Team work !!! Wolfie

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Val said "yes. They are around 15" Roy said " yes and most of them are werewolves. But There are vampires too" Hope said, "Why are they here?" "We will know if we go out," Val said. They nodded and went out. They saw many people. Werewolves too. People are running and screaming. They were afraid of these creatures. Those werewolves were hunting everything they came across. They were biting and eating humans. Nadia wanted to vomit after seeing it. But she held on. Val said ''why are they attacking normal humans? Father strictly forbade attacking civilians ““yes. We all forbid attacking civilians. We have to fight and that is with the national head. Why are they attacking? In addition, we did not even plan to ambush “hope said. Nadia said, "Whatever it is; we must stop them" all three of them nodded. In addition, they came forward.
Hope threw a crystal ball toward werewolves. It was busted and made them weak. Nadia took a sharp knife and strike them. She also used the potion, which Mary gives her. It made them lose their sense. Roy took out a sword from his back and attacked witches and vampires. He was so fast that you could not even tell where he was. However, Val power was on another level. Whoever came near him; he froze them. Nadia was amazed to see it. Hope said a spell and makes three people fight each other. Then she puts a spell on the other two and they stop moving. She shouted "Val" and Val frozen them. Val looked at Hope and said "Not bad" Hope gave a sarcastic smile and said, "you too." But a witch moved her hand and threw a paper. The paper was released from her hand and when it was about to touch Val it turned into a fireball. Nadia screamed, “Val" and she pushed him away. The fireball hit Nadia. Val and Hope both screamed "Nadia!” Nadia fainted. Val was so angry that both his hands turned into ice. He made a spear by ice and put it to that witch heart. She died immediately. Hope ran near Nadia and called "Nadia" Nadia opened her eyes and said, "I am fine." Hope hugged Nadia and said, "Don’t you ever do that. Let this stupid vampire die. But you must keep yourself safe." Nadia did not understand why Hope was like this. Even Hope did not know why she wanted to protect Nadia. Maybe sisterhood for one witch to another. However, on this battlefield, they did not have time to think much. More were coming. Val; Roy; Nadia; hope could not fight more. Hope's crystal ball was about to run out. Val was having difficulty using more of his power. Nadia was already injured. A werewolf bit Roy and blood is oozing out from his leg and shoulder. Still, they fought. They already evacuated people from here. They made people go into the church. In addition, they are standing before it. All people inside the church are praying. Four of them moved forward. They again attacked. However, this time one werewolf bites Hope and it ripped her bag. All the remaining crystals fell on the ground. Hope became defenseless. In addition, it attacked her. Val stopped the werewolf by freezing it. However, a witch came and put a knife near his heart. He shouted. Two wolves surrounded Nadia. They are coming near them. Nadia touched her bottle but she saw that it only had a little potion in it. It will not be enough to knock two. She still threw the remaining potion. However, as she guessed, it did not work. In addition, they were coming close to her. When they were about 3 feet away when a brown werewolf came in front of Nadia. She knew it. She shouts "wolfie”

In addition, wolfie attack them. Not only wolfie but also some other werewolves attack those with whom Nadia's team was fighting. They fought and soon Nadia's team was winning. Nadia was happy to see them winning. However, suddenly she heard an earpiece scream. Her blood turned cold to hear it. She ran towards the noise. In addition, she saw that her house was on fire. In addition, her grandmother was near the balcony of the second floor. She saw her grandmother could not come out due to fire. It reached every corner. Nadia screamed "DADI!” However, due to so much noise, it could not reach her. Nadia wanted to get inside but hope held her hand. She screamed, "Let me go" "you can't. You will die." "No. Leave me." Roy; wolfie; Val came. They saw the fire. Val tried to stop it. However, he could not. Hope said, "It is a witch fire. You can't stop it." Hope tried some spell but it did not work. Roy and wolfie tried to get inside but some unknown force pushed them out.

Nadia sat on the floor and cried. She screamed and begged, "Please save my dadi." She stood up and ran. Hope could not stop her. She went near the house and the shield pushed her away. She saw her grandmother was looking at her. Her grandmother screamed "Nadia '' Nadia looked up and her grandmother said, "stop. There is no use. The whole building was on fire. '' Nadia shouted, "I will save you." "Don't my child. In addition, remember I love you. You must stay alive '' Nadia wanted to touch her grandmother. Feel her warmth in her hug. Her smell when she put Nadia to sleep. Her shadow, which protects her. Nadia wanted her grandmother.

Nadia looked at her grandmother hopelessly. She raised her hand in a gesture to hold her grandmother. In addition, her grandmother raised her hand to hold Nadia's hand. Though they were far away, still it felt like they were holding hands. Nadia looked at her Dadi. She said something but before Nadia could not understand, she saw a hooded woman come behind her Dadi and pushed a sword into her stomach. Dadi screamed and when the hooded woman removed the sword; Dadi fell to the ground.

Nadia stopped hearing things. She stopped seeing things. The only thing that remained in her head was her Dadi falling on the ground. She touched her stomach. Blood was pouring out of it. Nadia tried to get close. The shield stops her but she still tries. The shield threw her away. She hurt her leg; hand head. However, she never stopped. She was like a woud animal. She tried. Finally, hope held her. Even Val and Roy held her down. Wolfie stood in front of her so that she could not move forward. She begged, "Please let me go" but all her begging went in vain. Her grandmother looked at her for the last time. She moved her mouth. No sound came out but Nadia heard it loud and clear. She said, "Live on."
Nadia lost all her strength. As Nadia sat on the ground, her dadi took her last breath. In addition, the fire engulfed her. Nadia watched her home; her memory, her grandmother burned to ash. She just watched it. Tears stopped coming out of her eyes. She watched the fire dancing in front of her. It felt like it was dancing to celebrate her loss. It was mocking her that she could not protect her remaining family member. It was dancing to tell her how weak she is. How could she live when she lost her grandmother. How could she?

She thought of killing herself. She saw a knife near her. She took it and tried to cut her neck. However, just the time when it touched the neck someone removed it. In addition, she felt pain in her cheek. She looked forward to it. However, she could not focus. However, she understood that Rahman was the one who removed it and slapped her. Yes, she deserved a slap. Not one slap but thousands. She killed her grandmother. Nadia said, "I killed my Dadi. Yes. She died because of me" Rahman heard it and said "Nadia. Nadia looks at me. You did not kill anyone. They are the ones who killed her. You tried to save her." Nadia kept on saying the same thing again and again. Rahman shook her; shouted at her. However, nothing got her too normal. Finally, Hope came and pushed a needle on Nadia's neck. She lost her consciousness. She fell forward but Rahman held her. He was boiling with anger. With one handholding Nadia, he held Hope's neck. "What did you do to her?" Hope said, “the thing we should do." Val came and held the hand, which was holding Hope's neck. Val said, "Leave monkey. Alternatively, I will freeze your balls' ' but Rahman emitted fire in his hand and said “leave my hand or I will fry her neck" both are not backing down. Then Roy came and pulled everyone. "Stop fighting with each other." All of them went in different directions. Hope coughed. She saw that the finger mark was imprinted on her neck. Val saw it and touched her neck. She hissed in pain. However, Val put his ice-cold hand on her neck. It gave her a soothing sensation. After a few minutes, he left and the burnt mark was lessened. Rahman said, "Make her awake." Hope said in a broken voice “Let her sleep. She needs to adjust to reality. We should move her from here. And take her to somewhere else." "Where should we go?" Roy asked, “Bangladesh," Rahman said. Val and Hope looked at him. Rahman said, "Bindi said to meet her there." Val, Hope and Roy looked at each other. Then Val said "Okay. Let us go. We need to know her Identity and we need to know about this m******e. Let's go," hope said "yes. I think those werewolves and vampires are under some influence. Maybe Bindi might know about it. We should find a solution. Before they harm more people. "
Roy said, “I will go to the palace and report it to his majesty.” "Okay."
They all decide to go on their path. Rahman picked Nadia up. When they left, they saw many houses were destroyed. Many people were crying. Many were running to search for their loved ones. Those who attack the place are nowhere to be seen. Rahman asked, "Where did they go?" "Maybe a witch took them by teleportation.” hope replied. We should hurry and find the culprit behind these “they nodded and went on.

Nadia was a happy little girl. Whom did her grandmother protect? Now that she lost her only protection, how will she live on? How will she overcome her tragedy and survive? In addition, the biggest question is who planned all of this. To know all these keep reading 《Curse of witch 》. 

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