I will sacrifice everything for her happiness

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Nadia was standing near a river. It was beautiful and peaceful. She looked at it and thought that if she could be the water in this river. She would have traveled the whole world. In addition, maybe she could help people; animals and all others. As it is essential to have water. She was looking at water and thought about all those. When she heard “My child." She looked at a woman. She was beautiful. She was wearing a white off-shoulder gown. Nadia asked “hey. Who are you?" That woman smiled and said, "You don't remember me?" Nadia looked at her more closely and remembered her. She was shocked to see her. Nadia's voice trembled. She said "mother". That woman smiled and said, "I thought you won't recognize me. But I am glad." Nadia ran to her and hugged her. She kept saying “mom... mom… mom." "I am here; my child. However, I cannot be for long. So please listen to me very carefully. You must save the world. It is going to be destroyed if you don't fight back." Nadia said, "I don't care. Why should I care for the world? What does it give to me? It took all of you. I will not fight. I want to be with you. Take me with you? ““No. I cannot. Dear. The world needs you. In addition, the world gives you so many people. Yes, it snatches us but in exchange, it gives you many more. It gives you Mary; Bindi; Anna; Abu; Lille; Hope; Roy; Val and Rahman. Why should you leave them? Don't you feel responsible? Rahman waits for you until now. People are waiting for it. So my love; please return and fight. Join them. Bind all the realms together. Make the peace that your parental grandparents thought of. Make the peace we thought of. Your father and I will wait for you. Remember whomever the enemy is you must fight with him. In right and wrong, you should never choose wrong to save your loved one. Also remember it." Nadia nodded and said, "When will we meet again?" "Soon. Very soon." Nadia nodded and said, "I promise to protect the world. I promise it." Mena (Nadia's mother) touched Nadia's cheek and kissed her forehead. She said "Goodbye. My child"

Nadia felt a wind push her away. She felt she was flying. She saw her mother was fading away. Before she went, she said, "Go to the color palace. You will know your next destination." Nadia nodded and shouted, "Wait for me. I will meet with you soon." Nadia flew away from there and she felt like she entered into a heavy thing. She tried to open her eyes. Slowly she did and saw Rahman looking at her. She felt the pressure on her hand and looked toward it. Rahman was holding it tightly. She said "Rahman'' Rahman came out of trance and said, "I am not dreaming. You really woke up." Nadia nodded. Rahman hugged her. She remembered the hug from her grandmother. She was a fragile woman. She did not have enough strength to put so much pressure. However, their love for her is the same. She hugged Rahman and cried. She cried and cried. People think those who cry are weak but they are wrong. You need the same strength to cry and to a suppressed cry.
When Rahman saw her crying, he felt so useless. He could not stop her crying or did not have enough words to console her. He felt like beating himself for being useless. Nadia stopped crying and looked at Rahman. “I am sorry" "why are you telling me sorry?" Rahman asked. "I wasted your shirt," Nadia said. Guilty was felt in those words. Rahman looked at the shirt. Nadia's tears were all over his shirt. "Hum. It is. But it's ok. I love to stay shirtless. '' Nadia smiled a little. She knew Rahman was trying to make her normal. But It took time to move on. Special when a person dies. It is even harder to move on. But she was determined. She will be strong and fight. She said, "Where are we?" She looked around." We are in Bangladesh. Currently, in the witch headquarter." "Is bindi here?" "Yes. She is waiting for you to open your eyes". "I see." Nadia said, "Let’s go meet her" "but you are weak." "Don't worry. Take me there; wolfie." And Nadia raised her hands. Rahman laughed a little and picked her up. She gave him directions. There was no need to but Rahman did not stop it. He loves listening to her voice. Nadia stopped him in front of a room and said, "This is it." NADIA opened the door. Everyone saw them entered. Val was angry for no reason. Rahman felt like someone was angry and looked at Val. “why are you angry?" "For no reason?" Val replied. "Ok." Rahman put Nadia down and sat on the chair in front of Bindi. Nadia looked at Mary. Mary came running to her and said, "I missed you so much. Where were you all this time? I want to get in touch with you but I could not. “Mary hugged her and cried out loud. Nadia patted her. She looked around and saw many are worried. Bindi said "Nadia; Come here" Nadia went near Bindi. Bindi stood up from the chair and hugged her. She said nothing. Nadia felt like crying all over again. Instead, she hugged Bindi. Anna also came near her and patted her back. After a minute or two Bindi let go of Nadia. She said, "I know it is a difficult time for you. But we are now in war. We cannot be emotional. We have to fight or the world will be in distress. So will you join this fight?" Rahman stood up and said, "Are you mad? She just lost her grandmother?" "And she will lose many more if she doesn't fight back," Bindi said.

"I am ready. I am ready to fight. No, I am ready to fight back. This time I will protect my family. I will stand up and protect the world." Nadia said. Bindi nodded. She briefed what she discussed when Nadia was sleeping. Nadia listened to it. And asked, "Bindi can you tell me if I was carrying any vampire or werewolf blood?" Rahman looked at her and said, "Why do you think you are mixed blood?" "Due to this." She took it out and let it show to others. Anna gasped and said, "How did you have it?" Bindi asked, "What does she have?" "The ring of promise” Nadia replied. Bindi gasped and said "How? Lora took it with her when she escaped." "Yes but later my father gives it to my mother." Bindi said, "I will perform a ritual and try to know about it." Nadia nodded and said, "Can you do it fast." "Why? Are you planning to do something?" "Yes. I need to go to the color palace," Nadia said. Val stood up and asked, "Color palace?" "Yes. We will have some clue in there." Nadia said. "How did you know about it?" Bindi asked. Nadia said what she dreamed about. Bindi nodded and said "ok. I will perform it tomorrow as I need to prepare for it." Nadia nodded. They all left. Rahman held Nadia's hand. She looked at him. "Let's go," Rahman said. Nadia followed him. Val saw it and felt an unknown pain. He did not understand why he felt like that. "You like her," a female voice said. Val shook his head and said "Impossible. I love sriste" then he turned toward the source of the voice and saw Hope was standing there. "Why did you say that?" Val asked. "Because you are stupid. You do not understand your love. That's why?" Hope replied. "Like you know all about love?" Val said back. In addition, remembered she said she killed her lover. Val immediately said "sorry. I didn't mean it like that." "I know. So sriste… where is she?"Hope asked. Val smiled and said, "She became a beautiful angel." Hope understood the meaning and said, "I am sorry." "Don't be. She died because of me. She was a human and weak one. She was killed by my father." Val said. He was telling it like it was a story. He was not a part of it. Hope understood that he was deeply hurt. Therefore, he lost the feeling. Just like her. Therefore, Hope did something she never thought of doing. She went near him and hugged him. Val became stiff like a stick. Hope hugged and said, "You should move on. You deserve love. In addition, you deserve happiness. Everyone deserves it." She patted Val's back. Then she moved away. She looked into his eyes and said, "I know you already know that Nadia loves Rahman. We can say it. So I think you better understand it and move on." Val nodded and said, "I know. However, feelings are not in our control. “Hope nodded.”You deserve love; Hope" Val said. Hope smiled and said "yes. I do and I love someone. “Val raised one eyebrow and asked "who?" Hope smiled and said, "It is a secret” and walked away. Val said to himself "crazy girl" "I heard that" Hope shouted from front. Val shouted and said "Hope is a crazy girl" Hope looked back at Val and said " beautiful one too" and she winked. Val laughed. Their sweet little interaction brought them smiles at each other.

Hope wished for the happiness that Val deserved. She was grateful to him. In addition, want him to find happiness. However, at the same time, she wants Nadia to be happy. If Nadia loves Rahman then Val will be heartbroken. Therefore, I hope that Val should find someone else to fall in love with. Moreover, Nadia to be happy with Rahman. She does not know her wish will make her sacrifice EVERYTHING.

Hey, my lovely readers Hope you like the chapter. In addition, we will soon see the new Nadia. Who will not cry but fight? However, can she win against evil? Can she win against her faith? To know read 《Curse of witch》

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