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Nadia and Hope packed a few necessities. Hope said that it was easy to teleport and will need less time. Val and Roy made a disgusting face. Hope saw it and asked, "Why are you making this face?" "It was a disgusting experience that's why?" Hope asked'' why? It is the fastest way. And if you have vertigo then you must have motion sickness." Nadia asked “teleport" then she remembered she did it one time and it's a really bad experience. Nadia asked “can’t we just go like a human?" Hope said, "No we can't. We need to move fast. We don't have a whole life to find the answer." The other three of them became sad. Hope saw it and said" hurry. And Nadia you can meet with your grandmother fast in this way." Nadia remembered her grandmother and said, "Let’s go. I am ready." "Good." All four of them stand there hand in hand. Hope said some spell and again a light blue light created. The light was so bright they all closed their eyes. And within a few seconds, they reached their destination. They reached the city. Nadia looked around her city and bustle people. She missed this. She remembered her grandmother and Mia. Mia is with Rahman. Nadia thought about Rahman and she felt pain in her chest. Hope said" I do not know the exact location of your home. So took you all here." Roy and Val were looking at the city. Val said, "Wow it is beautiful." Nadia said, "It is. Let find a taxi and we will reach there within half an hour". They got into a taxi. They all looked outside to see the scenery. It is a lovely city. As Nadia said, they reached in front of an old house. Nadia got down and ran toward the house. She rang the bell. Her heart was beating fast. She was excited to see her grandmother. When the door opened she was about to hug the person but stopped. It was not her grandmother. She was someone else. Nadia never saw her. Therefore, she asked, "who are you?" The one who is standing is a woman. She was around 60 or more years old. She looked at Nadia and asked "Nadia?" Nadia nodded. She moved aside to give Nadia space. Nadia entered the home. Everything was 0in its place but she could not see her dadi. "Where is my dadi?" Nadia asked. "She is upstairs. Resting “all three others followed Nadia .They all looked around the house. However, Nadia ran upstairs and opened her grandmother's room. Her grandmother looked at her from bed and indicated to come near. Nadia ran to her. She hugged her and said “dadi I missed you. But why are you in bed? Are you sick? Didn't I say to take medicine on time? Why you never listen?" Her grandmother gave a faint smile and said "my dear. I took the medicine on time. But I am old so it can happen." Nadia cried. She said, “You should take care of yourself. I have only you. If anything happens to you who will be left for me?" Her dadi sat up with Nadia's help and said “dear. I am here. However, I cannot always be with you. One day I have to leave." Nadia put her hand on her lip and said, “Never said it. You are my life." Her grandmother smiled and asked “and prince charming “Nadia thought about Rahman and hid her face. Grandmother saw it and asked, “my princess already met her charming prince." Nadia looked at her grandmother shyly and said "Nah. I met with different people. “Grandmother said, '' You can't hide anything from me, so spill it." Nadia told her whole journey. Grandmother heard it and said, “Hum. So do you like him?" Nadia nodded her head very slowly. Grandmother said, “My child is in love now. I am so happy. “Nadia become red and said, “don’t tease me. Then she remembered that she is here. Rahman must have been searching for her. She does not have contact information that she could contact him. "What are you thinking about?" Her grandmother asked. "I don't have contact information. I can't tell him that I am fine." Nadia replied. "Don't worry. If God let you meet with him once then He will do this again. “Nadia nodded. Hope knocks on the door. Both Nadia and her grandmother looked up. Hope entered the room .she said “hi. I am Hope." Her grandmother holds Nadia's hand tightly. Nadia looked at it and said, "Don’t worry. She won't harm us." Hope said "yes. We are here to know something. “Grandmother said, "Ask." Hope nodded at the door and Roy and Val entered. Grandmother said, "Vampire” "you can tell we are a vampire." "Yes. I lost my family in vampire’s hand. So I know it." Val didn't say anything." Ask what you want to know then leave." Nadia showed her the ring and said "tell me dadi .how did my father have this ring?" Nadia asked. Dadi looked at the ring and said, "He has it. It is the only thing he has from his parents. His parents give it to him." All of them looked at each other. Hope said, "That means he might be the child of Lora." "Yes. His parents' name is Lora and Edmond." Dadi replied. Nadia said, "Then my dad is a child of a vampire and werewolf." Dadi asked, "What do you mean? Your dad is a normal human. He did not have any power. He died before you are born. He had an accident." "Is it really an accident or someone tried to kill him?" Val asked. Dadi said" he went to buy something for Mena; I mean Nadia's mother. Then he died in a road accident. A drunken driver killed him. Later police caught him and give him lifelong imprisonment. Therefore, we never doubt anyone might kill him. And he was such a sweet boy and he does not have any enemies. “Nadia looked at Hope and asked, " can you find out what type of blood I am carrying." "I can't. Only a head can do it. We need a head and at least two keepers to perform the ritual. “Hope said.”Then we will go and meet Bindi. Only she can tell me." Nadia said. Hope nodded and said "yes. This is where we should part away." Val looked at her and said, "You are leaving?" "Yes. War is coming and I need to maintain a squad. I have to go. However, Nadia will stay with you guys. “Nadia went near hope and asked, "Can you not fight? I mean why do you do it in the first place?" Hope replied, "War will happen. Werewolf and vampire are on a rampage. If we want to have less damage, we must end the war soon. In addition, I want us to have the right. The right which we deserve." Nadia said nothing. Dadi looked outside the window and said “war will happen. Many news stories cover paranormal things. Many said people found death due to blood loss but nothing is found on autopsy. We know a vampire does it. Soon the whole world will know about their existence. I don't know what type of impact it will have." “Well how many years should we live in hiding? Now it's time to show what we are and rule the world." Val said. Roy agreed with him. Nadia said, "Whatever we do I know humans will win. They are weak but they have the determination to win. Also, we can expose ourselves to the world and let them accept us." Hope laughed and said, "How naive you are. I wish I am like you." She said it but the pain was evident in that tone. Hope said, “I think we should all go to the vampire palace. And from there his highness can decide what we must do." Can't we stay for a day?" Nadia begged. "Maybe we could go to the orphanage and try to have information". Hope said "ok. But not more than a day. Tomorrow we will leave." Val, Roy and Hope left the room. Nadia sat in the bed and asked, "How are you dadi?" "I am fine dear. But will you left again?" "Yes dadi.”I want to help. I want to stop the war. I do not want people to get hurt. In addition, I want to prove them wrong. That I can never destroy the world." "You can and you will. I will pray that you will win. And prove them wrong ““yes. I will." Nadia said with new determination. On her 18 birthday, her life turns upstairs down. But now she is determined. She wants to tell the world that she is not a destroyer but rather she will be a protector. Hello, my dear readers. Hope you like today's chapter. Please comment and let me know what you think. Love you all. In addition, thank you for reading.
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