A Luna's Broken Heart

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“Is there anyone I should call for you? Or do you want to call them?”

Her sweet green eyes held nothing but honesty, as she shook her head.

“There is only me now.”


She lifted her hand and started to bite her nails. It looked like she was getting nervous or anxious, and I feared I might have triggered something in her, but then she started to smile, and the smile soon turned to a soft laughter. Was she really laughing, I wondered, as I looked at her shocked. She continued to do so, until she noticed my strange look on my face, then she stopped herself and removed her hand.

“Sorry, I must look like a crazy person, suddenly just laughing out of the blue. I’m just so … happy!”

“I can see that,” I said, still a bit confused by her behavior.

“When you asked me if I had someone you could call, and I said no, it … it just made me realize there really wasn’t anyone for you to call and it made me happy.”

“It made you happy not to have anyone to call?”

“I know how that must sound like, but yes. It did!”

Was she actually crazy, I thought, just for a second, before reminding myself, I didn’t know her whole story. Maybe she had had an abusive boyfriend or mate, or something and the person had died. Maybe she was just happy to be free of them.

“Well, I will let you get some more rest then. Your doctor said it was important you got a lot of rest and food, so you could recover,” I said and got up from the bed.

“You don’t want to ask me my story?” she asked, confused.

“I told you. You don’t have to tell me anything you’re not comfortable telling me. It’s your story. You tell it to me or you don’t or you tell it to someone else. You decide.”

She smiled sweetly at me, but when I turned to leave, she grabbed my hand. With my help, she slowly got up from the bed.

“What are you doing? You should stay on the bed,” I said, worried, but only tightened my grip on her hand, when I saw she was trying to get up.

She let out a deep exhausted breath, as she finally stood on her feet again. Then her green eyes stared at mine. They were deep and serious, and I wondered what she was going to tell me, but she didn’t say a word. Instead, she lifted her hand and lightly brushed the side of my blazer away, so my covered shoulder came into view. The white shirt was a little see-through, and when it covered me you could just barely glimpse the mark that was now nothing but a painful reminder of a past I was trying to forget. I stared back at Cecilia almost terrified, before I let go of her and took a step back. I quickly covered myself and asked:

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“It hurts. Doesn’t it?”

I just stared at her confused.

“When they mark you and then they throw you away for someone else.”

The happy woman I had just met a few minutes ago had disappeared, and a dark version now stood in front of me. Her eyes were still on my shoulder, even though it was covered now, but then she turned her eyes to me. The green now looked like glass, as if there was nothing behind them.

“I think you’ll want to hear my story.”


Selene tries to return to normal after months of being isolated from the upper-class world, she was once famous in, but being thrown away by the king for a traitor's daughter has made her the joke of the society. A new resident comes to her home for abused and left behind mates, but she is so much different from the rest of the residents … She is happy. Intrigued by the new resident and her story, Selene learns how she can cut her last tie to Valerio and maybe finally be able to claim back her life, but she does not know at what cost.

Rider was presumed dead by everyone, even his own brother Valerio. He stayed hidden, too damaged by his family’s, and most of all his twin brother Ryker’s death. He decided to put down his weapons and choose another way, to save life instead of taking them. Riders finds James, a very important person to his brother Valerio, who had been missing for months, and decides to help get James home, but James is not easy to convince, and it forces Rider out of hiding.

*Book Four*

Recommended to first read: A Bite From An Alpha King, A Beta's Undying Love and A Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 1: A Party
Note: This series is a darker werewolf series not following the usual "plot" of fated mates. Be aware of darker elements such a described violence, bullying and death. -Selene- People were loud downstairs in my living room. I was surprised to hear how many had decided to come. I was no longer really welcome in the upper class. Not after … I slowly let my towel fall before grabbing the dress I had laid out on the bed. I held it up against my body in front of the mirror. It was a long peach colored dress with long sleeves and was sitting tight around my upper body. I quickly put it on and zipped it. Beautiful. I held my long blond hair up but decided I wanted it loose. As always. I found a hairbrush and slowly brushed it. Then I found some small pearl earrings and a long golden necklace with a small heart attached in the end. I smoothed out the dress with my hands, but really, I was trying to keep my hands dry. My heart was beating like crazy, as I looked into the mirror. “You can do this. People came. They’re welcoming you back,” I whispered to my own reflection. I took a deep breath, before turning around. I put on a pair of silver heels, before leaving my room and closing the door behind me. The voices from downstairs only got louder. I felt more nervous the closer I came to the stairs that would lead down to the big party I had thrown together. I had to try and claim back my old life. I didn’t have much else. I needed to show I was still a part of the upper class and I still knew what it meant to be a luna. I was still one of them, I told myself, as I walked down the stairs. I was just about to enter the living room that led out to a big garden, where I knew people were also spread out, having drinks and snacks, while chatting about … well, nothing really interesting. Who had gotten mated to who, who had lost their status and home, who was having an affair with who. To me it all seemed so … pointless? There were more important things in the world than gossip, yet this was a part of being accepted into the upper class. You gossiped or at least you listened to it and smiled and nodded. “Selene!” I felt someone grab my arm, before I got a chance to enter the room where my guests were. “Lara?” My sister pulled me a bit further away from the room, until the voices got lower, and we were out of earshot. She then turned around and crossed her arms. Her deep brown eyes that were so different from my own blue ones did not look happy. She had gotten those eyes from our father, while I inherited our mother’s. I looked almost like an exact copy of our mother. Lara had red hair, no one knew where came from, freckles and a small nose and full limps. She wasn’t as tall as me and curved more. No one believed we were sisters. She was fire, never listening to anyone and always doing things her own way. She never liked social events like the one I had thrown together, and she hated using her time on pointless things like gossip and trying to make people like her. She ran her own show, and she was damn good at it. “Is it true?” “What?” I asked. “Did you put father under Isolation?” So that was what this was about. I slowly straightened myself while putting on my mask. “Yes.” “And you did this behind my back?” “Lara-“ “What happened to ‘let’s communicate more in the future’?” Lara asked. “Those were your words, after the sh*t father pulled that got him thrown into jail and you got me out of the union he had planned for me.” “He is still our father.” “He is an a**hole!” she said. “Lara! Language!” She just rolled her chocolate brown eyes while shaking her head. “I can’t believe you did this behind my back,” she said. “Tell me, do you have any idea what this Isolation means?” “Of course, I do, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it," I said. “Really? You could have fooled me.” “What is that supposed to mean?” “It means that while you might carry the title of Luna, you act nothing like it! You might have freed me from my union, and you might think you’re looking out for this pack, but when was the last time you actually stepped foot into father’s office? Or when was the last time you did any of the paperwork? Tell me Selene, when was the last time you checked on this pack’s members? We just accepted a handful of half-bloods into it, and they need help to settle into this world and pack. They can’t do that if you’re too busy throwing parties!” she sneered. “You don’t think I’m taking this seriously? We need help and connections, and we get that from these people!” I said and held out my hand towards the room further down the hallway. “These people can’t help us. They won’t. Why didn’t you let the king handle our father? We could use his help.” “We don’t need his help. I got this under control," I said. Lara just shook her head, so the red hair that she had put into a tight ponytail swung back and forth behind her back. “I can’t do this,” she said and started to walk away. “Where are you going?” I yelled after her. “Out! I can’t be here,” she yelled, and opened a door that led out to the garage. Only seconds later, I heard the powerful engine of a motorcycle that was being turned on. The sound then got lower and lower the further away Lara drove. She had only just turned eighteen and yet she acted like an adult already. I had barely gotten her out of the filthy paws of a much older alpha further west, and I knew she blamed our father a lot for what he almost did to her. I was angry with him too, but he was still family, and he belonged here with us. Even if he was trapped in a house close to the border, not being allowed any visitors, other than those I granted and wearing an ankle bracelet and more guards around him than I held count on. He belonged here, and the funny thing was, after it was known my father was returning home under Isolation, suddenly more people accepted my invitations to come to a social gathering. I wasn’t going to act like I didn’t know what taking control over my father’s sentence would bring me. I knew how this game worked and I knew how to play it. I had practiced it all my life and I had become damn good at it. Lara, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. She hated every minute she had to wear that social mask. I, on the other hand, wore it with grace. Not that I expected her to understand. When you’re luna you make sacrifices, yet I couldn’t wait for the night to end and the guests to return home. I turned away from the hallway and walked back to the living room. I used a second to gather myself, before I put on that perfect smile and walked inside. People were quick to notice me and make sure I would have a drink in hand, before welcoming me into their conversations. “So happy you could make it,” I said, while greeting people and shaking their hands lightly. I wasn’t the only one with a mask on. We all were.

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