it ran toward her. She tried to go backwards but fell due to the roots of a tree.. She tried to run again but the lizard was already on her. She closed her eyes but felt the weight of the lizard. It had scales, which were hard. And she was having difficulty in breathing due to the rancid smell that is coming out of its mouth. She closed her eyes even more tied. Then she heard "open your eyes; Nadia. Look at me." Nadia shook her head. Then the lizard held her throat and started crushing it. She couldn't breathe and tried to remove its hold. But failed miserably. And she started to lose her consciousness and tried to shout "st...op “but she felt like the world was closing on her. Suddenly the lizard was removed and before she looked who did this she felt cold. She opened her eyes and saw a room. And heard “wake up. Wake up; Nadia" she looked at her right side and saw Rahman was shouting at her. She asked in a broken voice “w..ater" Rahman ran and fetched a glass of water. He came near her and made her drink the water. After gulping down the whole glass of water. she took a deep breath. "Did you have a nightmare?" Rahman asked. Nadia nob and said "It was so horrible. A lizard attacked me. And it can talk. I mean after coming here I saw all the weird things and now saw a talking lizard." Rahman smiled and said " lizard can talk'' Nadia looked at him and said "what?" "Lizard can talk. There are some mountain lizards. Like us werewolves, they can shapeshift and they can talk. But not in animal form but in human form." Nadia touched her forehead and said "God where am I? Am I on earth or another planet “Rahman removed her hand from her forehead and said "don't worry. Everyone should be afraid of you. You are the most powerful witch in history." Nadia said "Forget about it. And where is this supposed power? I couldn't even use it. What will it bring me? Only pain and suffering." Rahman ran his finger over her little hand and said "it brings you to me. I was waiting for you." Nadia could find anything to say against it. And blushed. Rahman saw her blushing face and said "I love tomatoes." Nadia looked at him and asked, “I like it too." Rahman laughed and said, "I love you; my tomato." Nadia understood his meaning and blushed more. She said in a low muffled voice "I love wolfie” Rahman heard it and pulled her chin. He said "Nadia; look at me please?" Nadia looks at him. "Please say it one more time." Nadia nodded her head as no and said; "wolfie has a good hearing so he knows what I told him." Rahman smiled and said, "I will wait for the day when my tomato will speak loudly and say that she loves her wolfie." Nadia smiled and said "tomato will. Soon." Rahman kept looking at her. She felt hot and tingly under his gaze. She felt like melting away under his gaze. Rahman moved close to her. She also moved toward him. When their nose was touching each other Nadia closed her eyes. She anticipated a kiss. She breathes in the hot minty   Breath of Rahman. She felt his lip was near her. Just a second way to touch it and he moved away. Nadia immediately opened her eyes and saw that he was transforming into a werewolf. Before she could understand what was going on the door broke open. And two wolves got inside the room. Nadia screamed. All the bottle ups feared from yesterday came to her. She was feeling like killing herself and let this circle of the fear end. She wanted to cry but her eyes dried up. She saw two are attacking Rahman. She prayed for Rahman. One of the wolves aggressively attacked Rahman. He bites near his neck. Nadia thought they were biting her neck. She was having difficulty in breathing but she thought 'no more crying and feeling fear. It's time to fight and win.' She stood up. And saw an old sword on the wall. She took out a sword from its sheath and marched forward. In every step it held fear but as she moved forward her confidence increased. It is said that we must take the first step to overcome every problem and struggle in our life. In order to save her loved one, Nadia took the first step. She ran towards them and charged in. She stabbed one wolf's belly. It howled in pain and it looked towards her. She held the sword in both of her hands and looked at its eyes. She remembered her grandmother telling her "Nadia; don't be afraid. Just look at your opponent's eyes and you will find their weakness. Now, look and attack." Nadia came back to her reality and looked at it. When it charged towards her; she held the sword in a pointed position and ran at it. Both clashed. And ran past each other. Nadia sat on her knee. She saw that her upper arm had a scratch mark. She stood and looked at the wolf. It was standing. She again aimed at him but the wolf collapsed. She saw that she cut its belly from one side to another. She was about to feel proud of herself when she heard another howled. She looked and saw Rahman already took down 3 werewolves by himself. She thought that Rahman is very powerful. Then she remembered that Rahman is an Alpha. Of course, he will be powerful. She thought about Rahman and felt proud of him. After making sure he knocked all werewolves out; he changed back to human. Nadia shouted and put her hand over her eyes. "Wolfie; please put on some clothes.” Rahman ruffled through some clothes and she heard the sound of pulling a chain. And some ruffled clothes sound; Rahman said "Now you can look" she removed her hands from her face and saw Rahman was dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. Rahman looked at the one who was injured by Nadia. And said "Not bad" Nadia smiled and said "it is all thanks to my grandmother.” "she taught you sword fighting?" Rahman asked. Nadia smiled and said "not sword fighting but how to communicate with enemies and have confidence in yourself” "good. Your grandmother taught you well." Then Rahman held out his hand. Nadia held it in a heartbeat. It showed the trust she had for him. Rahman moved toward his office. He went to his office and called someone. They talked but Nadia couldn't understand a thing. Then he ended his call and said "let's go. We are leaving now." Nadia nodded and took her backpack. Rahman took a backpack. Lille and Abu came and said "we are sorry. We arrived late." “Don’t worry we will go and get her grandmother and return soon. Contact with Anna and Bindi. We will meet soon" Both of them nobbed. Lille hugged Nadia and said "we will meet soon," Nadia said back "yes we will." Abu said, "Have a safe journey and come back soon." He hugged Rahman. And both Nadia and Rahman went out and got into a Zipcar. This time their destination is Nadia's home. Will they reach Nadia's home or will they face another disaster?? Val is also on move. Will Rahman be able to save Nadia from Val?? Tell me in a comment and please add it in your library.
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