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Rahman carried Nadia. Val looked at him and understood that Rahman loved her. Does Nadia also love her? Hope said, "You are the leader of the fire wolf pack; right?" "Yes. I am. You are the one who kidnapped Nadia." Rahman said. "Yes. I have to. Nadia could be a great help in the upcoming war." "Why upcoming? War is already started?" Rahman said "yes. However, trust me; we did not ambush. I mean we are preparing to fight but this is not done by us." "I know," Rahman said. Hope looked at Val and said, "You need help." She went near Val and touched his chest. It bleeds. She brought a green paste and gave it to him." apply it. It will stop your bleeding." Val took the paste and applied it. He gave it to Hope and said, "Apply it. You need it too." Hope nodded. However, did not apply the paste. Val saw it and said, "Why are you so careless? Don't you love your life? ““I do. I earned this life with many sacrifices," she said and hid her face. Yes. She earned it by killing her mother, her cheater lover and his cheater girlfriend. "Then you should take care of it" and he took the medicine and applied it to her neck. Hope looked at him and felt like her throat constricted. She raised her trembling hand and held his hand. Val stopped applying the paste and asked, "What happened?" Hope did not say anything. She just held his hand. "Hey what happened?" Val asked and tried to look into her eyes. However, she hid her face by looking down. "Hey, Lilliput. If you look down I can't see your face and can't tell what happened to you." Hearing Lillie put Hope smiled. She looked up. Her eyes were moist but the smile was genuine. She said, "I will miss your teasing.” "Where are you going that you will have to miss me? You are not going anywhere. You will stay with us." Hope did not say anything. She nodded. Rahman saw their conversation and thought that they were close. If someone watched them, they might think they love each other but they are not aware of it. Rahman looked at Nadia. Who is sleeping beside him? He touched her hair. He missed her every second. He was mad and went crazy when he could not find her at the airport. Now he finally found her. However, will she be the same? She lost one person who she loved. Will she be okay? Rahman said, "Please wake up. I am here for you. Many are. Please wake up." He kissed her forehead. "You know; it is not right to invade someone's privacy. In addition, when someone sleeps you should not disturb that person. It is a basic manner. Don't you learn it? O. I forgot you only learned how to fight." Val said. Rahman gave him an angry look and said, "She is my soul mate. In addition, for your kind information, we work too. Not like someone who lives on his father's money." Val gritted his teeth and said "you say again” "why? Do you have a hearing problem? Ok, fine I will say it." Rahman was about to repeat when Hope said, "knocking it off. Both of you. Or I will put you two into sleep. In addition, trust me I am itching to do it. So you both better shut up." Both of them pressed their lips and held their tongue. However, with their eyes, they still fight. Hope saw it but she thought to leave these idiots. She looked out. They are on the train. As she used magic during the fight, she became weak. She cannot teleport 4 people so they took the train to reach the station. From there they will enter Bangladesh by using witch portal systems. Rahman talked with Abu and had Bindi's permission to enter the port. In addition, Roy left for the airport. He will go to the vampire palace. Hope saw that they were near the station. She looked at Rahman and Val and said "Hey my lovely idiots; get ready. We will leave now. “Val said, “cut i***t and add handsome." Hope face palm her and said, "Please prince get ready. And Rahman took Nadia with you but during the teleportation handed her to me" ``'' why should I believe you? You already kidnapped her once." Hope said, "You should not believe me but for now you don't have a choice. It is up to you. Do you want to make her suffer? As it causes harm when you teleport. “Hope said. Rahman thought for a few moments and said, "I will trust you this once. Break my trust and you will lose your life." Hope nodded. The train came to stop. They got down from the train and went near the witch station. Like before, they could only see a large field. They started to walk. When they reached halfway to the field, Hope stopped them. Rahman put Nadia on Hope back. He thought she would fall but to his surprise, she stood up and walked with Nadia on her back. Even Val was surprised. He said "wow. Superwoman “Hope looked at him and said; "don't you have a filter option for your mouth." "No. I do not. “Hope muttered to herself "don't be angry. Do not lose your control. Stay calm" Rahman heard it and laughed. Finally, they reached the centre. Hope taps her feet three times and a circle appears around them. She said some spell and blue light emitted from the circle. Val said, "Here we go again. This stupid light." Rahman never experienced this so he was clueless. Hope said `` both of you. Hold my shoulder and don't leave it." Both did as Hope instructed. In addition, they disappeared from the field. They were in front of the witch headquarter. Anna was there. She saw them and said, "We were waiting for you." Hope looked at her. In addition, felt like she knew her. However, she cannot pinpoint it. Rahman took Nadia from her back. Anna saw Nadia and asked, "What happened to her?" "It was a long story. Can we get inside?" Hope asked. Anna nodded and said "sorry. Where were my manners? Please come inside." They all went inside. Mary came running toward them. She saw Nadia in Rahman's arms and she shouted, “what happened to Nadia?" She came and touched her. She asked, "Who gave her sleeping potion?" Hope replied, “I did." Mary came to her and said "why? You harmed me the other day. Now you did it with Nadia. What is your problem? “Before Hope could say anything Val said "Easy tiger. She did it to save her. She was about to self-harm." Mary looked at Val and said, "Self-harm?" "Yes. She lost her grandmother today. In addition, she was about to cut her throat. We stopped her and Hope put her to sleep before she could do more harm." Rahman explained. Mary nodded and said, "Let’s put her to bed. Come with me" all went upstairs. When they went to the third floor, Rahman asked, "Isn’t it only two floors?" "Yes. Outsiders can only see two floors." Mary replied. They went to Mary's room. Rahman put her to bed. In addition, sat beside her. Everyone else found different places to sit. Mary asked, "How did she die?" Hope said, "Some witch started a fire. In addition, put a spell on it. We could not get inside. Even she stab her grandmother to death." "My god. Why did they go through so much trouble to kill her grandmother? Isn't she just a human?" Mary asked. "To break Nadia. They wanted to break her so that she could not stand up again. They wanted to make her weak to the point she would harm herself. In addition, they almost succeeded. However, you all helped her. And you need to help her." Bindi said. All looked at her. Mary bow “head." Bindi nodded and went near Nadia. She touched her head. Rahman became overprotective and wanted to remove her hand. Bindi said "calm down gentleman. I won't harm her." Rahman was shocked to know that she could feel his distress. Bindi said, "As I can't see. I can feel. Therefore, no need to be so shocked “Rahman nodded. Bindi said, “She will wake up in an hour. Let hold a meeting here. And after she wakes up let's talk with her." Everyone agreed. Bindi said, “We are here because we are having problems with many werewolves pack and vampires. They are not in their right mind. I think someone brainwashed them. But the question is how?" Mary said, “I read many books and found out that with certain potions and with caster power we can control a werewolf or vampire or any other being for some minutes. But the problem is they are under control for many hours." Rahman said, "From my investigation, I found that they smell sweet scent. In addition, they recovered after that smell memory was lost from their mind. It takes 2 days to regain their old self. And they forgot what they did at that time when they were under control." “It is a more powerful potion than we thought. In addition, it can control many people at once. That means it is a large organization. “Bindi said. Rahman and Mary looked at Val. Val saw it and said, "You are thinking wrong. We did not do it. My father is not a good person but he is not mad. And if we have this power we would have attacked you not to chit chat with you." Hope said “yes. To tell you the truth we are collaborating. We have a little organization. We collaborate with the vampire king. In addition, we do not have this kind of power. It is very new. In addition, it is not only harming humans it is killing all of the other realms. They are targeting all." "That's why I said my father was not mad to kill his subjects. He loved them to the point that he could kill his child to protect them," Val said. Hope nodded and said "yes. That is the reason why we collaborate. “Bindi said, "How many witches are in your organization. How come we didn't know about it?" "Because it was made by abandoned witches. The witch did not even know they were a witch. Alternatively, witch who is the experiment subjects for human. They kill all their relatives or show fake death certificates to tell the world they do not exist. So no one knew about us." Hope said in a bitter voice. Bindi nodded and asked" how did you know that you are a witch?" Hope smiled and said, "by killing 3 people.” all looked at her. “Did you kill them with the spell?" Mary asked. Hope said "No. I just say died and they dropped death" Mary was shocked to hear it. How can a person be so powerful that without any spell or potion with only her word could kill someone? Bindi said, “you can yield different power; don't you?" "Yes. All three." Hope said. Bindi thought, "perhaps you might have a very strong lineage to be so strong.” Hope said, "I think the same. Maybe that's why they abandon me" sadness was invaded in her voice. Hope said, "Let’s forget about me and come back to the discussion." Bindi said "yes. Mary; I want you to read as many books as you can to find more about it. Abu will help you with the smell." Hope asked, “can I help?" "Sure. I will be glad." Mary replied. With this, they worked on their new task. Rahman stayed beside Nadia. In addition, all left to do their work. Val went out to talk with his father. Rahman looked and said to Nadia "please wake up. I am waiting for you" he looked at her sleeping face and lost in deep thought. Hi, my dear readers, Hope you are fine. If you like today's chapter please comment and add it to your library. In addition, tell me how Nadia will react when she will wake up. To know more read 《Curse of witch 》
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