Chapter 3: It is you!

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“No, I will go alone and bring her here. I am family and they won’t be able to refuse me” Frank said firmly. The last thing he needed was those twins going in and causing a scene. “Right, OK. Is there anything we can do?” Alannah said pulling herself together. “Yes, in fact there is..” Frank said with a smile. ===================================================== London Docks - Grey Seal Warehouse Bonny sighed and retied her wavy honey brown hair back into a bun. She knew it as a displacement activity because she did not want to sort out the accounts in front of her. Bonny had gone to Oxford and got a double first in modern languages and accounting, but even that was not helping! The records were either illegible, illogical or covered in what looked like tea stains. Bonny had some challenges in her life, but this felt the worst by far. Frustrated, Bonny threw a throwing knife at the dartboard on the other wall. She got bullseye and she smiled as she heard a knock on her office door.  “I am not interested unless it is something to do with chocolate!” Bonny shouted as she threw another knife at the dart board. “I am bring you something better then chocolate!” A man in his late 20s said as he carefully opened the door. Bonny studied her friend, Jack Collins for a second. Most people made the dangerous assumption that he was not a threat because of how he dressed.  He had black boots, black combat trousers with a black shirt and a silk waist cost. His hair was long, black and tied into a ponytail. He had thick black eyeliner on and a gold hoop in one ear.  Bonny knew otherwise! Jack was a deadly fighter and scuba diving skills were some of the best in the world. Any mission that needed stealth or underwater Manoeuvres, Jack was your man! Since becoming Leader of the Grey Seals he had brought them into the modern age.  Productivity was up and Jack’s shipping company was the most preferred in the Gang World. There was only one Cargo he would never take and that was people who were going to be sold into slavery. A attitude that was held by many in the Sea Gang world. “I promise, it is something better then chocolate!” Jack said with a smile Bonny threw another knife at the board any sighed. “Oh Jack, I doubt that very much, so why lie to me? I thought we were close friends!” Bonny said in a pretend sad voice.  Jack stepped back and did some jazz hands as he present Frank, her Uncle. “Uncle!” Bonny said happily as she stood up and ran to hug him. Even though she had been in London for three  weeks she had not managed to catch him.  “Bee, I swear you grow everytime I see you!” Frank said grabbing her in a bear hug. “Nonsense Uncle! At 29, I finished growing a while back!” She said happily.  Bee’s parents had died while she was young. It was her uncle and her Grandparents that had brought her up. Not that her story was uncommon in sea gangs, the sea was a harsh mistress - even the smallest mistake could cost you dearly. Something land gangs would never understand! “Hmpf - when did you get so old?” Frank said and Bee chuckled. “Jack, can you make us some tea?  In the clean cups that I bleached yesterday!” Bee said. Grey Seals were not known for their cleaning abilities and Bee swore some of the cups grew legs and walked in this warehouse. “Actually Bee, I need you to come with me” Frank said clearly looking uncomfortable. Bee’s mood changed as did her language. “Why Uncle? What is wrong?” Bee said in Cornish. An old language that only the people of Cornwall spoke, making it an excellent language to have private conversations in. “I need your help” Frank said still looking uncomfortable. Bee knew that look meant only one thing. “You or a land gang?” Bee asked her eyes narrowing. “Bee” Frank said with a sigh as she moved away from him. “What Uncle? Where were the land gangs when my parents drowned or when we are attacked by pirates carrying out their wishes? They tax us to such an extent that it cripples us! They live in a lap of luxury, whilst we scratch around like rats. They live off our  blood, sweat and tears! Yet they have the audacity to look down their nose at us!” Bee said angrily.  “There speaks a true Siren” Jack said folding his arms. “It is Theo and he is family! Just come and see what it is about and if you don’t want to help then that is fine” Frank said carefully. The worst thing he could do was force Bee to do anything, she was incredibly stubborn when she wanted to be. “Theo?” Bee asked and Frank nodded. Bee knew she was being played, but she could not help it. The Kraken’s motto dictated that she must help. “Duty and honour above all!” Bee said citing the Kraken’s Motto. Duty to ones family was the highest priority in the Kraken Gang. Theo, being her God Father fell into that category. “Duty and honour above all!” Frank repeated. “Let’s go!” Bee said in a defeated tone, she knew she would live to regret this. ================================================== Kurt and Alannah’s Home “Alannah, you have brought enough food to feet half of the city!” Kurt said looking at the shopping bags from Harrolds. Alannah smacked Ethan’s hand away as he tried to pinch a sandwich. “Look, Frank said she loved afternoon tea, so I got afternoon tea! It can’t hurt, can it?” Alannah said as she carefully plated everything out. “I am sure she will help us” Kurt said trying to ignore the unsure look one Theo’s face. “Still” Alannah said as she plated up some delicate looking cakes on to a cake stand.  By the time there was a knock on the door, a lot of the surfaces in the large sky line penthouse apartment was covered in food or tea pots, “It goes without saying, that you need to behave” Theo growled at the Twins. “Yes, this is too important for you to mess up!” Alannah said and the twins nodded as they heard Kurt open the door. “Welcome back Frank!” Kurt said in a tone that clearly showed Frank was viewed as a member of family. “Hello Kurt, erm may I introduce Bonny Clearwater my niece?” Frank said.  “Of course, we been waiting for her. My name is Kurt...” Kurt began to introduced himself but was quickly interrupted. “I know who you are your Highness. What I want to know is why you made my Uncle drag me away from my duties!” Bee snapped. “Bee!” Frank said mortified. “That sounds like my God Daughter alright! Come here you scallywag!” Theo’s voice boomed as he opened his arms. “Uncle Theo!” Bee said as her face broke out into a smile. She quickly side stepped Kurt and rushed into Theo’s arms. “Hello little one, it is good to see you! I heard you have done your rotation in record time, we are all so proud!” Theo said. “Uncle Theo, I was told you were in trouble! Are you OK?” Bee said her voice full of concern. Alannah and Kurt instantly felt guilty that Frank had said that. “Hush lass, we will talk in a moment. First let me introduce to you my Daughter!” Theo said as she lead Bee to Alannah before continuing “This is my daughter Alannah Blackwood.” Alannah was expecting to be dismissed like Kurt, but instead she was grabbed into a warm hug. “Oh Alannah, I am so happy to meet you! I was so thrilled when I heard Uncle had a daughter! I heard that you are a great fighter too, maybe we could spar sometime?” Bee said with a genuine smile. “Yes, of course Bonny!” Alannah said happily. “Please call me Bee, you are a member of the family!” Bee said. “It was a shame the women had married the syndicate chair, but family was family!” Bee thought. “It is you!” Ethan said in a husky voice. Bee turned to see two identical twins that she thought were as hot as hell. They had black hair that was wavey enough that Bee was tempted to pull her hands through it. They were over 6 foot and with muscles straining against there black t shirts. It was the eyes which captivated her, they were ice blue and they were staring directly at her. Bee got herself under control, she knew these two and she didn’t have time for such activities. “Ahh Ethan and Aiden, right?” Bee said as she correctly named each twin. “You guessed our names correctly!” Ethan said stunned. No one apart from Alannah could tell them apart! “Guessed? No, I know your names! I tend to remember people I had to drag out of the ocean!” Bee said with a smile.  The twins just stood fixed to the spot, the smile literally took their breath away.  They felt their heart race as she offered them her hand to shake. “Are you two OK? You look a bit flushed!” Alannah said concerned. The Twins were never this quite! “We are fine!” Aiden blurted out before grabbing Bee’s hand and shaking it. He felt sparks as soon as his palm touched hers. He held it a bit to long, his body not wanting to let go.  “Errr Aiden you can let go of my niece’s hand now!” Frank growled and Aiden did reluctantly. Before Bee had a chance to think or step back, Ethan had grabbed her hand and started to shake it. Ethan felt the sparks too and smiled. “Thank you for saving me!” Ethan said. “My pleasure, just don’t do it again!” Bee said releasing his hand. “I want to be your pleasure, all night long!” Ethan thought but cursed himself for being so cheesy! “Right shall we get down to business? Wait, are those fondant fancies?” Bee said looking at one of the cake stands. “Yes, here let us get you some!” Aiden said. “Let me take your coat and show you were to sit. Then we get you some tea! How do you like it? Strong, weak, with milk?” Ethan said guiding Bee to comfortably seat. He made sure the cushions were absolutely right before letting her sit down and taking her coat. He had purposely put her in the middle of the sofa so that Aiden and him could sit either side of her. “What the hell?” Alannah whispered shocked as she saw the twins attending to Bee’s every need. They had many guests and many girls around but the twins had never acted like this. It was a struggle to get them to be polite most of the time. Kurt did nothing but smirk and Alannah asked “What?” “Oh nothing, I just recognise that look on their faces and I definitely recognise the look on Theo’s and Frank’s!” Kurt said as he watched as Aiden poured Bee out some tea, whilst Ethan just stared at her with a dreamy look. “Pray do tell!” Alannah said. “The look the twins have? It is the same look that I had when I first met you! As for the old farts, it is definitely one of disapproval. They know exactly what the Twins are up to!” Kurt said trying not to laugh. Alannah looked at Theo and Frank glaring with murderous intent at the Twins who were making Bee laugh with a story of their pranks. “Oh, s**t!” Alannah whispered realising something. “Yeap, the Princes of Mischief and mayhem have fallen in love with the Siren!” Kurt said. 
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