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The British Gang Syndicate was in trouble - the Russian Syndicate Gang will declare all out war unless they accept the challenge. The issue is there is no one skilled enough to do! If Kurt and Alannah can’t find anyone to compete, their future and that of their first child is in danger!

Bonny, is a member of a British Sea Gang and has absolutely no time to be getting involved in Land Gang politics. But when she meets the Twins Aiden and Ethan, she gets more involved then she should! Can the Twins win over Benny’s heart or will their past come back to haunt them?

This is the fourth book in the series and can be read alone or part of a series. The other books are:-

Book 1 - No Good Deed (Grace’s and Xan’s Story)

Book 2- By Hook or by Crook! ( Kurt’s and Alannah’s story)

Book 3 - Distance makes the Heart Grow (Zoe’s and Akihiko’s story).

All books are free, as is this one!

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Chapter 1: Choice
London - Regency Hotel Boardroom “You can’t Grandmother! Please..” Alannah shouted at the old women and man on the other side of the table. Her Green eyes flashed with anger as she prepared herself to fight. She was made the British Syndicate’s Queen after she married their King, Kurt. Before that she was a cursed one - sold into the underground fighting ring to pay off her Brother’s debts. It was only later she found out that she was related to the Russian Syndicate Chair and a direct descendant of another founding Gang - the Evans. “Oh, that is where you are wrong - you crossed the line and now there will be consequences to that!” Anastasia snapped. The old women looked more pissed then Alannah had ever seen her. Not that Alannah blamed her - she did help the Grand Princess of the Russian Syndicate escape and marry the Japanese Chairman.  “Maybe if we can take this down a notch or two, we can find some sort of arrangement that would suit both parties” Kurt said trying to keep calm and diplomatic. Alannah looked at her husband and saw bags under his deep blue eyes. Anastasia Medvedev cackled before saying “Are you seriously talking about money? Your syndicate has stolen two of our heiresses!”  “That is hardly fair Anastasia! Kurt and Alannah had already met before she knew..” Theo Evans a bold headed man in his mid 50s and over 6 foot. Theo was Alannah’s Father and the leader of the world famous Mad Dogs, a Mercenary group that was known for its’ near perfect success rate. “Shut up Theo! You are here as a courtesy nothing more! I know you and your flea bitten dogs were at the Wedding!” Anastasia snapped. Theo glared at the old women, she was a founding Mother of the Morden Syndicate world, but she was still a pain in the arse! Kurt sighed and said “So the question is, what do you want?” “We already have said, your first born child” Dimitri Medvedev said. “That is some rumpelstiltskin s**t right there!” James, Kurt’s second in command, muttered. “And that is not going to happen!” Kurt growled  “Then it will mean War, unless..” Dimitri said  “Unless what?” Kurt said. This is what he was waiting for, the trap the Russian syndicate was setting. “Look, war is bad for both sides- loss of money and blood on both sides. So we can solve this the old fashioned way, via the Gang Challenge” Dimitri said “The Modern day version of the Trial by Battle!” Theo scoffed “Battle? I can do battles!” Alannah said hopefully. Being a member of the Nine Tailed Fox fighting gang, she could handle most fights with no issue. “I doubt that they would make it that simple my Love” Kurt warned. “Indeed not! By Gang Law those who call the challenge, get to choose what it is. Am I right?” Theo said “Exactly!” Dimitri said with a smile “But you are going to choose something you are good at!” Alannah snapped. “Yes we are. So here are the terms, if you win this transgression will be forgiven and not be mentioned again. I will also forgive the USA, Japanese and Chinese syndicates. As a sweetener, we will also give over 10 percent of our profits for the next 10 years and give up any claims on your children” Dimitri said “And Zoe’s children as well” Alannah said “Fine!” Anastasia said quickly waving her hand dismissively. This worried Kurt because Anastasia agreed to that far too quickly. “And what if we loose?” Kurt growled. “We take your first child to be our new Grand Prince or Princess and 25 percent of all your Syndicate profits” Dimitri said like he was discussing his shopping list. “I rather go to war then willingly give up my future children!” Kurt roared. “And the Syndicate will stand behind their King and Queen!” Jamie shouted. “That is fine, it will be war! Shall we see who the first casualty is?” Dimitri said as he snapped his fingers. Vicktor, the Leader of the Black Bears Guards, slid an a IPAD over the table. On the screen, Kurt saw a familiar face. “Annie!” James shouted. Annie was his long term partner and his true love. She was tied to a chair with a Black Bear Guard hold a knife to her throat. “James!” Annie shouted  “You f*****g b***h!” Theo snapped  “Do it!” Anastasia said and the Black Bear Guard pressed the knife to Annie’s throat. The blood start to drip down Annie’s Neck. “I love you James!” Annie shouted as she closed her eyes. “Wait!” Kurt said and the Black Guard stopped. “Yes?!?” Anastasia said with a raised eyebrow.  “We agree to your terms. Release Annie and we will compete in your challenge” Kurt said with his eyes closed. There was a moments silence before Anastasia said “Good boy! Release the women” The screen went blank and Alannah looked shell shocked. “What is the challenge?” Theo snapped  “Oh a simple matter of the sailor’s five ” Dimitri said with a smile. “Sailor’s five?” Alannah whispered  “Yes Alannah, a simple race between two competitors. A 5 mile run, followed by a 5 mile row, followed by a 5 mile sailing race, a 5 mile swim and a 5 mile horse ride whilst shooting at targets”  Vicktor said. “What? That is impossible!” James said. “Not for the Sea Gangs who are currently not talking to us!” Kurt snapped.  “And not for Viktor, he is one of the best in the world at it!” Anastasia said with a  smirk. Kurt saw it all now...he had been out played by Anastasia and Dimitri. They did not want war, thy wanted and heir. So they came up with a strategy to get one. They knew the British Syndicate’s weakness and they are now exploiting it to the full. “s**t!” James said seeing the plan. “Shall we say in 7 days time?” Anastasia said  “You will regret this Anastasia and Dimitri, mark my words!” Theo growled “Not unless you have the Siren herself in your back pocket !” Viktor said with a chuckle. “Oh God!” Kurt whispered.

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