Showing out for my billionaire boss


I just turned 15 a week ago and my grandmother made sure I had the time of a lifetime. Now here I sit at her funeral crying my eyes out. She was the last person I had in my life. My parents died when I was three and the last piece of me died today. I didn’t know what to do she was the last person in my that cared besides my best friend Kim. She sat next to me holding my hand recalling the best memories of my grandmother.




That was six years ago and since then I graduated high school and me and Kim moved to Vancouver city. I’ve had odd jobs jobs here and there and then I landed a job as a secretary. The pay wasn’t bad but at least I had my clothes on and didn’t have to do anything degrading. Kim was wild and I usually kept us together but sometimes I couldn’t handle her. I made it to the club and it seemed busy for a weekday.

“There’s some money out there tonight” Kim said

“I saw it was rocking but I didn’t know it was raining like that” I said as we walked around the club in our best two pieces

Kim was pulled away immediately to give a lap dance, and then someone grabbed me soon after.

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Chapter 1
I sat at my desk day dreaming as usual and I was rudely interrupted by my boss who was calling me into his office. “Naomi” he shouted “Yes Peter” I said as I hurriedly entered his office “You lost your brain again?! Ah, It doesn’t matter did you make those copies for me” “I did and sat them here” I said pointing to the copies He couldn’t say anything and I could see the steam coming off him. “Anything else sir” He looked me up and down while licking his lips. He made my skin crawl and I was glad for the policy in place. “I don’t know why women want to work instead of stay at home where they belong….. I guess that’s all for the moment” he said waving me out I couldn’t stand my boss but this job was the next best thing I could find. He always mouthed off things like that or worse, but that’s all he could do. Sexual harassment lawsuits were nothing to play with, and none of the bosses wanted that. HR made sure to remind us of anyone making any unwanted advances. Apparently the CEO didn’t play about that at all. I’ve never met him let alone seen him. I sat back down at my desk to daydream until I got off. He never had much work for me to do anyway. I am Naomi Porter I’m 21 years old and I moved to Vancouver city two years ago. I’ve been trying to make it on my own since my grandmother died when I was 15. My parents died when I was three and I don’t remember much about them only stories I heard. I have 3 older brothers and 2 sisters but they want nothing to do with me. They either have their own family or into things they shouldn’t be. My head was on straight until my grandmother passed then I was all on my own. I barely graduated and the only reason why that happened was because I made my grandmother a promise. I was really lost without her but she taught me the skills to make it in life. Five O’clock couldn’t roll around fast enough as I ran out of work. It took me twenty minutes to make it to my apartment by Uber. I had a couple hours to eat get ready and head to my night job. I warmed up leftover pizza and played music as I did my hair. After that I ate and picked out what I would wear, and took a shower. Hour and a half later and I was fully ready in a t-shirt and jeans with wedges calling an Uber. I was almost at my goal for getting a car and hopefully tonight would put me there. The uber arrived ten minutes later and I rushed to get in. It would take at least thirty minutes to make it my night job so I settled in and enjoyed the view. . . Thirty minutes later and I was getting out paying my expensive Uber fare. It seemed kind of busy for a Thursday but I headed in anyway. I went in through the back entrance due to the crowd of people “Hey Naomi” “Hey Kim” Kim Collins is my best friend and roommate. She has been since grade school and we were inseparable. We did everything together even worked at the same place. We both decided to make the move to Vancouver city since her parents were on drugs. We chatted while we got dressed in our two pieces, and headed out to the dance floor “There’s some money out here tonight” Kim said “I saw it was rocking but I didn’t know it was raining like that. I might just make what I need for my car” I said as we walked around the club Kim was pulled away immediately to give a lap dance, and then someone grabbed me soon after. I couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol and it radiated off this guy like he took a bath in it. I hurried up my lap dance got my funds and got away from him as quickly as possible. As I was in the process of getting away from him I bumped into a handsome tall man that had this dark aura about him. “I’m sorry” I said as I looked up I got lost in him I was ready to give everything up for him. He didn’t respond as he just stood there staring so I walked away to find my next victim. I was about to give this creep a lap dance when someone came up to me wanting to escort me to the vip section. I didn't like going into vip as there was always men that wanted to do you right there. They were also rude and just displeant to be around. He showed me the person who wanted me in the vip section, and it was the guy I bumped into earlier. I gladly gave him a lap dance, and I tried to get to know him possibly. It’s what I do with all of the people I dance for if they don’t reek of booze. He wasn’t responding so I just shut up and put on one hell of a dance for him. I didn't really like touching them right off so I did a dance before getting on their lap to ensure I had as little time on their lap. Once the song was over I went to leave, but he grabbed my arm. He flashed me a stack of cash and I stayed and danced for him all night long even after I took my turn on stage. He seemed not to like that too much but he’s not my man nor my father just a man with a lot of cash. After I came back to dance for him he pulled me into the red room. I didn't care for the red room much as I only been in here one other time. You had to be well known and spending money to come inside the red room. There were s*x toys galore in here with empty rooms that had curtains for privacy. Once we got to an empty room he set a couple stacks of cash on the counter and left out. My guess was that he was picking out some toys to play with. I was excited but scared at the same time. He was so damn handsome, tall and muscular. I've never went for white guys but he was fine with a tan; maybe.He came back in with a flogger, anal plug and n****e clamps. I was shocked to say the least the next thing I know he was between my legs and nothing else I remember until he bit me and then pure bliss. I got so lost in him and then it was closing time; I didn't want this to end. I wanted this to last forever as I've never had passion and lust like that. He wanted to take me home and even waited until after I came out to leave. He was very persistent and I should give him my number, but I decided against. I'll let him find me again if it's real. I went home happy and satisfied like never before and I had a stack of cash. Now I could get the car I wanted and do other things; hopefully. I made it home half hour later warmed up some leftovers, and went to sleep basking in his scent. I never want to take a shower ever again

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