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Rahman contacted all the pack. They didn't know anything. Then Abu contacted him. Abu said "Rahman; Bindi said that she was in a palace. Most probably a vampire kidnapped her. And she said that the vampire prince was there when the witch held the test. He injured one of the witches because he thought it was Nadia. When Rahman heard the last part. His blood boiled. How could they? Rahman knew that the vampire palace was in Manchester. So he decided that he will go to Manchester. Abu said "don't go there alone. We will come and get her out. “but it will be too late. What if they did something to her before we reached?" Rahman asked in despair. "They need her for war. They won't harm her. “Rahman said "ok. I will go and met with the pack in Manchester. We will then proceed to save Nadia." "Ok. I will come and meet with you tomorrow. Don't do anything rash" "I won't." Rahman replied. He got on the next plane for Manchester. He said in mind "Nadia; wait. I am coming ". ~NADIA~ The sound of birds kept disturbing Nadia's sleep. She said “shoo.. Dadi asked those birds to stop bothering me. “but she got no reply. The birds kept increasing their volume. Finally, Nadia opened her eyes. She saw that she was not in her old room but rather a new place. She felt cold and cover her with blankets. She wondered why it was so cold. Then something clicked her and she sat straight. She saw that she was in a large room. It was colour in black. All the furniture are white. She saw that she was in a large bed. So large that 5 people can sleep here easily. She tried to remember how she came here and remembered that a hooded girl kidnapped her. She stood up and felt that her head was throbbing. She touched her right side of her forehead and felt pain. She thought she must damp into something when she lost her senses. She tried to remember more but got nothing. Then she heard the sound of a knob moving. She hid her undercover and pretended to sleep. "I know you are awake. So let's end this pretended game." A girl said that. Nadia removed her cover and sat down. She looked and saw the girl who kidnapped heŕ was standing there. "Why did you kidnap me?" "You already know the answer. We want you to join our team. And help us conquer the world." "No thank you. I don't want to conquer the world. I simply want to return to my home. My grandmother is waiting." That girl smiled and said "don't worry. Your grandmother will be safe as long as you work with me. "I … before Nadia could complete her sentence 2 women entered. They bowed and said "prince ordered you to get ready. He is waiting for you?" Which prince? Before she could ask more the maid pushed her gently. She gave up struggling and went into the washroom. She stood in front of the mirror and thought 'Now what?' Every Time she woke up in a new different place. She did his chores and came out. The girl in the hood was sitting on the bed and eating grapefruit. When she saw Nadia coming out she said" Hey; do you want some?" "No thank you." Nadia came and sat on a sofa near the fireplace. She folded her hand in front of her and asked" why did you kidnap me? What do you want from me?" "Actually I don't want anything from you. But you see; you are every powerful being. Everyone wants you. So we thought why not take you and make you collaborate with us?" “By k********g me?" Nadia asked. She frowned. The hooded girl shrugged her right shoulder and started to eat grapefruit. "Can you tell me; what is your name? And where are we?" The hooded girl said in between eating “My name is Hope. And we are in Manchester. More specifically in Vampire palace." Nadia's eyes got big. What!!!! She was in a palace. How should she escape from here? "You can't escape," Hope said. Nadia looked at Hope and asked, "can you read mind?" "Isn't it  obvious? You were kidnapped. So you want to escape. It is natural" Nadia nodded. Hope stood up and said "Val will meet you soon. In the meantime eat some things. It will give you energy." She walked out. Nadia sighed and looked around the room. It is decorated in black and white. No colour was there. It was gloomy. Nadia already started to feel depressed but she stood up. "No Nadia. You have to be strong. You have to get back to your grandmother. She remembered Rahman. She wanted to see him. She wanted to feel his protective arms around her. She was sitting there for maybe hours or 2 when again the door opened. She looked at the person who entered the room. He was tall. Very tall. He had white hair up to his waist and blue eyes. He looked at Nadia and said “welcome to my palace. Sorry for keeping you waiting. I am Val'' Nadia nodded. Won't you introduce yourself?" Val asked. "You already know who I am. So why should I bother?" Val smiled and said, "I keep meeting with sharp tongue girls." Then he came and sat on the sofa. "I want your power. And for testing it I need your blood." Nadia's hand automatically went to her neck. Val smiled and said "yes. From your neck." "Over your dead body" Nadia hissed. Val said, "My lovely girl I always get what I want." Nadia saw that Val was sitting on the sofa but the next moment he was on her. He picked her up and pushed her to bed. "Leave me. I said leave me" she screamed. But Val wasn't listening. He held both of her hands in one of his hands. He put his leg on her so that she couldn't move. She tried to struggle but all went in vain. Val kissed her neck and the cold sensation of his lips made Nadia shivered. She begged, "leave me." Val looked at her and gave a cruel smile. She looked at his eyes. She begged with her eyes and saw that those blue eyes held no mercy. And slowly Val lowered his head. He opened his fangs to bite. He punctured the skin and single blood fell on the white bed sheet. It touched and charred. But Val didn't notice it. He was about to suck the blood when he felt that he was in the air. The next second he felt pain in his lower back and shouted "what the hell?" He looked and saw Hope was standing there with Roy. She said "you fool. Do you want to die?" "Who are you saying fool; you mad dog" "if I am a mad dog then you are a blind mad i***t. ``Val wanted to say more but Roy shouted "stop it. Both of you" Hope pressed her lips to shut down but Val is Val. He asked, "who pushed me." Roy said "I did. Can't you see her blood is poisonous" Val said "what?? poisonous?” Hope said, "yes; you dumbo." She went near Nadia and helped her to sit. Nadia was still shocked. Hope jerked her and said "Nadia; look at me" Nadia looked at her. She said "You are safe. No one will bite you or suck your blood." Nadia kept looking at Hope's eyes and she started to cry. Hope didn't know what to do. So she did what she knew. She hugged and patted Nadia's back. She said "shhh no one will harm you. I am here. You are safe." Nadia cried even louder after hearing it. Hope looked at Roy and indicated him to get out. Roy nodded and took Val. Val and Roy left the room. Nadia cried some more. Hope saw her crying face and removed the tear stain. She didn't know why but she can't see Nadia's crying face. It hurts her. She thought about why she felt the pain. Maybe because they are both witches so they felt pain for each other. Nadia fell asleep after crying. Hope saw this and smiled. She put Nadia in bed and touched her cheek. "Sleeping baby," she said to Nadia. And moved out. On the other side, Val was angry. As soon as Hope entered the room he threw a case on her. She backed out and protected herself. Hope went near him and said, "I saved you and this is how you repay". Val said "why is her blood poisonous?" "Only your father can answer it". Hope said. Val became curious and asked "what do you mean?" "I will tell you and others when we have an audience with his majesty.” Roy nob and said "I will get the audience. You should  come with Nadia. Hope nodded. She was about to leave the room when Val called "Do you like that girl" Hope remembered a little girl and held the knob more tightly. She replied "No. I don't want to like anyone. “And left the room. Roy asked "what do you think is the reason behind her blood being poisonous?" "Only time can tell," Val replied. And they waited to meet with his majesty. Guys hope you like today's chapter. Val was an i***t. How could he attack a girl he just met. I wanted to beat him up but Roy fulfilled some of my wishes. Now how do you feel about it? Tell me in the comments.
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