The Single Dad's Royal Pursuit

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From the stories of Beyond Love and Lies and Our Kind of Love, here comes the tale of our gentleman named Mickey.

Andrew Michael, or simply called Mickey by his loved ones, is not your ordinary man. A guy who doesn't play hearts but doesn't commit as well.

Manwhoring around isn’t his lifestyle. But, with his s*x appeal and stunning looks, a one-night stand is never a new hook. Mickey never had trouble with any lady until his lustful night made him a young single daddy.

Alexandria, in her noble household, Lexi in her outside world. A prim and proper lady that her house molded to become someone’s consort.

Rebellious she becomes, she begins to seek her freedom. But that went too much after the night she found her liberty. A stranger left a baby inside her body.

A billionaire in disguise fell in love with a stubborn royal.

A royal in disguise fell in love with a billionaire father.

Their love story isn't easy, for fate tested their memory.

He forgot her first, and she forgot him second.

Will the two remember the love they have secretly pursued?

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Chapter 1- Red lines
“Bloody hell. No. Holy cow… No… No…” Lexi repeatedly mumbled while her eyes were glued to a little white stick in her hands. Two flaming red lines were silently screaming right before her eyes. “No, this is a bloody joke…” gripping them tightly, tipping her head on the ceiling as she sat on the bathroom floor. “This is bullshit…I’m f****d,” Lexi whispered, hugging before resting her head between her knees. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the sob escaped out of her body. “No…” she whined, shaking her head. “You are f*****g careless, Alexandria…” she scolded herself. “You’re one hell of an i***t,” Lexi now finally found out why she had been queasy and worn out these past few days. She’s pregnant. Freaking pregnant. “I’m bloomin’ dead soon!” she yelled, wiping her stained cheeks while sniffling the snots and tears already mixing on her face. “How are you going to explain this to your father?!” she asked herself once more. Inhaling a deep breath, Lexi mustered her strength and stood up from the floor. She faced the bathroom mirror and stared at her pale face. Taking her scrunchie, she tied her long and dark hair up in a top bun before turning the faucet on. She washed her face while contemplating what her life would be like in the next seven months. Lexi had only been staying for two months in Thailand to escape the reality of her life and identity. Two months since she had her freedom out of her lovely country. At twenty-four, this was her first time traveling alone and unknown. She had been guarded and secluded in her own world all her life. The fourth daughter among the five children of a Nobleman back home was destined to consort with the lord of one of the peerages in the United Kingdom. A will and arrangement she had never approved. Her father, Charles Brooke, was the ninth Earl of Brooke. A nobleman and British peer had already betrothed her to the future viscount of Hamilton's house. Since Lexi was a kid, she had known the noble young lad she was promised, yet she never developed likeness and fondness for his haughtiness and superior mentality. Having royal blood was something she wasn’t proud of. Her three elder sisters had to leave their estate and marry their commoner partners to escape the doom their father had planned for each of them. They had lost their mum at an early young age, and her father had sole control over her life and destiny in their own noble world. Since she was the only one so far was on the right and legal age, her father’s eyes were on hers. Unlike her three older sisters, she didn’t choose to run away and get hitched early. It wasn’t her forte. She was more of a prim and proper woman her father molded for his own interests. Lexi had another sister, Lilia, but her father didn’t show any interest in espousing her to any of his regal titled friends. For the last five years, she decided to break out from the stress and impending fate by studying and becoming a professional nurse. She bought time by speaking with her father, telling him that she wanted to make the most of her life before tying the knot with the Hamilton man. Of course, it was a lie, and that was the very reason she was in the small city, hiding after stowing away from her native country. After washing her face, Lexi turned the faucet off and reached for the clean towel. She gently dried her eyes, cheeks, and forehead while looking at her still pale and weary face. Tomorrow, she will have an interview for the nursing job she applied for at the private hospital in Pattaya, Thailand. The city she chose to work in and fulfill her career as a pediatric nurse. She already had a weekday job at one of the non-government organizations' offices. She worked as a nurse in an orphanage that catered to taking care of young unwanted and abandoned mothers and children who had suffered traumatic situations in life. Lexi picked up the box of the pregnancy kits she bought from the pharmacy and threw it away in the garbage bin except for the stick with two red lines. She needed those as a piece of evidence to show the father of her baby that she was indeed pregnant. That their lustful and drunken night created a new life. She exactly knew where he lived since he took her into his home, and that’s where they had their unforgettable and eventful stormy night. A one-night stand that went off the beam and was now giving her a dilemma. Andrew. That was his name. It was her first-ever s****l contact on the very first night of her stay in the country. That was also when she opened, gulped, and nearly finished her very first bottle of whiskey out of anger and happiness. The handsome brown-haired guy with unique blue-gray orbs and a magnificent voice. He was her first real kiss, like a make-out and hot kiss. Her first of everything. It was the first time she had shown interest in a man. Not just a simple man but a stranger, she trusted a total stranger with all her heart, body, and soul by letting their s****l tension and temptation prosper. Their enticement and attraction had rapidly built up inside the bar where they first met each other. Going inside her room, Lexi laid her tired body on her soft mattress. She slowly caressed her flat tummy before closing her eyes as she thought of Andrew. ‘Andrew’ ~~~ “Nico Rupert?” Mickey asked as soon as he reached the restaurant where he would meet the guy Damien recommended to him. “Mr. Ricaforte,” Nico greeted, standing up before offering his hand to shake. “Let’s sit,” Mickey said, smiling. “So what can I do for you, sir?” Nico asked. “This…” Mickey said, picking up the necklace in his dress shirt pocket, “I want you to check this necklace and its emblem engraved on it,” handing over the gold necklace which had been in his possession for the last eight weeks. Nico took the necklace and closely inspected it. A royal crown and a lion’s head insignia with three-letter initials engraved on it. A.G.B. on the other side of a thumbprint-sized pendant. “I want you to check the meaning of that signage and the significance of those initials written,” Mickey said, leaning forward as he joined his hands together, looking at Nico. Nico nodded his head, rubbing the pendant with his thumb. “This looks historical,” he said, checking the signs and symbols of the gold chain. Mickey’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?” he asked. Nico looked at Mickey, “I’ve seen these kinds of necklaces before. I can’t be sure yet, but it’s like an emblem of royal houses somewhere with the monarchy, like the British ones,” he answered. “That’s great,” Mickey mumbled. He vividly remembered Lexi’s sexy and noticeable English accent that night. “Is this all, Mr. Ricaforte?” Nico asked. “Yes, let me know soon what you will find out about it,” Mickey replied, “Oh, let me ask, where did you get this?” Nico added, “I found it in Thailand. I am looking for the owner of that necklace,” Mickey vaguely answered, “I don’t know her full name, and It’s maybe connected to the initials written on it.” “Her name?” “Lexi, that’s all I know,” Mickey answered, “Help me find who she is.” For some reason, he didn’t know Lexi’s exact name, and for his stupid reason, he faked-name her by telling Lexi his first name instead of his full name. “Yes, sir,” Nico replied before standing up, “I’ll call you as soon as I have news,” “Thank you,” Mickey said. Nico left, but Mickey remained seated. Heaving a deep breath, Mickey couldn’t help but smile as he puffed. It was the only memory he had of Lexi. The beautiful lady he met back in Thailand two months ago. He visited Charlene, his friend who had a hard time and trouble moving on after her divorce from her husband, Max. His one-week stay was fruitful when he came across Lexi on his fourth night in the country. Charlene was admitted to the hospital, and he decided to chill out the night after staying with her all day. And that night became memorable and eventful after meeting Lexi in a very unexpected and thrilling way. They had a wonderful time, although they were both strangers to each other. He met Lexi first inside his friend’s bar, and they had pretty much known each other by chatting. The next thing he knew, she left him without saying goodbye. He was lucky he found her again as she was about to harm herself in the high waves of the ocean. She was swaying and waddling with a half bottle of whiskey in her hand that stormy night. He saved her until one kiss led to another. They were both drunk and wasted, and the intimacy and s****l tension they started inside the bar was concluded inside the guest room of Charlene’s apartment. He may have had some one-night-stand shenanigans before, but his night with Lexi stood out among them all. It wasn’t just he was her first, but she was the first who had caught and completed his pure desire and needs. Their moment together went perfectly and splendid but not until she left him alone on the bed the next day. Lexi’s memories stayed with him, but she also left a unique necklace he had just given to Nico to investigate. He so wanted to know and meet her once more. He had tried his best to search for her on his remaining days in the city, but it went fruitless. And his only way and last resort were to find the meaning of her necklace. A slight tap on his shoulder brought Mickey back to his senses. Looking at the person, he saw the waiter smiling at him. “Sir, your phone is ringing,” he said. Mickey’s eyes widened, looking at the phone in front of him at the table. It was Glen Lyndon. The businessman who would be tying up with their company. “Mr. Lyndon,” Mickey answered, “Good evening, Mr. Ricaforte,” the man replied on the other side, “I have already sent the money to the bank account you had arranged for me,” he added. “Hold on, let me check them for a while,” Mickey said, putting the call on hold. He then checked the transaction statement he had received in his latest email notification. Reading the report and checking its authenticity, Mickey then spoke on his phone. “Perfect,” Mickey said, “The papers are all ready and signed. My secretary shall hand it to you tomorrow,” he added. “That sounds great, Mr. Ricaforte,” Lyndon said, “Thank you for trusting me….” “You’re welcome,” Mickey replied, “I will forward this information to Jimmy after this call. I already left some instructions to him,” he added. Tomorrow is Sunday, and he couldn’t do any business job during the weekends, so he asked his friend and secretary Jimmy to hand the documents to Lyndon in exchange for his early out on Monday for his dinner date with his girlfriend. “That’s even perfect, thank you,” Lyndon replied, “Until the next transaction.” “Okay,” Mickey replied before hanging up the phone. Then, checking his phone screen, he dialed his secretary’s phone number. “Answer the phone, Jimmy,” he mumbled. The phone kept ringing and ringing until Mickey decided to leave the restaurant and call Jimmy later. The outside was getting dark, and it seemed the rain was about to pour down. Quickly typing on his screen, Mickey sent Jimmy a short message saying the money was already in their account and he should release the papers tomorrow afternoon. Hopping inside his black SUV car, Mickey turned the ignition on before driving away. He switched on his car’s audio system next and started playing music. Like he always does, he jived and sang songs as he traveled his way back home. The rain drizzled, and the clouds had darkened. He was right in his decision to leave the restaurant early and soon. Minutes later, his phone rang once more. Checking the dashboard connected to his phone’s screen, he saw Lyndon’s name. He pressed the button and answered it. “Just checking up on the papers, Mr. Ricaforte,” Lyndon said right away. “Jimmy got my message already,” Mickey replied, “I’m driving. I shall call you soon.” “Sweet, thank you and goodbye, Mr. Ricaforte,” Lydon bade before hanging up the phone. Mickey was puzzled by Lyndon’s words for a second, but he shrugged them off as soon as he heard his phone ring once more. It was Nico’s name on the screen this time. “Nico,” he answered, “Mr. Ricaforte, I got some good news!” Nico said, chuckling. Smiling, Mickey’s eyes gaped wide in delight. “Fire away!” he excitedly replied, slowing down his car. “It was the Badge of the Earl of Brook in the UK,” Nico started, “An old peerage of the country. A. G. B. stands for Alexandria Gabrielle Brooke, the daughter of the current Earl of Brooke,” he added, Mickey’s smile and happiness were unfathomable. He couldn’t believe that he would find the answers to his questions right away. Fortunately, it didn’t take much time for him to learn about Lexi. Alexandria Gabrielle Brooke “The thing is….” Nico paused, “She’s currently missing the moment in her home country. According to my connections, Lady Alexandria left the country two months ago and is being searched by her noble household,” Nico added, “Well, I assumed that she is still in Thailand and hiding,” he remarked. “Perhaps,” Mickey replied, “Please write me a detailed report, and I shall speak with you soon. I'm driving,” “Copy, Mr. Ricaforte,” Nico said. Hanging up the phone, Mickey once more smiled as he carefully drove his car in the downpouring rain. In the same weather and atmosphere of the night, he met the woman who finally caught his interest and curiosity. He already found Lexi, just like that. Stepping on the gas, Mickey maneuvered his car cautiously and safely. He couldn’t wait to go home to tell Andy about Lexi finally. He hadn’t shared it with her since he wanted to search for the lady before telling his twin sister about it. And perhaps, Miggy, his son, would approve of Lexi once he pursued her. Now that he knew about Lexi’s name and identity, he silently wished luck would side with him this time. “Alexandria…” he smilingly mumbled. Mickey once more focused his eyes on the road. He was carefully speeding on the wet road when his rearview mirror started to brighten and lit. The light was coming from the car behind him. Checking it, the bright flash seemed to move closer at high speed. “s**t!!!!” Mickey yelled as he knew the car was going to hit him. “f**k! No!!” he said as he tried to steer his wheel, but it was too late. The car smashed at the rear end of his car, sending and almost jolting him out of his seat brusquely. Luckily, he was wearing his seatbelt, and his airbag inflated soon after the collision. Mickey couldn’t remember what happened next. All he knew was his massive car turned and tumbled on the road almost endlessly. Finally, the last roll sent his vehicle upside down. With his blurry eyes, he looked outside through his broken car window. The road was wet, and the downpour never stopped pissing. Flickering his lids, Mickey smiled even with an aching and throbbing body. His breath was getting heavier, so as his eyes and whole entity. "God no, my son... Lexi...please, no..." he uttered in prayer. The blood was slowly dripping on his face like the rain outside, yet all he could mumble was the name he had been thinking of a while ago. 'Lexi' xx

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