I killed to rule

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"What should we do?" Nadia asked. "First let's go to the main palace. '' Val said. They all ran towards it. They directly entered the main hall. King was packing from one place to another. Val looked at him and said, "His majesty” king looked at Val and said "prince. We are under attack. We are not ready to prepare a counter-attack. ““Don't worry. We will help" Rahman said. He already contacted the other pack leader. And Nadia took out the paper Mary gave. She said a spell and the paper started to burn. Mary's voice came from far away. Nadia said, "Vampire palace was being ambushed. Please send people to help ``Mary said, "We will. They will get there within an hour." In addition, her voice vanished. Nadia looked toward the king. "Do you have any plans? Who attacked you?" "No idea. However, our forties are strong so no one can enter inside the city. However, inside the city. I can't say the same." King said. A man came and bowed "his majesty some vampires started to rebel." "What? Yes. In addition, many entered the palace ground ““how cans this happen?" King asked." Do not know the exact reason but we guess that the palace guards opened the door themselves. ““What on earth is happening?" "Where is the general?" King asked." He is on the way" the man replied. Val said'' we must protect the main palace. Gather all women and children here." "Yes, Prince. “That man said and left the hall. King sat on the throne. He said, "We are so near to prepare to fight but they ambushed first. Not only was that it was so detailed planned. Whoever attacked us knew the palace inside out. “Val nodded.”Let us go and protect the main palace. '' Rahman nodded and started to walk. Nadia followed behind. Rahman stopped and said, "Will you join?" "Yes. Now all vampires; werewolf; witches are my relatives and my family. And I will protect it." Rahman nodded. However, he did not want Nadia to join the fight. However, he had no plan in restricting her. They all went out. Val brought out an ice sword. In addition, Rahman brought out fire sword. Nadia brought out her knife and smeared it on poison. They all stood in front of the palace. Guards were also there. Roy ran toward them and took out his two swords. They are all in position. They waited for enemies to come. They heard a banging sound. Nadia counted "one. Two. Three “and the door broke open. Werewolves and vampires poured out from the door. Val lifted his sword then pointed toward the front. He said, "Attack” and all collided with each other. Nadia moved ahead and came across a vampire. She pushed the knife directly into his heart. He gasped and fell to the ground. Another came near her. She kicked the vampire and took out the knife. She threw a potion toward the other. They lost their consciousness. One witch pulled a paper, said a spell, and threw it on Nadia. She dodged it. In addition, threw a crystal ball. It busted near the witch. She coughed and fell to the ground. Then a werewolf jumped on her. She fell to the ground. Both were struggling but Rahman came and bit its neck. Blood fell on Nadia's face. However, she had no time to clean it. She stood up and charged at another. Rahman transformed into a wolf and he is fighting. Val froze half of the enemies. However, they kept pouring out. One witch came near Val and put a paper on him. He stopped moving. She pointed a knife toward him and came close. When she was about to push the knife Roy cut the witch back with a single stroke. She fell back. Roy removed the paper and Val could move again. They again joined the fight. On Rahman's side, six werewolves surrounded him. He tried to communicate but no response. He looked into each eye of werewolves. And finally, they launched. Rahman single-handedly fought with them. However, he got an injury near his neck. Nadia was fighting with a witch. She made a water ball with her magic and threw it to Nadia. Nadia also made a fireball and threw it toward the witch. Fire and water clashed with each other. After some time Nadia's fire touched the witch and pushed her back. She lost her sense. Nadia was happy that she could easily cause magic. However, when she looked up she saw all were fighting. What they are fighting for? Nadia wanted to ask. She saw many vampires come and join their fight. They might be the guards. Nadia and others fight for almost 6hours. And now they were in more numbers than attackers. Nadia thought they were winning when they heard a loud noise. All looked at the main palace. There was a bomb blast. Val shouted and ran towards the main palace. Anyone who came in front of him .he killed them in one strike. And moved toward the gate. Nadia and Rahman ran behind him. There was smoke everywhere. Nadia said a spell and all the smoke were removed. They ran toward the main hall and opened the door. They saw king and queen was point sword toward each other. Val said, "Stop it. What are you doing?" He ran toward them but an invisible shield blocked him. Nadia went near the shield and said a shield break spell. However, it did not work. The Queen smiled and said, "It won't work. As it was made differently. Only I can remove the shield. "Ella; what do you want?" King asked. She replied "throne. I want to rule the world. In addition, my son will be the next king. I will kill you and your son to have this." King said, "You will never get it." In addition, the queen said, "Let’s see." She attacked the king. Both their sword clashed with each other. They are fighting. Val, Nadia and Rahman watched their fight, as they could not join in. Nadia tried all her spell but nothing worked. Rahman guarded the door and killed anyone who came near them. Val turned shields into an ice plate. Moreover, tried to break. The invisible shield did not even move. They saw the king and queen fighting. Both are good at sword fight. They are using ice and water. Queen made the water turn into a pin and threw it. King made an ice pin and threw it...both were not backing down. Finally, the queen came near him and pushed the sword directly to his heart. Val shouted and collapsed. The Queen smiled and said, "Now my revenge is fulfilled. I hate you. I hate you that you never love me. I hate you as much as you love that pure blood. I hate you now I killed you." She laughed. Val tried to break the shield. The Queen saw it and came near Val. She said " poor you. Never have love. I killed your mother; lover now you father. Val shouted. "You killed sriste.” "Yes do you know why? Because she was pregnant. “Val looked at her.”Yes, she was pregnant with your child. I killed her .and said that your father killed her. Your father thought she was cheating on you. However, in reality; she was not. However, due to this misunderstanding king asked you to break up. In addition, I found the perfect opportunity to kill her. She begged for her child. However, if I was merciful then what about my child. To protect my child I killed yours.” She laughed. Val wanted to kill her in every brutal way possible. But he couldn't. Suddenly another bomb blast occurred and a woman in the hood appeared. Nadia immediately recognized her. She was the one who killed her grandmother. She went near the Queen and said something. Queen nodded and said, "I have to go. Take care .we will meet soon" and both the witch and queen disappeared. The shield was gone. Val went near his father. In addition, said "dad" after 5 years Val called him dad. Now the king is taking his last breath. Hi guys. I feel so bad when I write this chapter. However, this is a war. In addition, war is never good. It only takes people's lives. War only causes destruction. Therefore, we should all live together and make this a better world. For us and for our future. Let us stop the bullet rains and sow the seeds of love in every corner of the world. May we all live in a peaceful world? Thank you for reading. 
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