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Nadia and Rahman reached the airport without any hassle. Rahman and Nadia went to hazrat shahjalal international airport. Rahman park the zip car on the 3rd floor of the parking place Nadia looked around and said it's beautiful. Rahman said "yes." A boy around 18 to 19 came and Rahman gave him the car keys. That boy gave him tickets. Then he took the car and left. Nadia asked, "who is he?" "My brother. He lives in Dhaka. He will keep the car and he is the one who booked tickets for us." "I see." They went inside the airport. They enter through terminal 1. It is beautiful and the people here are so helpful. Nadia and Rahman cleared all their processes and waited in the lounge. It was 4.30 am In Bangladesh. Rahman and Nadia have 3 sleepless nights. Nadia wanted to close her eyes and fell asleep. Rahman held her hand. She looked up. Rahman said "let's go '' He took her to a cafe inside the airport and asked for coffee. Nadia ordered a latte and Rahman ordered an espresso. Both sipped their coffee and enjoyed the moment. Nadia saw all the people talking and some were laughing. Some were sad to leave their family and went far away. In the airport, you can see all the expressions of people. Who is leaving the country to achieve their dream? Who is returning by achieving their dream? Some are just here to explore the world. Some are here to meet their loved ones. It was like you could see all the real expressions at the airport. Nadia looked at them and found that they didn't know how the world was going to go. They didn't know that a war would break soon. They are happy with their family but if a war starts will they be safe? Rahman saw Nadia looking at the people and thinking something. He asked, "what are you thinking?" “I am thinking about their future. Look at them. All have dreams in their eyes. But if a war breaks out, what will happen to them? ``Nadia clenched her mug with both of her hands. Rahman saw it and touched her hand. He said "don't worry. We will try our best to protect them. Protect all of us. We will and we can." Nadia looked at Rahman and asked, “how can you have so much confidence in yourself?" “I am used to it.When you have to lead a pack; confidence is the key. If you show any weakness; your pack will fall apart. So you have to be confident and boost your team. “Rahman said.” I wish I had that much confidence." Nadia replied in a low tone. It's like she is blaming herself for the lack of confidence. "Don't be. You are strong. You took down a werewolf with just one old sword. You are born as a fighter." Rahman said and gave a heart throbbing smile. Nadia became shy and said" I did that to help you. To protect you and keep us both safe" Rahman said "I know. You are brave when it comes to your loved one" Nadia looked at him and he gave a wink. She smiled and said, "wolfie is bold." Rahman smiled and said "only for my tomato" then they heard the announcement for the departure. They took their bag and passport. At first, Nadia was afraid as she and the girl in the picture were totally different. But she guessed Mary used some magic that they didn't even notice the girl was totally different. Nadia thanked Mary in her mind. And wished Mary good luck. They got into the plane. The destination was Istanbul. Nadia looked outside and closed her eyes. Rahman saw Nadia become pale. He held her cheek and asked, "are you alright?" Nadia vigorously shook her head. "Is this your first time on a plane?"Rahman asked. Nadia nodded. Rahman said, "okay take a deep breath and look at me." Nadia slowly opened her eyes. "Now keep looking at me and take a breath.” Nadia got a hanging one each of his words. She followed his every instruction. After a few minutes, the plane started to move. Nadia held Rahman's hand tightly. Too tightly that her knuckles turned white. But Rahman didn't even flinch. After the plane took off Rahman said "look outside. Nadia looked outside and saw all the clouds are floating. And she looked happy. “are you still afraid?" Rahman asked. "No. Thank you." Rahman made a pout. "Why do my wolfie become angry?" "  Because his tomato said thank you; that's why." Nadia smiled and said I won't say it. Look, this is so beautiful. “they look like the sun. It is round and floating. Nadia felt like it might fell at any moment. But the sun doesn't. Rahman said"Nadia after taking your grandmother we will return to Bangladesh. Bindi asked to meet with us." Nadia remembered that night when she broke the crown of the witch and she asked “they won't kill me; would they?" Rahman nobbed and said "they won't. I am here to protect you" Nadia smiled and kept her head on his shoulder. Rahman took a deep breath on her hair. He remembered the lavender with rose scent. He burns this scent on his memory. Nadia soon fell asleep in the protective arm of Rahman. They landed in Istanbul after 8 hours. Nadia said that she wanted to go to the washroom. Rahman nobbed. She went to the washroom. Everyone was trying to get into the washroom. Nadia went into the last one after 10 minutes of waiting. She heard noises from outside. She finished and got out. But when she got out she saw no one was there. She felt the shivering cold in her whole body. She heard sounds from outside. She ran toward the door and tried to open it. She tried but she couldn't. She tried again and bang on the door. She shouted, " help; I am stuck in the washroom." But no one opened. She heard the sound of heels behind her. Tok Tok Tok. She was too afraid to look behind. Finally, the sound of heel stopped a few steps away from her. Nadia removed her hand from the knob of the door and slowly turned toward the person. She looked downward. And saw that person was wearing 3 inches black pencil heel. And when she looked upward she saw that person was wearing ripped jeans and black tops. And a red hood covered her face. Only her lips showed. She smiled and said "Hello; Nadia" Nadia said in a shaky voice “hello. Who are you? How did you know my name?" “It’s a very long story. I will tell you after we reached our destination. Let's go." Nadia said "I won't go with you anywhere. Why should I?" “Yes, you shouldn't. You should never follow a stranger and eat something from a stranger “before Nadia could say that she knew that girl broke a crystal ball into the floor. It broke and pink smoke came out of it. Nadia coughed and said, "what is it?" She pressed her mouth and nose to stop inhaling the smoke. But it went in vain. As soon it entered Nadia's lung and then she coughed more. She started to feel that the whole world is spinning. She held a basin to support herself but she lost her energy and fell. That girl watched Nadia. When Nadia fainted; she got near Nadia. She sat down and said, "I am sorry but I have to kidnap you." And she touched Nadia's hand and closed her eyes. She said a few spells. A circle formed around her and Nadia. A Golden light came and soon they vanished from the washroom. Only the backpack of Nadia's remained. Rahman was waiting outside the washroom. People got inside the washroom and got out. But Nadia didn't come out. Rahman felt anxious and felt like a part of him lost somewhere. He stopped one girl and asked "Have you seen a girl? She has black hair up to her waist and black eyes. She is wearing white tops and blue jeans'' the girl shook her head as no. Rahman asked three more people. All said the same thing. Rahman got anxious and became restless. He went near a women police officer and asked her help. She Searched the whole washroom and other places but they couldn't find her. Finally, they went to see CCTV footage and saw that Nadia entered the washroom but from there she never came out. All of them were confused about how this happened. But Rahman understood it. Someone or more specifically witches must have kidnapped her. The only witch has the power to transport. It is either caster or keepers. Rahman ball his fist and clenched his teeth. He requested to find her and got out. He contacts  Abu. Abu asked, "Did you reach Istanbul?" "Yes, we did. But Nadia was kidnapped “Rahman said in a hurt and hopeless tone. In his whole life, he never felt so hopeless like this. He felt like someone ripped his heart. And he just let it happen. "Don't worry. I will contact all the pack and let's see if we can find some clue. I will contact Bindi to know that if she knows about something." Rahman said “ok. I will also contact the other pack" Rahman determined that he will find Nadia at any cost. If he has to fight with every single person in the world to have her then he will fight. He begged in a low voice "Nadia; please be safe. I am coming. Please wait for me" Hi, guys hope you like this chapter. A woman kidnaps our Nadia. Who is she? Will our Nadia be safe? Will Rahman find Nadia before it's too late?? Tell me what you think. And if you still don't add this book to your library add it. 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