His majesty

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Rahman looked for any clues that could lead him to Nadia. After all his work, he did not find any clues. He was so sad. One of his brothers came and said, "Don't worry. You will find her soon." Rahman nodded. He felt like his world was crashing down. When he heard "Meow”, he looked toward the cat. Her name is "Mia" he picked it up and said, “I am so sorry. I lost our Nadia. I promise I will get her." Mia moved closer to him. He felt that Abu wanted to talk with him. He said, “yes Abu." "Oh. Finally. I talked with Bindi. In addition, she said you should go to Nadia's home. You will meet her there." Rahman asked, "How could they take her there?" "Don't know. Bindi said we should be prepared. I am getting more people and we will come here." Rahman said "ok," he thought, `` why will they kidnap her when they will send Nadia to her home. He asked for more people in the pack. In addition, many agree to help him. They get ready in case they have to fight. Nadia opened her eyes. She felt like she was too tired. After her 18 birthday, she always cried to sleep. If this went on, she might just have killed herself. She saw Hope was sitting on the sofa and reading a book. "What are you doing?" Nadia asked. "Keeping you safe from a stupid mad vampire?" Nadia smiled bitterly. "You are the one who kidnapped me now you said you are keeping me safe. First I should run away from you." “Yes, you should. Now we have to meet with someone. '' She stood up and came close to Nadia. She shrunk back. "Don't worry. I am a witch and girl. I am not interested in your blood or body." "But you are interested in my power." Nadia said back. Hope nodded and said, "I am but I have no reason to kill you. What I want to know is how did you have so much power? In addition, this ring- Hope pointed toward the ring of promise "how did you get it?" Nadia was thinking why everyone asked about the ring. She said'' My dad has this ring. I don't know how he has the ring." "Ok. That means we have to know it. If I am not wrong you are mixed blood." Nadia nodded her head and said "yes. My mother was a witch. And my father was a human." "No. Your father could not be a human'' Hope said. "What do you mean? My maternal grandmother said that my father was a human." Nadia asked. “Your grandmother might not know about it. However, he had mixed blood. We will get the answer soon." Hope replied. "How?" Nadia asked back. "We will meet with his majesty and will find the answer." Hope said. Both were waiting to be summoned. Finally, a maid came and said, "His highness summoned you." Hope and Nadia went to the main palace. Nadia saw the building and graphs. It is so beautiful. She thought she was on a movie set. The palace was surrounded by a lake and you have to cross the bridge to get there. And the architecture of the building was beautiful. It gave the vibe of an old palace but the forties are strong. Moreover, it was colored red so it looks formidable. Hope also looked at the palace. By her expression, Nadia could tell that it was her first time to see it. Both followed the maid and entered the palace hall. Maid asked them to wait and went inside. They were looking at the hall when Nadia heard " hey delicious." She went stiff. She saw the vampire come to her. She moved back." Don't be afraid; I don't want to get poisoned by you" Val said. Nadia nodded and said, "You won't bite me?" Val laughed and said "No baby girl. I will not. Let me introduce myself. I am Val. I guess you already know it. And this man over there is Roy and this monkey is hope. Though it is not her real name." Hope pressed her lip tight to stop from saying something. Roy smiled and said "Nice to meet with you. I am sorry you have a bad experience with these two. But I can guarantee you that these two are good" Nadia nodded and said "yes. So good that one knocked me out and kidnapped me. And one saw me and tried to suck out my blood. Yeah. Nice to meet with you all." Hope laughed and said "sorry about that. I was in a hurry. So I thought to knock you. It is an easy way to kidnap someone. “Nadia nodded and said, “I am learning it by getting kidnapped “all of them laughed. Then an aide came and said, "His highness called you all" all four of them entered the main hall. It was so big that Nadia cannot see the king or even the place where he is sitting. Hope pressed both of her hands together. Roy and Val walked in confidently. All of them stood before the Vampire king. Nadia was amazed to see that he was the carbon copy of Val. The king looked at Nadia and his eyes got bigger. He stood up and came near her. She was standing far. However, he walked up to her. “Who are you?" King asked. Nadia bent down a little and gave a short bow. She did not know the etiquette of king and queen. She did what she saw on TV. "I am Nadia. Nice to meet with you “the king pointed his hand on the ring and said, "How did you get it?" Nadia again repeated the story. In addition, the king said, “can you remove it? I want to see it'' Nadia did not want to remove it. It was all she was carrying of her parents and her family. However, when she saw the look of the kind she removed the silver chain. "Please remove the silver chain before giving it to his majesty," Roy said. Nadia nodded and removed the chain. She gave it to his majesty. He looked at it more closely and said "Lora. My dear Lora." He fell back and sat on the floor. Everyone was shocked to see the king. Val asked "Lora? Wasn't it aunt's name?" King shook his head slowly “yes. She was pure blood just like you. We all loved her. She was very beautiful and intelligent. She was the one who started to join the entire realm. Due to her hard work, we all live this much time in peace. Many said if she was a boy she would be the next heir of the throne." “What’s her connection with this ring?" Val asked. "This ring was given to Lora by the witch head. It represents peace. As Lara worked for it, she gained protection from all realms. However, 75 years ago she left all of this and ran away with a werewolf. “The king said.”What happened next?" Val asked. "We don't know. We try to find her. We left no stone unturned to find her .But we could not. She did not take anything. Only the ring. And now after 75 years, I found the ring. “He looked at Nadia and said, "Do you know anything about it." Nadia said "No. I got it on my 18 birthday. Moreover, up until now, I know that my dad is human. In addition, his parents died when he was small. He brought up an orphanage. I do not know how he has this ring. However, we can get the information if we went to my house. Maybe we can get some clue there." King was in deep thought and finally said "Val; Roy. I give you an order to take Nadia to her home. And try to get a clue about this ring". Val and Roy nodded. He looked at Nadia and said, "You must know the source. However, before it, we can try an experiment. It will show you what origin you have. Do you want to know?" Nadia thought maybe by knowing the origin many unsolved questions will be solved. She agreed. The king looked at Hope and said, "You are a very strange witch. You are too strong. Are you a keeper?" Hope said "No. I am none of them," the king said, “do you have any extraordinary power?" "No. I can yield 3 different power of witch but don't have extra power." King said "wow. Today I am meeting with various people. I am looking forward to it." He looked at Nadia and said, "Join us in the fight. We will rule the world." Nadia declined by saying “I don't want it. I am happy with what I have." "Ok. We will see." King said. Nadia only nodded. All four of them left the palace. “Now we have to go to Nadia's home to learn the truth." Val said. Nadia said "yes. Let's go to the place where the story began" Hi, my dear readers, Hope you are all doing great. Please like my book and comment. I will appreciate all the comments. Love you all. In addition, please those who still do not add it to your library add it. Thank you. Enjoy reading.
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