The Color Palace

1260 Words
Nadia, Rahman, Val were ready to go to cloud palace. Hope would join them later. She needed to know more about the mysterious mind-controlling potion. She; Mary and Now Abu joined to c***k this out. Nadia came to the laboratory and said, "We will leave soon. Please take care of yourself. '' Mary came near her and hugged her. She said "you too. And here" she gave little white paper. Nadia took it. "Burn this by the spell and I will know where you are and come to you." She gave her potion bottles. One blue and one red. "Blue one for a werewolf and red one for a vampire. And this knife. Take it. It is small but very sharp. Also, you can use it to cast spells on it." Nadia took all this and said, "Thank you so much, Mary. I am glad I have a friend like you. '' Mary smiled and said, "Make sure to invite me to your wedding. This friend's of yours will dance." Nadia blushed and said, "I will." Hope came near her and gave her a packet."Take this crystal. Throw it on air and it will weaken the enemies. Also, take this mask. Wear it when you use them" Nadia nodded and said, "You kidnapped me. But after that, you always protect me. So I am grateful to you." Hope shrugged and said, "I have to do that and I like you. So I protect you" "So you love her," Val said. All of them looked at him. Hope said "you Maddy. What are you talking about?" "I am repeating what you said," Val said. Nadia looked at Hope and Hope moved both her hands. She gestured no and said "I like you but not in that way. He is bluffing. '' Nadia smiled and said, "I know. He just wanted me to laugh" "And I succeeded” Val replied. Nadia nodded. Rahman came and said, "All are set. We are ready to go." Abu came near him and said, "take care." Rahman said, "I will." They started their journey. Nadia asked Val "Tell me more about The Color palace.” Val said, "My mother used to live there. Moreover, before my mother my aunty Lora used to live there. Therefore, I was shocked when you said you wanted to go there. It was locked for years after my mother died." He said in a low tone. Nadia touched his shoulder and said, "I am sorry to hear it." Val said, "Don’t be. She was a brave person. She died protecting me" Nadia remembered her mother. Her Dadi said she died protecting her child. Rahman saw these two. When he saw Nadia put a hand on Val’s shoulder; he was angry. However, he scolds himself by telling him that she is just trying to console him. If he interferes with it then it will be bad. He did not want Nadia to feel like she only belongs to her. He wanted her to be free and lead her life as she wishes. Nadia saw from the corner of her eyes that Rahman was thinking about something. Nadia asked, "What are you thinking about?" "Nothing much "Rahman replied. Val said, "We will reach the palace tomorrow." Nadia nodded. Rahman asked, "What is there?" "I don't know. However, I have to go there to see. We will know once we reach there." Nadia said. Rahman nodded. The next day they all reached the palace. Roy came to them and said, "You all arrived." “Yes," Val said. "Come let's go. His highness wanted to meet with you all" all four reached the main palace. They greeted the king. Nadia saw a very beautiful woman sitting beside the king. Roy and Val greeted her by saying "her majesty.” Nadia understood that she is the queen. King looked at Rahman and asked, "Are you from the fire wolf pack?" Rahman nodded and said "yes. I am pack leader Alpha Rahman." King smiled and said, "I know. I heard a lot of praise about you. The entire pack member loves you." "It is my greatest honor to hear praises from his majesty," Rahman said. "I know you don't want to cause violence but I want you to join the fight," King said. "We will join the fight" Rahman replied. King was shocked. "You will?" "Yes. We are facing new problems. As Roy must already report you. Therefore, we must join hand to stop it. Or we all will be in danger. “Rahman replied. King moved his head slowly and said "yes. We are facing this problem. And many vampires are out of control. Last time I heard five missing vampires. If this continues I don't know what will happen." "Yes. That is why we will join. Already the witch is finding the cause for this." "I also imprison some. They said about woman and smell. So we filed a case file stating smell is the main reason. "King said Nadia said, "so that means not only werewolves but vampires were affected by the same smell." King said, "I guess so. But the problem is they cannot remember the exact smell. So we are out of clues." King said."Don't worry we will solve it," Rahman said. King said, “sorry but please meet my queen Ella." Nadia and Rahman give a short bow. The Queen stood up and said “Nice to meet with you. I am glad that you will join us in the fight." "Yes." Both replied. Val said, "Enough of chit chats. We are here for some business." King said "yes. Tell me" Nadia said, "I learnt that I have all three-blood.” queen gasped. King said, "I knew it. So you father must be half-blood." Nadia said, "I still don't know. We do not have any clue as his parents died many years ago. But I have a vision. There I was told to go to the color palace." Kind said "The color palace." "Yes." "Ok. You all may go there. But I don't think you will get anything.” Nadia nodded. "Thank you for the permission.” "Mention not. Go there after lunch" king said. They all bowed to the king and queen and left the main palace. After lunch, they went to the color palace. It was decorated with different marble and stone. It is very vibrant. In the ceiling, a peacock was made of different stones and marble. A pool was there. In addition, a large chandelier was placed in the middle of the pool. It gives light. Nadia loved it. "My mother loved this poolside. She always came here and read books. She was a bookworm.” Nadia nodded. They do not know why they are here. Therefore, they just walk around. Suddenly Nadia's eyes fall on a room. It was closed. She walked there and tried to open it. "It is locked," Val said. "Can you open it?"Nadia asked. "I don't have the key. Wait'' Val looked at the lock for some time and sent his ice inside the lock. It turned to a key. And he uses it to open locks. Nadia said, "Cool," Rahman said, "Ice cool." Val laughed and moved aside. He said "Ladies First '' Nadia went inside the room and she looked up. Her mouth wide opened. She could not believe what she was seeing in front of her eyes. Tell me, what you think Nadia will see? And please add it to your library and give a review. Love you all.
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