Chapter 2: Plan

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“What? Are you serious? You agreed to give away your first child?” Ethan said astonished as he sat in on an emergency meeting in Alannah’s and Kurt’s London home. The Twins, Ethan and Aiden were there along with Theo.  James was out on the balcony having a quick cigarette break and make sure Annie was in a safe location. Alannah was crying on the sofa, whilst the guys were trying anything to calm her down. “Darling, this is easily fixed, we simply won’t have children” Kurt said softly. “But I want a family with you Kurt and now I can’t! It is not fair! Alannah sobbed “And the that amount of profits will cripple the Syndicate” Aiden said “Not helpful Aiden!”  Kurt growled James came back in and said “Annie is on her way here and I..I just wanted to say thank you. I know how much you sacrificed for Annie and I” Alannah nodded and Kurt put his arms round her. He closed his eyes and said “There must be a way out of this. We just need to think! Come on! Come on!” “Well I am good at sailing, so maybe in a week I could brush up enough and I might win” James said “Thanks James, but unless you can also do the riding, rowing, running and swimming it won’t be enough” Kurt said gently. “What about reaching out to the Sea Gangs? Alannah asked “They certainly have the capability but they have not talked to us in over 30 years” Kurt pointed out. “Well that is not strictly true” Theo said. Everyone looked at him, Theo had been silent until now. “Dad what do you mean?” Alannah asked “You all know a Sea Gang member and they are a member of one of the oldest Sea Gangs there is” Theo said stroking his chin. Everyone looked round the room looked confused or shocked.  “Who is it? I will give them anything they want!” Kurt said standing up, he had suddenly had some hope. “They are on their way over now, but it is not as simple..” Theo was about to explain when there was a knock at the door. “It is probably Annie, I will get it” James said walking over and opening the door. “Frank?!” James said “Don’t look so disappointed, I am here as a massive favour as it is!” Frank snapped as he walked in to the living room. “I am sorry Frank, I was just expecting someone else” James mumbled. “Yeah, like  the mythical person from a Sea Gang that can help us!” Aiden scoffed.  “Why would you want the help of the Sea Gangs?” Frank asked “I know, right? They tend to be thick and incredibly smelly!” Ethan moaned as he sat down. “Yeah we will probably be able to smell them before we see them!” Aiden said “Or hear the sound of their knuckles dragging along the ground!” Ethan said and the twins laughed. “Right, I am out of here and just for your information the Sea Gangs have saved your arses more then once, you ungrateful Brats!” Frank roared. This took everyone by surprise because Frank was normally the calm, second in command of The Mad Dogs. Here he was shouting. “ are the member of the Sea Gang!” Alannah gasped “What? No! This is Frank we are talking about!” Aiden said “Apologise now!” Alannah demanded of the Twins “Please Frank, please help us and accept our apologies” Kurt said in a pleading voice. The Twins were shocked at seeing the mighty King plead. “Look we didn’t know Frank and we are sorry” Aiden mumbled “Please Frank we meant no harm” Ethan said. Frank visibly relaxed a little and he looked at his old friend Theo. “I am not going to order you my friend, this is your own choice. Obviously, I hope you will help my family, but again it is down to you” Theo said. “Fine, I will try” Frank mumbled. Alannah raced and hugged him. “Thank you so much!” Alannah said. “Hang on, I don’t mean to piss on anyone’s bonfire but how is Frank suppose to go up against Viktor?” James asked seriously. “Wait, you are going up against a Black Dolphin? Viktor is a member of the Black Dolphin gang!” Frank said his eyes narrowing. “Yes and?” Aiden said Frank scoffed and said “The Black Dolphins are the strongest sea gang in Russia! They are formidable!”  “Oh no!” Alannah said feeling hopeless again. “Alannah please!” Kurt said. It hurt him to see Alannah like this.  “Frank, you know you are too old. It has to be..” Theo said “No! Absolutely not!” Frank said “Who? Who does it have to be Theo?!” Kurt shouted  “The girl, the girl  on the ship...the Captain who saved Ethan when he fell overboard!! Who is she Frank?” Alannah said. She remember the girl with honey brown hair and storm grey eyes who had rescued Ethan like it was nothing. “Wait, what? You do know the Girl?”  Ethan said quickly. Ever since that night he been having dreams of the unknown women coming to save him. Aiden and him had searched high and low for her, but found nothing. Frank close his eyes and sighed. “Her name is Bonny Clearwater and she is my niece” Frank said  “Do you think a women can win this against the Leader of the Black Dolphins?” Kurt said unsure. Theo smiled and said “Do you remember what that punk Viktor said?” “What that we couldn’t beat him unless we have a Siren in the back pocket?” Alannah said “Well Bee is the Siren of the Krakens, my Gang” Frank said with a sigh. Kurt whistled at the information that had just been shared. “I don’t understand?” Alannah said “The Krakens are the oldest Sea gang in the world and their training regime makes the Nine Tail foxes look like a Spa Break” Kurt said. “Really?” Alannah said unsure. The Nine Tail training regime was brutal and involved lots of broken bones. “Yes Darling, Bee was training as soon as she could walk. She sailed through her first storm at 7” Theo confirmed. “What is a Siren?” Aiden asked. “A Siren is seen as the true Daughter of Sea. Once a generation a girl who has outstanding abilities is tested. If she is passes, she is crowned the Siren. Under her, all Sea Gangs will rally and obey her command” Frank said in a voice that sounded like he was reciting some fable. “What all the Sea Gangs in Britain?” Ethan said “No, all the Sea Gangs” Theo said “Wait! So she can order the Black Dolphins to stand down!” Aiden said enthusiastically. “No she can’t. You have already accepted the challenge and there are rules about such things” Frank said. “ Do you think she will help us?” Kurt demanded to know. “No, she does not help land lovers. But, she will help family and luckily she sees Theo as family.” Frank said. “Where is she?” Kurt asked  “She is in London, she is on the last part of her Rotation and is the guest of the Grey Seals” Frank said “Rotation?” Alannah asked “The Siren has to spend time on each Continent, learning different customs and networking” Theo said “Which is why she was near Japan when she was!” Alannah said and Frank nodded. “We need to get her here!” Kurt said. “You need to get through Jack Collins  and his band of Merry Fuckwits first!” Frank growled. “That won’t be a problem.” Ethan said and Aiden nodded. After almost a year they had found out who their mystery girl is. There was no way they would let her go now!
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