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Honor Baltimore is the Alpha of the Full Moon pack. She has the strongest and largest pack in South Carolina. She and her wolf Liberty claim and mark Dr. Garrett Hemsworth.

Garrett is human, his family and friends are shift hunters. His father knew that he was the mate of a werewolf. He did everything he could to prevent that.

Who will Garrett side with his mate, their pack, or his family?

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Chapter 1
My father stepped down as Alpha of the Full Moon pack three months ago. Now at the age of eighteen, I'm the Alpha of the strongest and largest pack in South Carolina. My name is Honor Leann Baltimore, I am biracial. My father Jay is white and my mother Angela is biracial also. I am 5' 7 blue eyes and long wavy brown hair. My grandparents gave me their hotel chain on my eighteenth birthday. I am so thankful that my parents agreed to manage the hotels for me. So I can focus on being an Alpha and finding my Mate. Caitlyn my Beta, found her Mate Lee two weeks ago. Sonja my Delta found her Mate Kyle a month and a half ago. Tonight Sonja and Caitlyn are going to the movies with their Mates. Sonja asked me to go with them. I'm not looking forward to it. I hate being the only one without a Mate. But I decided to go. My wolf Liberty has been more talkative today. Liberty is huge, black, and has light blue eyes. She kept repeating in my head all day that we will find our Soulmate today. I found was very strange that she said Soulmate, not our Mate. But I hope she's right. I will take either one. " Garrett" I am Dr. Garrett Liam Hemsworth, 6'2 Twenty five, with brown eyes, and wavy brown shoulder-length hair. I work in the emergency room at St. Martins Hospital. Jared has been nagging me all day to go to dinner and a movie. He said it will be with him and some of his coworkers. That I need to go out and have a little fun. Jared is my best friend and an Executive at a small bank. He is with a different girl every week. He is always trying to fix me up on a blind date. I am always telling him the same thing. That I will find my girlfriend on my own. Jared does not accept that I am waiting for my Soulmate. Jared said that I am a romantic fool to believe in Soulmates. But I don't let Jared get to me. I know she is out there somewhere, waiting on me. After about fifteen minutes, I finally agreed to meet Jared and his friends at the restaurant. "I have been having a strange feeling all day about something. It is a feeling that I have never experienced before. But I know that I have to be at the movie theater tonight. I was feeling like my life and my future depends on it. . "Later that evening" "What movie are we going to see? " Honor asks. Looking at the movie titles on the board in the theater. "Bad Boys For Life," Caitlyn said. As they are walking up to the ticket window. Honor is looking around the lobby. Her eyes land on a handsome man. He isn't her Mate, but she feels something pulling her to him. She doesn't know what is going on. "Why am I feeling this way? " She is thinking still looking at the man. "Honor and her wolf conversation" "He is handsome," Liberty said in Honor's head "Yes, he is. But he isn't our Mate."Honor said still looking at him. "True, but I like him," Liberty said. "I like him too." Honor said still looking at Garrett "End" "Honor, are you okay?" Sonja asks looking at her She didn't say anything. About that time. Garrett looks at Honor. He freezes in his tracks. She and Garrett are standing there staring at each other "Honor," Sonja said again. She is still looking at her. She still did not answer her. Sonja follows Honor's eyes to see what she is looking at. "Oh my, he is handsome as hell," Sonja said smiling looking at Garrett. "Who's handsome as hell? " Caitlyn asks looking around the lobby. "That brown-haired tall drink of water over there. The one our Alpha can't seem to take her eyes off." Sonja said smiling. She is pointing at Garrett with her head. "Damn, he is handsome as hell," Caitlyn said looking at Garrett. "Is he your Mate?" Sonja whispers looking at her then she looks at Garrett. "No, but I want him," Honor said still looking a him "YOU WANT HIM? "Caitlin and Sonja yell. They were so loud. That everyone in the lobby heard them. They all are looking at the three women. Garrett smiles at Honor, as he is walking over to her. "Hi, I'm Garrett Hemsworth," He said still smiling at her. "Hi, I am Honor Baltimore." She said smiling at him "Honor? That's different. Beautiful but different. Are you here with someone? "He said looking at her nodding his head. " It's the name of my mother's favorite actress. Honor Blackman. I am here with my two best friends and their Ma_ boyfriends." Honor said looking at him. Honor could smell that he is human. She didn't care what he is. She and Liberty want him. That is all that matters to her. She is glad that she caught herself in time before she said, mate. "Good, do you mind if I join you?" Garrett asks smiling at her "No, I would love that." She said smiling looking at him. "What are you all planning on seeing?" Garrett asks looking at Caitlyn and Sonja. They are standing behind Honor staring at him and smiling. "Bad Boys For Life. Here take this ticket" Caitlyn said handing him a ticket. "Thank you, let me pay you for it," Garrett said reaching for his wallet. "No, no it's fine. Have fun you two." Caitlyn said still smiling. "Garrett," Jared yells from across the lobby. He is walking toward Garrett with two blonde-headed women. One of the blondes is looking Garrett up and down and smiling. As if he is her dessert. "Are you ready to go in? I have our tickets. " Jared said looking at Honor smiling. "This is Honor, that's Jared. Yes but, I'm going to sit with Honor." Garrett said looking at her. But Honor is looking at the two women. The blonde that was smiling at Garrett earlier is rolling her eyes at her. "If you have other plans_cut off ." She asks before Garrett cuts her off. "No, I didn't have any plans. Jared asked me out to dinner and a movie with his coworkers. But I worked late at the hospital. So I came straight here." Garrett said as he takes Honor's hands walking behind her friends. "Damn, I have never seen Garrett like that before. As a matter of fact, I have never seen him with a girl before". Jared is thinking, looking at Garrett smiling. During the movie, Garrett puts his arm around her shoulder. He held her other hand when he wasn't feeding her popcorn, junior mints, or holding the soda they are sharing. When the movie was over. They are walking out of the theater holding hands. "We will wait for you in the SUV," Sonja said, smiling looking at Honor and Garrett "It was nice meeting you." Lee, Kyle, Sonja, and Caitlyn said in unison "Nice meeting you all too," Garrett said smiling Then he put his attention back on Honor. "If you are not in a hurry to go home. Would you like to go get something to eat? I'll take you home." He said looking at her. "No, I'm not in a hurry. Yes, I would like that." She said smiling looking at him. "Good," Garrett said taking her hand. Leading her to his 2020 Black Audi Q8 55 "You all go ahead, Garrett will bring me home." She said looking at Garrett. "You two have fun," Caitlyn said looking at her smiling. "Where do you want to go to eat? " He asks Honor. As he leads her to his car. "What about Big Bulls? " She asks. As he opens the car door for her. "I know the place. They have good food." Garrett said as he closes the door. Once they are seated and eating. Garrett is looking at her. He can't take his eyes off of her. "She is, my Soulmate. Thank God, I finally found her." Garrett is thinking. "Honor, tell me about yourself," He said smiling looking at her. "Well, let's see I work in the hotel industry and I am an only child. What about you?" She said as she takes a bite of her sandwich. "I have a brother and a sister. I'm from Victoria, Australia. I'm an ER doctor at St. Martins."He said looking at her. She is staring at him. She can't take her eyes off of him either. "Garrett, I like you. I have never liked anyone as much as you." Honor said looking at him. "I like you too. For some reason, I hear a but in there." Garrett said still looking at her. "No buts." She said looking at him smiling. He nods his head smiling. "Good" She is a little confused. She didn't experience any of the things her friends said they did when they found their Mate. But she and Liberty believe he is their Mate. She doesn't care if he is or not. All she knows is she can't live without him. "Tomorrow I'm off. I would love for us to spend it together. " Garrett said smiling at her "That's sounds great. I would love that. What about we spend it at my house? " She said looking at him. "I need to find out how he will act around werewolves" She's thinking. "That's fine with me. Are you ready to go?" Garrett said smiling "Not really, but I guess I should go home." She said looking disappointed. "I don't want tonight to end either." He said taking her hand walking out of the restaurant. On the drive to her house. They talked about art, movies, music. They realize they have a lot in common. The ride home went by so quickly. "Garrett, would you like to come in?" She asks him looking at him. "Are you sure?" He asks looking at her. "Yes, I'm sure." Honor said looking at him smiling. Honor mind-link Caitlyn that she wants some privacy. When they walked into her house, it was empty. "I am glad they listen to my orders. If not they were going to pay for it in the morning." She is thinking "Would you like a drink? " She asks walking over to the bar. "A beer is fine," Garrett said looking around the huge house. She picks up a Heineken, a beer glass, and pours herself a glass of Merlot. She walks over to the sofa sits down beside him. "I hope you don't think I'm crazy. But it's no better way to say it. You are my Soulmate. I didn't want to say anything earlier. Because I didn't want to scare you." Garrett said as he is leaning in to kiss her Honor meets him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Garrett licks her bottom lip. Honor opens her mouth a little more giving him full access. He is sucking on her tongue, entwining them together. Moaning as they both fight for dominance. He leans her back on the sofa. "Don't kill the message, but there are rogues in the backyard." Caitlyn mind-links her. Everyone is running downstairs. Garrett releases her lips when he hears all the footsteps coming down the stairs. "I'm sorry. Please stay inside it's for your safety," Honor said as she is getting up off the sofa. Her mother and father ran into the den. They look at Garrett then at their daughter. Smiles come on both of their faces. "Go, we will stay with him." Her mother said wavy her hands. Garrett is looking at Honor as she is running out of the room. "What's going on? Is she in danger? I'm going to help her." He said as he runs behind her. "Wait." Her mother said. She is trying to stop him. "Let him go. He needs to know the truth." Honor's father said, looking at him. Garrett is running in the direction that Honor and the others ran in. He stops in the doorway when he sees a yard full of wolves. Honor is standing in front of them still in her human form. "Why are you on our land rogue?" She asks the tall handsome dark-skinned man. "We were in the neighborhood house hunting. I like your house. I want it." The man said looking at her laughing. "The only way you will get my house is if you take it. To be honest I do not see that happening." She said looking at the man. Garrett isn't scared. He just didn't want anything to happened to Honor. "I guess I will have to take it. Just to show you that it is going to happen. " The man laughs as he shifts. Garrett watches the man as he is shifting. The man shifts into an average size black and white wolf. His attention went back to Honor as she shifts into a large black wolf. Her parents are standing beside him. Looking at him, they are waiting to see his reaction and if he is going to faint or run. Garrett's eyes stayed glued on Honor. Honor growls, as her pack runs toward the rogues. She charges after the black and white wolf. A brown and black wolf jumps in front of her. She bites the wolf neck snapping it. She drops the wolf on the ground. The black and white wolf tries to run. Honor jump at him, clawing him on his back. She bites down on his neck ripping his head off his body. Her pack kills all the rogues beside two. A man and a woman, who wasn't fighting. He is protecting the woman. She looks over toward the patio. She sees Garrett and her parents standing there. He is looking at her. "Damn. I like him. Get ready for the I can't do this speech." Honor is thinking as she runs behind a tree to shift back to her human form. She puts on a pair of shorts and a shirt that was behind the tree. When she walks from behind the tree. Garrett is running over to her. "Are you okay?" He asks looking her body over. "Yea I'm good. I didn't know how to tell you. I sure didn't want you to find out like this." She said looking at him. "You are a werewolf. " Garrett said smiling. He wraps his arm around her waist "Yes, I'm the Alpha." Honor said. She is looking at her pack cleaning up the bodies of the rogues. Caitlyn and Sonja walk over to them. "At least he didn't run. " Caitlyn said smiling looking at Garrett. "We have five dead and two that need a doctor. " Sonja said looking at Honor and Garrett. "Where's the pack doctor? " Honor asks looking at her confused. "Doc is one of the ones that need to see a doctor," Caitlyn said looking at Honor. "Well, I am a doctor. I can treat them." Garrett said looking at Honor. "Okay then, Sonja, you take Garrett there. Caitlyn and I are going to see the prisoners." She said, looking at Sonja "Meet you back in the house," Garrett said as he kisses Honor's forehead "Okay. " Honor said, as she starts walking toward the dungeon. "Sorry about your date being interrupted," Caitlyn said looking at her "It's not your fault. Did they say why they were here besides wanting the house? " Honor is looking at the dungeon "Andrew is torturing them now. " Caitlyn said. "Okay." Honor is still looking at the dungeon. "Are you going to claim him?" Caitlyn asks looking at her "Garrett said that I'm his Soulmate. But yes, if he let me I would love to mark and mate with him." She said nodding her head smiling. Andrew met them at the door as they reached it. "Alpha, they just wanted the land and the house, the woman said. The man said that the leader's name was Tommy Hardwick." He said looking at Honor. "Are they Mates? " She asks Andrew, looking at him "Yes, we didn't have to torture them. The woman is carrying his pup. So the man gave in because he didn't want her hurt." Andrew said still looking at her. "Feed them, put two cots and blankets in there. I want her to be comfortable. Until I decide what to do with them." Honor said looking at Andrew. "Will do, Alpha," Andrew said nodding his head "Andrew let them know that the only reason they are not dead right now. It's because she's pregnant. Also, tell them don't make me regret my decision." She said looking at Andrew "I will let them know Alpha. " Andrew said walking into the dungeon. "Honor have you thought about your real Mate? What will happen if he shows up? " Caitlyn said looking across the yard at Lee, her Mate. "I will reject him. Caitlyn, I have feelings for Garrett, I can't explain it. Liberty even wants him. I will not deny her or myself. " Honor said, as she walks over to her mother and father. Her parents are sitting on the patio. They are waiting to find out about their daughter's Mate. "Where's your Mate sweetie? " Her father asks looking at her. "He's a doctor. So he's treating the wounded members. He's not my Mate. He said he's my Soulmate. " Honor said looking at her father. "You have feelings for him. You are also planning on mating with him." Her mother said looking at her. "Yes, mother, I do have feelings for him. Yes, I also plan on mating with him. Liberty and I both want him. It's strange, but we feel bonded to him somehow. " She said looking at her mother. "We can tell you two do have some kind of bond. We can't explain it either. " Her mother said rubbing her daughter's arm. "He's strong, didn't flinch. He came out here to help you. He's still here, that's a good sign." Her father said looking at Garrett walking toward them. "How are they doing? " Honor asks Garrett when he sits down beside her. "They all are fine. But your doctor might be out of commission for a day or so." Garrett said rubbing her shoulders. "Thank you. These are my parents, Alpha Jay and Luna Angela." She said looking at her parents. "Nice to meet you both. " Garrett said looking at her parents. "Nice to meet you too." Her parents said in unison, looking at him smiling. "We are calling it a night." Her father said looking at her. "You two enjoy the rest of your date. We will see you both in the morning." Her mother said smiling at the two of them. "Goodnight," Garrett said smiling. "Goodnight." Honor said kissing her parent's cheek. "We need to talk in private," Garrett said pulling her into him. "Let's go upstairs," Honor said looking at the door. As she leads him to an elevator that goes to her private quarters on the fourth floor of the house. "Do you still believe that we are Soulmates?" She asks Garrett as they sit on the sofa. "Yes, I do, without any doubts," Garrett said looking at her. "You are not scared of us? " Honor asks looking at him. "No, your not the first werewolf I have seen. I was seventeen, came here with my parents on vacation. After that, I started reading about them." He said "Did you read about how we mark and mate? " Honor asks looking at him. "Yes, I did. Do you want to mate with me? " Garrett asks smiling at her. "Yes, but I'm not going to rush you into it. You should sleep on it." Honor said "You are not rushing me. I was drawn to you the moment I first saw you. I knew then that we belong together. I don't need to think about it." Garrett said cupping her face. "Your life will change. You will have a lot of responsibilities as my Mate. " She said as she walks into the bathroom to shower. Garrett is taking his shoes off, listening to her. "You will also be in danger because of you being my Mate." Honor said looking at him "I know rogues might try to hurt me to get to you?" Garrett said looking at her. "Yes, I just want you to know there is a bad side to it. I will be able to feel and know your emotions and what your thinking." She said while taking her clothes off "All I know is that I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I feel like we are connected somehow. We will worry about the rogues and whatever else tomorrow. " Garrett said as he's undressing, admiring Honor's body.

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