Rahman wants 11 children

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Nadia and Rahman walked hand in hand. Nadia was silent. Rahman said, “I will go with you. I will go anywhere you will go. So never feel that no one is with you." Nadia nodded and said, "I know. You are the biggest reason I overcome it. I missed my dad but I know you and many others are waiting. In addition, my grandmother last wish was for me to live on. So I will live on." Rahman stopped and held both of her shoulders. "Yes; you will live on and you will bring the world to its new era. Where we will live freely." Nadia put her hands over Rahman's hand and asked "can I do it?" “Yes. You can. In addition, do not worry you are not alone. We all are with you. We will be with you. And support you." Nadia smiled and said, "Thank you." He pouts. "Why is my wolfie sad?" "Because my tomato forgets to tell me something.” Rahman said. Nadia was confused. "What did I forget?" Rahman moved close to Nadia and bent down. He said near her ears, "tomato forgets to say that she loves wolfie." Nadia blushed and said, "I will soon," Rahman said, "after our child is born or when they are about to get married; then you will say it." Nadia laughed and said, “After our child is born then there is no point in saying that I love you. Didn't my action tell it more?" Rahman said "No. Even after 11 children, I want to hear you say it." "What? 11 children? What are you planning? A cricket or football team?" Nadia asked. Rahman said "No. A whole pack" Nadia said "please find someone else” Rahman held her chin and said, "don't say that ever again. If it is not you then there will be no one. I will wait for your whole life. But I will not accept anyone else." Nadia felt proud of him. His love is so strong for her. She was melted by his love and care. Nadia hugged him and said, "I will be yours. I shall be with you." Rahman kissed Nadia's forehead. "Let's go. We should eat something." Nadia nodded and they went back to the headquarter. Nadia asked, "How is Mia?" Rahman said, "I left her with Lille. You don't have to worry." Nadia smiled and said, "If you are with me nothing can make me worried." "True love." Mary said. Nadia became red and pinched Mary's shoulder. "Ouch,'' Mary said but laughed. "You both love birds make a single person like me jealous." "Then why don't you find someone. The world is vast and you need to explore." Val said. "Yes. Prince for you it is vast. You can have a different girl in your bed. However, I hardly find one man, '' Mary said sarcastically. "Want to join in my wild adventure?" Before Mary could say anything, Hope hit Val head. In addition, said, "Behave." "How dare you hit me?" Val said with a little bit of annoyance in his tone. "I wish I didn't have to. However, as you have no filter on your mouth I do not have control over my hand. It moves on its own where it saw an i***t like you," everyone laughed. In addition, Val fumed with anger. ‘You said I am an idiot." "Yes. I said that." Hope challenged. Val wanted to rush to her when bindi said "Enough. Go back to your seat and eat dinner “she held an authoritative voice. Everyone went to their seat and started to eat dinner. Mary discussed some herbs with Hope. Nadia looked at bindi and said, “Can I learn the spell?" "Yes. I was thinking the same. As you have power, all you need to do is memorize spells and use them under different conditions. “Mary said, "I will recommend you some books. It has three stages. Beginner, intermediate and advanced. You will learn it soon." Nadia nodded. "You can practice with Shuba. She is one of the best casters." "Ok. I will '' after discussing all the things they went to bed. Nadia stopped in front of Rahman's room. Rahman came out and said, "Why are you standing for so long? You should have knocked on the door. ““You knew I was there?" "Yes. I can smell you." "How do I smell?" “Lavender and rose mixed. I like both'' Rahman said. Nadia smiled." I came to say "Good night." Rahman smiled and said "Good night my love" Nadia blushed. She went on tiptoes and kissed Rahman cheek. Then she ran away. Rahman was shocked but later he smiled. When he turned around, he saw Val was standing there. Rahman said, "You know that you have no chance of winning. '' Val nodded and said, "I have no plan to snatch her happiness. If it is with you then I will accept it. But be aware that if you ever hurt her I will kill you and make her mine." Rahman fisted his hand and wanted to punch Val. However, he stopped. He smiled in a straight line and said, "You will never have the chance. So keep dreaming." "I won't. I have many girls to entertain." Rahman wanted to face palm but he held all in. They went to their bedroom. Nadia kept on smiling and entered her room. Hope; Mary and Nadia sharing one room. Hope was at the reading table. Mary was in bed reading some books. Nadia saw them and went to her bed. "Finish meeting with prince charming?" Hope asked. "No, I met with Rahman?" Nadia said .and held her mouth with both hands. Hope and Mary laughed. Mary came close to her and gave her eight books. It has a spell and how to use it all. You should try to memorize it." Nadia took the books and said, "Give me two days “Mary and Hope looked at her. "Two days?" Mary asked. "Yes. I will remember it by then." "Wow you are a genius, "hope said.”No. I just have a photographic memory. ““I am jealous, "Mary said. Nadia laughed and said, "To me you guys are genius." "We are," Hope said and all three laughed. Nadia read the book. It contains history. Their origin and much more information. All three read and work up to late at night and went to bed. Nadia fell asleep and had a nightmare. She saw how her grandmother died. She shouted in her dream. But in reality, she muttered them. Hope woke up due to noise and saw that Nadia was crying in her sleep. She went near her and tried to wake her up." Wake up" after a few pushed Nadia woke up. She was taking a fast breath. Hope went near the table and got water. Nadia drunk it in one goes. She said "sorry about that. You woke up because of me" "don't mention it. I will wake up after some time later." Nadia looked outside and saw it was still dark. She looked towards Hope and asked, "Why would you wake up so early?" "Well same reason as you has." Nadia understood that hope also had a nightmare. "Does it never go away?" Nadia asked. "It does if you have enough happy memories to replace it. Sadly I have none." Hope said. Nadia nodded and said, "I hope both of our nightmares will be replaced by beautiful dreams soon." "Yes me too." Hope went on her bed. Nadia looked outside and said, “Please God. Help us." And soon she drifts to sleep. "Nadia. I swear if you don't wake up now it will throw a full bucket of water on your face." Mary shouted. Hope said, "Calm down. She fell asleep late at night and woke up in the middle. “Mary took a deep breath. However, Nadia was already awake. She rubbed her eyes and said "Good morning.” "You too. But you should hurry. Bindi is looking for you." Nadia rushed to the washroom; did her chores and came out. She saw 2 pieces of bread with jam. She ate it and run toward Bindi's office. She saw Bindi was doing some paper walk. "Come Nadia” she went near her. We will proceed with the test. I found two new keepers. They will help us. But first, take shower. Purify yourself. Then come to me. I will do the rest. “Nadia do as she was instructed. She took bath and put have some aromatic potion on her body. She went. Rahman and others were there. Bindi made a circle and drew different stages of the moon. Then made a triangle in the middle. Bindi said, "stand on the triangle.” Nadia did. Bindi stood beside her but outside the triangle. Then two keepers started to chant the spell. In addition, the circle glowed. It radiated purple color and the entire moon in the circle glowed. Bindi asked Nadia to forward her hand. Nadia did. Bindi brought out a knife and cut Nadia's palm. Nadia felt a sharp pain. But said nothing. Bindi put her hand on a bowl. It contained a dark liquid. When Nadia's bloods were exposed to the fluid, it became plain white. Then the blood drops started to float in the air and divided into three colors. Those were red; white; and black. Nadia was amazed to see it. Those three-color drops encircle each other .Then they again mixed together and fall on the bowl. The contents became purple like before. Bindi said, "come out Nadia” and both got out of the circle. Nadia asked, "What are the results?" "You do have all three types of blood. So that means your father was half werewolf half vampire." Nadia nodded. Then she looked at Val and said “then we should leave. Our next mission is to go to the color palace. “Rest nodded and agreed with her. So they found out one truth. Now they will know more about it. Hi guys. Hope you all like today's chapter. Please add it to your library and give reviews. Will wait for your review. Love you all.
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