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Hope remembered how she became hope from Payal. She was happy. Now no one is alive to see her pain and struggle. She now fights for the witch. She wanted to create a world where witches do not have to live in shadow. Maybe her parents threw her because she was a witch. Who knows? She will never find out. She looked at Nadia and said, "Forget about it. You should focus on getting information of your father." Nadia nodded. They went to bed. At night Nadia woke up .She was thirsty but could not find water. She went downstairs to get water. When she heard a noise. She ignored it. However, she heard it again. She looked towards the direction and went near it. She saw Val was thrusting on his bed. She went near him. When she went close to him, she saw he was asleep. She shook him.”Val. Wake up. Val'' but he was not waking up. She threw the water on his face. He immediately woke up. He looked at her and rushed to her. He held her neck and pushed her in the wall. She hurt her head due to collusion. In addition, the chokehold on her neck was strong. She cannot remove it. She said, "Val leave me .wake up" Val heard it and removed his hand. He looked at Nadia and asked, "What are you doing here?" Nadia coughed. Then she looked at Val angrily. "I was trying to make you awake. You are having bad dreams. In addition, keep moving on your own. Now I think I should not have. ““Yes you shouldn't. It is common for me to have nightmares. I never have a proper sleep for long time." Val said. He walked out of the room. Nadia followed him. "Where are you going?" She asked. "To get some fresh air. Do you want to join?" Val asked. Nadia was afraid of Val so she hesitated. Val saw her hesitation and said, "It is okay. You do not have to. It is already late night. Go to bed. Good night." He walked towards the door. Nadia followed him and said, "Wait. I will go. Let me take you to a place." She took a coat and went out. Both walk towards a park. It was beautiful. Both sat on swings. "What do you dream about?" Nadia asked. Val said, "First tell me yours?" Nadia looked at him and asked, "How did you know I have nightmare?" "You woke up at the middle of night and came to drink water. Also, do not want to go to bed. Therefore, you have a nightmare. “Nadia smiled and said "detective. Yes. I do. It is always about fighting and running. Nothing much." Val nodded. Then they became silent. They were looking at the sky. It has too many stars. Val said, "I dream about my mother. I dream about a star. ““Star?" Nadia asked. "Yes. I hate star. People used to say when someone leaves you they become a star. Therefore, I hate star. Why they left us. Do they want to be a star so much that they have to leave us? I thought this as a child and I came to hate stars." "I never thought like that." Nadia said. "Yes. Nobody does." Val said. Nadia said" when my dadi said that my mother and father became a star I used to pray for it. I want them to live happily. I said I will join soon" hearing the last part Val laughed. "You wanted to join them? You are so funny." Nadia pouted and said, "Laugh. I don't care." "Please don't be mad. It is so funny that I laughed. Who pray that she want to die? ““I didn't know that they became star because they were dead. I only know that they are alive somewhere in the sky." Val laughed and said, "Please continue". Nadia gave up. She stands up and holds his hand. He felt a weird sensation. Her hands are warmer than others are. Nadia pulled him and said, "Let’s go to the beach" "at this hour?" Val asked. Yes. It will be fun and peaceful" both of them went near the beach. Nadia removed her shoes and ran on the sand. Val looked at her and remembered his mother. Nadia ran towards him and said, "Come on val. Why are you so lazy? Can't you see the ocean? It will bring peace to you. “Val remembered his mother said exactly the same word. He looked at Nadia and said, "How to you know this?" "Know what?" Nadia asked back. "That ocean brings peace.” 'Isn’t everyone knows about it? "I guess so" then they went near the ocean. Nadia stood there and water kept on crushing on her feet. Val stood with her. "How long ago did you get to know that you're a witch?" Val asked. "Not much long ago. I didn't know about my mother being a witch and she died to save me." Val nodded his head. He said, "You know our parents give up their life for us. My mother died in order to protect me. She drank the poisonous medicine. She knew it was poisonous but still drank it to keep me safe. Some time I hate myself that I was born." Nadia moved to him. She tipped toe and held his chin. She looked into his eyes and said, “Never say that you hate yourself. You deserve the love. You deserve everything, which everyone else has. Your mother died to protect you so you must live on and to honor her hard sacrifice." Val looked at Nadia. How long was it since anyone had held his face and said to live on? His mother did it almost 20 years ago. Then Sristy. However, she left. No, his family killed her. Val held the hand of Nadia. He said "Thank you." Nadia felt strange by his touch. Like it is calling her. However, she moved back. She thought that she must have lost her mind. She liked Rahman so why did she feel connected to Val. Val watch that Nadia was awkward. Therefore, he said, "Let’s return. Everyone will wake up soon “Nadia nodded. They walked away leaving their footprint on the sand. Soon the ocean washed it away. Val and Nadia entered the home. Roy was sitting in the dining room. He saw that Val and Nadia returned. He came near them and said, “I was so worried.” "Don’t worry. We are fine. We just went out to see the beach." Val replied. "At this hour." "Yes. Now go. We have to get ready" Nadia went upstairs and entered her grandmother's room. She saw that she was sitting near a window looking outside. "Dadi'' Nadia called out. Dadi looked at her and said "my child. Come." Nadia went near her and put her head on her grandmother's lap. Dadi smiled and touched Nadia's head. "What happened to my child?" "Nothing dadi. How can you determine that you loved grandfather?" “It is a very tough question. I know it when I looked into his eyes. You know I am human and he was a witch. I thought we will not able to live together but we got married and have a beautiful child. I am so happy. I used to ask why I love him. But for loving someone, you do not need any reason. You just love that person. You love his good and bad both habits. You changed for him and he changed for you. That's what love is to me” Nadia nodded and said, "I understand it. Thank you." Nadia thought that she liked Rahman but what she felt for Val must be friendship. Then Nadia asked "dadi; Do father have any pictures of his parents?" Grandmother said "I don't know. But you can check" she took out an old trunk and opened it. "It has some clothes and things of your parents.” Nadia touched the clothes. All this are her parent’s things. Touching those clothes made, her felt like she was touching her parents. She felt like crying. Her trembling hand touches a shirt. Moreover, a big teardrop falls on it. She tried to remove it. She cannot afford to stain her parent’s cloth. Her grandmother touched her shoulder and said, "It is okay. You can cry dear," Nadia said "No grandmother. No more tears. “They watch all the things but found no clue. Only some postcards. Her dad gave money to the orphanage. Nadia said, "maybe this is the orphanage.” grandmother looked and said "yes. He said that his orphanage name was happy house ““we will go there." Nadia stood up. Her grandmother stood up and hugged her. She said, "no Matter what remember that I love you. Okay?" "Why are you saying this? I know you love me." Nadia said. Her grandmother smiled and said "yes. And I love you too." There was sadness in those eyes. Nadia thought why she held sadness. Nadia said, "Dadi don't worry. I will come back soon." Dadi said, "I know" Nadia went downstairs and said," We have to go". They were about to go out when Hope stopped them. She said, "we are surrounded” Who are they? Why do they surround the house? To know more, read (curse of witch) and add it to your library. Love you all. 
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