Past reveal

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Nadia looked at the picture. It was her picture. And both Rahman and Val were there. Rahman and Val looked at the picture and got the same shocked reactions as Nadia. Rahman said, "How I am not what I mean to say. How did my picture get here? Who painted it?" Val also looked and said, "I have no idea. Even though I am here. I never saw this paint before." Nadia came close to the painting and said, "It was a very old painting. But how did that person paint us?" Nadia moved around and see her painting. Then she said, "It was not just a painting. It's memory?" "How can you say it?" Rahman asked. "Look, it was the day when I gave the witch test. Here “she pointed out another picture. "It was the day when we met each other. It was the day when I met with my grandmother. “Val looked at other paintings and said, "Yes it's a picture. It was the day when I first met Hope." Rahman looked at the painting where he was holding Mia. And another where he is fighting with a wolf. Why did this painting get here? "Who lived in this room?" Nadia asked. "Lora aunty, she loves to paint. Look, all these paintings have the same signature in the end." Val point out. Nadia looked closely and saw that. "Then she visions about us?" "No idea," Val said. "Guys come here" Rahman called out. They all come near a large painting. They saw many people are dead. They saw Nadia; Rahman; Val and many more are fighting. "Where is this place?" Val asked. "Bangladesh. It is near my territory. “Rahman answered. Nadia said, "Is it the future they want us to know. Can't we change it?" "We will," Rahman said. He was angry, as he knew many faces of the dead person. He could not hold his anger. He moved toward a wall and punched it. However, to his surprise, it broke. In addition, they saw a room. They all looked at each other and entered the room. It was dark. Therefore, Rahman put out a fire in his hand. In the light, they saw a tunnel. They all went down the tunnel, which led to a small room. The door was jammed. Rahman kicked open the door. "Easy man," Val said. Three went inside and saw that it contained a library. "Why do they have to make a secret library?" Nadia asked. "Maybe they have important information," Val said. All three looked in different parts of the library. Nadia went to the right side. Here all books about herbs and mythology. She kept looking when her hand touched some old leather book. It had no title. She got curious and took that out. She saw it have a dusty rose color cover. But due to poor maintenance, it turned brown. She opened it. And she screamed. Rahman and Val went near her. "What happened?" Rahman asked. Nadia already threw the book. She pointed towards it. Val went near it and opened it. Val said, "It's blank. Why did you shout looking at the blank page?" "No. It's not blank." She went near him and looked at it. She saw it was blank. "How could that be?" She said and held the book. This time it emitted light and they all saw that there was written "welcome Nadia. I was waiting for you." All looked at each other. The book kept writing, "I was made especially for you. My master made me." Nadia asked in a shaky voice "who is your master?" "My master name is Lora. And I have a message for you." Then the dairy stopped writing. The light became brighter and like a holographic. A woman stood before her. She looked like Val but had black eyes. She said, "Welcome my grandchild. I was waiting for you. As you know you have my blood and also werewolves and witch blood. It is impossible to have all three. It is against the law. That is why I suppress all you father power. Therefore, that he can give birth to you. One will have all blood; will have the power. That is what said in mythology. And you; my grandchild is the one." Nadia was confused but she did not say anything. Lora continued, "I saw dreams. Dreams where the world is in war. And if you do not try to stop it then the world will be destroyed. Destroy does not mean killing, it means it will lose its balance. The balance between the worlds. In addition, to prevent it I make the strongest person. That is you. You have all three powers. You can cast a spell like a witch; you can communicate like a werewolf and you can move at a lightning speed like vampires. You need to use all this power. In addition, you are like an empty vessel. Do you know why the crown of stone is broken?" Nadia was astonished. She knew that she broke it. Nadia nodded and said "no." Lora said, "Because you took all its power. It is within you." "Just by a single touch, I consume it?" "Yes. Not only that if anyone wants to transport power to you all have to just point and give you the power. However, for the witch to transfer they need to make a triangle eye circle. Nadia; you must work with all. If you fall, they all will fall. So be strong. I love you. My grandchild and I hope you find your happiness.” Saying this Lora vanished. Nadia wanted to ask too many questions. However, the dairy burnt on her hand. It burned but she could not feel the heat from it. After the last bit of piece burnt, it vanished. Nadia said, "Now we know about my origin and how to use my power." "Yes. It was very important to know about it."Rahman said. "Let's go. I do not think we have any more things in here. As it was Lora I mean my grandmother would say it to me." "Let's go." Rahman said. They all came out. Nadia said, "Wait." Both Rahman and Val stopped. Nadia said, "Uncle” and she looked at Val. He narrowed his eyes and said "what?" "Grandmother is your aunty so you are my uncle" Rahman could not hold it. He laughed. He was laughing so much that he had to hold his stomach. However, Val's face became blue. Nadia said, "We are not directly related. But still, we are. By the way how old are you?" Val gritted his teeth and said "28" "o. Nevertheless, as I used to call you Val. Let's continue that way." Val. Nodded. Rahman was still laughing. Val said "Enough. You do not need to laugh. “Rahman said, "Though Nadia won't call you uncle, may I call you uncle." "That’s it." Val ran towards Rahman. Rahman also went for Val. However, Nadia said, "stop. Both of you" to her surprise they stopped. However, they stopped moving at all. Nadia asked, "Why are you stopping like this? Stop making fun" Rahman said, "Tomato I can't move." Val said, "me too." Nadia was afraid. She asked, "What should we do?" "Just say move," Rahman said. Nadia repeated after Rahman and said, "Move". Both started to move. Val said "wow. You are too powerful." "Yes she is." Rahman agreed. Nadia was amazed to see her power. She smiled and said, "It’s cool. But have to watch out from now on." "You better be. If you said to Rahman, die. He must be dead." "Don't say weird things," Nadia said and hugged Rahman. "Crazy couple,” Val said. They all laughed. However, their laughter was suppressed by a loud banging sound. It sounded like a larger bell was ringing from a very tall place. "What's that sound?" Nadia asked. Val replied," We are being ambushed” Hey, guys hope you like today's chapter. Please comment. Now that they are ambushed, what will they do? Who attacked them? To know please read Curse of witch. 
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