Kiss on the forehead

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"Dad," Val said. The king looked at him. He held his chin and said "My son; I am sorry. I could not protect your mother or your lover. I am so sorry. I was a strong king but a weak father." "No, dad. You are the best father. Remember you always held me when I was about to fall on the ground. You never let me fall during my childhood. You are the one who helped me to train. You are the one who helps me to love myself. You are the one who suffered the most. I knew that you love my mother. In addition, you broke down when she died. Instead of supporting you, I hate you. Still, you said nothing. I am sorry dad. I made you suffer." A salty teardrop ran down from Val's eye. His father removed the tear stain and said "My child; I love you. In addition, I love your mother. I am happy that I can meet her now. However, before I leave, promise me " "yes dad asks me anything,” Val said.”You will be the next king and protect the vampire nation. You will bring the glory to this nation. People all over the world must know who we are. Not out of fear but out of acceptance. '' Val held his dad's hand and said, "I promise.” "And promise me you will find happiness," King asked. Val stopped. He does not know if he deserved happiness. Then he looked up and saw Nadia and Rahman were looking at him. He then looked down at his dad and said, "I promise. I will try to find my happiness.” The king smiled and coughed out blood. Val saw it and shouted "Help" "there is no use." The king said. "Take care Val'' he tried to touch Val but his hand fell to the side. Val watched it and howled. “Dad" The king took his last breath in the arms of his son Val. The fight outside came to end. However, Val has no time to see it. Nadia went near Val and said "Val. Get up. You have to be strong. Get up and fulfill your promise." Val looked at Nadia and hugged her. He cried like a wounded animal. Rahman saw this but he looked away. He understood that Val needs someone. In addition, Nadia is consoling him. Roy came inside and saw the dead king. He fell on his knee and cried. Rahman went near him and said, "Don’t cry." Roy held his hand and cried. After an hour, many people came inside. The general was also here. He bowed and said, "We must complete the ritual “Val nodded. "They went out. There was a large bell. After the king dies, the bell was ringed for 13 times. Then the burial ritual was started. They showered the king and give an aromatic scent. Then in a glass-covered place, he was burned. And when the ash came out Val took the ash in a gold box. He then went to the burial place and buried his father's remaining ashes. By this, the ritual ends. Nadia and Rahman went to their room. Nadia was thinking about this incident. People are dying. What will she do to stop it? She paced in the room. She went near the window and looked out. It was peaceful. Who would have thought just a few hours ago it was a battlefield? She was thinking about this when she saw Val was walking into the woods. He was walking like a zombie. Nadia got afraid and came out. She started to follow Val. Val did not notice Nadia was following him. After coming to his old tree, he sat down. He cried and shouted, "Why did it happen to me? They all left me. Mother; Sristy now dad. Why?? And only one person is responsible for this is that b***h. I will kill her." The hatred was so vibrant in his voice that it chilled Nadia's bones. He continued "My mother; she was so sweet. She only loved books and us. However, she killed my mother for the crown. Then I met Sristy. She was a human. We even planned to leave this kingdom to live our life. However, she killed her and my unborn child. Whose existence I did not know. My child" he roared. In addition, started to punch the tree. Nadia saw it and ran toward him. ``Val, stop. Stop it." Nadia said. She held his hand. However, he is more powerful. She could not stop him. Therefore, she stood between the tree and him. Val was about to punch her but he stopped in the midair. He looked at Nadia and hugged her. "Why Nadia? Why?" Nadia has no answer to his question. She could only hug him back and patted him. She said "Val; they all loved you. In addition, they all want you to be happy. Your dad asked you to rule the Vampire kingdom. You should not break down. You should stand up and fulfill your promise. You should not stop until you reach your goal. You should not die before taking revenge. '' Nadia said. Val hugged her more tightly. "The only reason I am still breathing is to stop her breathing. And I will fulfill my promise to dad." Val said. Nadia still patted his back. They remained like that for two more minutes. Then Val let go of Nadia. He held her hand and said, "You are smaller than me. However, braver than me. Thank you. I believe you have the power to bind all realms. I will support you and I promise my nation will always stand by your side. “Nadia looked at him and smiled.”Thank you but I don't know if I can succeed." "Yes. You can." Val said this by holding her cheek. "And believe in yourself as you told me to believe in myself and fulfill my promise.” Nadia nodded. Then Val did something unthinkable. He kissed her forehead. It was in her forehead but Nadia whole being overwhelmed by it. She did not know what to do or what to say. Val saw her dilemma and said, "Hey; it was just to show affection. And you are not my type." Hearing it, Nadia relaxed and said "ok. And you are my uncle." Val made an annoying face. Nadia laughed and said "Come on. Let us go. Everyone is waiting.” She started to walk ahead. Val saw her walking away and said in mind, "I was like winter. Become cold and dry but you came and give me the feeling of spring. However, as everyone says spring is short-lived so is your existence? Even if you give me the reason to live but for the hashed winter cold only summer can dissolve it and make it green. So my spring, take care. I will remember you and cherish you. In addition, like spring brings summer. I will wait for my summer. Goodbye, my spring. I love you but I will let you go to find your own destiny. Goodbye, my love. My spring” Hey guys. Hope you like this chapter. We saw Val feeling and how he gave up his love for Nadia's happiness. Love is not something to give and take. It is something that we are ready to sacrifice only to bring Happiness to our loved ones. So love freely but purely. Never hurt the one you love. Love them to make them feel precious, not poisonous. Love and smile. Thank you all. 
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