Just Die

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Nadia went back to her old room. She was looking at it. Everything is in the same position. She stood in front of a mirror. She looked at her. Her face was the same but had a dark circle. But what changed her was her identity. She thought she was a human. But later knew that she was a witch. Now she guessed that she has mixed blood. Her identity kept changing. She saw and thought how many things changed within a few days. She was not the same girl who woke up every morning in this bedroom. Then she looked at her lip and remembered Rahman. She wants to tell him; she was okay. However, how can she communicate? She missed him. Though they met for 2 days, she felt like she knew him for many years. Maybe it is what mate means. In addition, Lille told her when a werewolf marks a person as their mate then they can feel their pain, happiness and all. Even humans can feel it. Nadia thought that maybe she could also. Then she became shy and said "Stupid Nadia. What are you thinking? Mate?” Hope entered and heard it. She asked, "Who is your mate?" "No… no one… who could be my mate?" Nadia looked down. Hope said, "You were on fire wolf pack. Therefore, someone must be from there. Alternatively, there is no way they would help you. Moreover, someone who is powerful enough to take outsiders to his pack." Nadia blinked and Stutter, "No you … are wrong. They help me because of the ring. Yes... the ring ". Hope said, "It is okay. Even if you do not agree, I know there is one and he might come for you. “Hope smiled.”What do you mean that Rahman will come for me?" Nadia asked and bite her lower lip. She understood that she already made a huge mistake. "Don't worry. I will not tell anyone about your Rahman. However, he will attack the palace soon. He is in Manchester. “Nadia’s heart started to beat first. She was happy that Rahman came to look for her. In addition, he was planning to attack because of her. But she said, "We must hurry. I mean we cannot let it happen. If he saw me then I think they would not attack." "I hope so." Hope said. She sat on a sofa near the bed and took a book. It was a fantasy romance. Nadia becomes shy to see that Hope was reading it. Hope looked up at Nadia and said "seriously? Fantasy Romance? I used to read it." Nadia asked "then why did you stop?" Hope smiled but it carries the bittersweet memories. ~Memories of hope ~ A 5 years old child. She has brown hair and ash eyes. She looked so beautiful that other orphanage girls hate her. They bullied her. They beat her up and did not let her eat. One-day five girls came and beat her. They beat her so badly that she could not even stand up. The superior saw it and took her to the hospital. That child could not bear it anymore. Therefore, when she was admitted to the hospital she ran away. She ran far away. She begged to eat. However, after a few days she could not get enough money to eat. She went from one place to another just to have a piece of bread. However, no one gives her. One rainy day she was sitting in front of a restaurant. She has not eaten anything for a whole day. She was having a fever too. When one customer got out she begged to give her something but instead of giving anything, that person kicked her in the stomach. She cried aloud and that person kept kicking her stomach. After a few kicks, that person left. In addition, that child began to lose consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she saw she was in the hospital. And saw a woman was sitting near her holding her hand. She did not know a human hand could be so warm and caring. She tried to move and the women woke up. "Dear, you are awake? Let me call the doctor." She left the room. Then the doctor came and checked her. The doctor said, "She was fine. You can take her home." Hearing Home that girl wanted to cry. She never had a home. She does not know what home means. Why she did not have a home. People said that they found her in the Dustbin. They said her parents abandon her. They said she was unwanted that is why they threw her away. She used to cry and ask God to make her meet with her parents. She wants to have a mother and father. She wanted to have a family. Remembering these tears escape her eyes. And many more followed. That woman saw it and asked, "Why are you crying?" "Because I don't have a home to go to. I do not have parents. My parents throw me away...they left me in a dustbin “she cried more. That woman asked, “will you stay with me?" That child looked at her and asked, "Why would you take me? Do you want to sell me?" The woman laughed hearing it. She said "No. Why should I? I used to have a child-like you but she died. And I am all alone. If you wished you can stay with me." That child asked," you won't beat me and won't sell me; right?" "Yes, I won't. I promise, "the woman said.”Okay. I will be your daughter. “That woman looked at her and hugged her. She said "My daughter” that child hugged her back. " yes. Mummy" "tell me what your name is?" That woman asked. “You can call me anything. They used to call me an odd bell. ““Bell. Then how about Payal. From now on your name will be Payal." "Yes, I like this name. Thank you." “No need. From now on you are my daughter so you don't have to thank me." From then on Payal used to live with her mother. Her mother owned the restaurant where she was beaten. It was small but they were happy with what they had. In addition, one day a boy came into Payal life. He was handsome. He was famous in their school. On valentine's, he proposed to her. She liked him for quite some time she agreed. They started to date when both are 16 years old. They were a happy couple. They used to do many things. PayPal’s mother agreed to their relation. They used to have fun and went on date. One Sunday she called him. However, he said he was busy. He had a guest in his home. So Payal thought about surprising him. She went out to buy his favorite cap. He was eyeing this cap for some time. She brought the cap and went to his home. To go to his home she has to cross a desert area. She was afraid but she thought it was daytime so nothing will happen. She started to walk fast. However, suddenly she stopped. She saw in a dark alley that a boy was kissing a girl. She girl was mourning and the boy was thrusting roughly. The girl begged faster. However, what shocked her more was that the boy was her boyfriend. He was cheating with her. In addition, not with anyone but the girl who Payal hate. That girl holds onto her boyfriend. Payal could not take it anymore. She went near them and shouted “You bastard” and she pulled them apart. Both were shocked and looked at Payal. The boy said “Payal? What are you doing here?" “To catch you red-handed. You cheater. How could you?" Payal asked but tears found its way to come out. “Come on. Payal. You could not satisfy him that is why he is with me. He said you do not even let him kiss you. He is a boy and he has some demand. In addition, you cannot fulfill it. Therefore, he came to me. It is that simple. ““I am not talking to you." Payal said and asked, "Is it true? I cannot satisfy you. My lice are not enough to quench your lust?" However, the boy looked downward. Payal held her head and sat down on the path. She said, "Why?" The boy went near her and tried to touch her shoulder but Payal shouted, "Don't touch me" and the boy went flying away. All three of them got shocked. However, Payal was not in her right mind she said, "Don’t touch me. You bastard. Do not touch me. You should die. You both should die." She kept repeating it. She does not know how much time passed but when she looked up, she trembled. She went near two dead bodies. Yes, both are death. She went near her boyfriend and touched his neck. She could not find his pulse. She put her hand in front of his nose and could not find his breathing. She did not understand what happened and she ran away. She ran and came to her home. Her mother was cooking something and saw that Payal was pale and sweating profusely. She came to her and asked, "What happened Payal? Why are you like this" Payal looked at her mother and said "I killed two people” Hey, my dear lovely readers. Hope you are all doing great. I will be happy if you comment and let me know how you feel about this story. And please add it to your library. Love you all.
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