The Goddess of Destruction 2

weak to strong

Immortal Goddess versus the self-proclaimed Goddess.

Life for life.

Love for love.

Death for death.

Who do you think will win between them?

What are the consequences they have to face?


All names and places mentioned here were all created by the author herself.



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-EARTH- One day, a handsome man on his 29 with a beard on his chin is inside the luxurious car and driving along the road quietly with a speed of 100 kilometers per mile when all of a sudden an odd creature appeared in front of him, that’s why his eyes become bigger as he was dumbfounded. He immediately pushed the break but, he was too late because he is driving at his speed. He is about to hit the unidentified creature in front of him so, he just closed his eyes and ready himself to bump into it. Whilst, Princess Xerah turned her head to her left side and she saw a car moving in her direction but she didn't frighten, she was rather curious about what she is seeing until it bumped at her. The car quickly got a fold in front and the engine heated up, however, the man inside was saved by the air support bag in front of him that is used for emergencies only. He groaned after the collision and slowly looked up to see what was in front of him but then, the creature disappeared. Out of curiosity, he went out of his car with his full height of 6 feet wearing a businessman suit, and he stared at his car that was completely crashed but, the person he bumped into was gone into thin air, which wondered him. Many people in the area were also confused about what happened to the man’s car but they also didn't know what exactly happened. -ALTERNATE TIMELINE- “Father! Father!!! No!!!” Princess Xerah loudly screamed at the top of her lungs when her father died in front of her very own eyes. And because of what happened, she stood and her true powers came out. — — — Princess Xerah then approached Palato, the God of Non-Living things and Underworld, with the dead body of her father on her hands. “Please, I’m begging you, God of the Non-Living, save him and I will do everything that you want. Please,” she cried for mercy just to save her father from death. “I apologize, Princess Xerah, but it is forbidden by our sacred rule to give life to the mortal,” He shook his head as he declined. “Please...help me,” She cried, and embraced her father who has no life in her arms. He looked away as he is in dilemma whether to say it or not, but seeing her in so much pain, he finally gave in. He approached her, and kneel in front of her. “I shouldn’t have mention this, but there’s another way to bring your father back to life, Princess Xerah,” He whispered directly into her eyes. “I’ll do everything. Tell me,” She replied in a murmur too. “Well, the only way to bring your father back to life is to surrender your power. Your immortality, Princess Xerah. You can ask Father of All if you are willing to sacrifice yourself,” He stated. Princess Xerah just stared at Him because of what He said that she couldn’t believe her ears. Eventually, Princess Xerah visited the Palace of the Father of All, however, she is about to open the door when Rex approached her. “What are you doing here, Princess Xerah?” Rex asked curiously. She turned her head at Him when she heard Him. “Rex, the God of Fire. I-uh…I am here to talk to Father of All about my father,” she answered with hesitation in her voice. “I see. I don't want to disrupt you but, I heard your conversation with Palato. Apologies for eavesdropping, but I am here to help you. There’s another way to bring your father back to life without losing your immortality,” He enunciated. “W-What do you mean?” She queried, with determination into her eyes just to bring her father back to life without losing her powers. “Come with me, and let’s talk outside so, no one will hear us,” He said, and He pulled her away from the door. Rex, then, bring Princess Xerah to His palace. He sat down on his seat while She stood in front of Him. “Tell me, the God of Fire, how can I save my father?” She asked more. “You are the Goddess of Destruction, Princess Xerah, you have all the powers. Except for bringing someone’s life back. That’s our forbidden rule of Father of All. But if you really want to bring your father back to life, I suggest that you go back to past. That’s the only way, or if you want you can take Palato’s advice. Your choice,” He elaborated. “Go back to past? But Isaac, the God of Time, would know once I go back to the past,” She contradicted. “He would, that’s for sure. But with your power, he wouldn’t know about it. Just let me remind you, in every action, there’s a consequence,” He mentioned, and he smiled charmingly at Her. “I am willing to take all the consequences,” She seriously responded, with determination into her eyes. _ _ _ Princess Xerah put down her father on the bed when the door suddenly opened, and her mother, Queen Elizabeth came. “My daughter. Where did you take your father?” Queen Elizabeth asked worriedly. “I’m sorry, Mother. I pleaded to Gods to bring father’s life, and I have found a solution,” Princess Xerah explained. “And what is that?” Queen asked as she wants her husband to go back too. “Just stay here with father, Mother. I will take care of it. I will tell you once I get back, okay? For the time being, do not let anyone take him. I will come back as soon as I can. Okay, Mother?” Princess Xerah replied with such courage. And with that, Princess Xerah go back to her palace, and opened a portal discreetly. She took a deep breath first before she go inside bravely. Meanwhile, Isaac, the God of Time, was having a rest on his seat at his palace when he sensed something unusual, which woke him up. He tapped the floor with his gold stick, and a portal in front of him appeared. Princess Xerah, on the other hand, saw her big self, fighting with Lucia. And while her big self was busy fighting, she sneaked out and go to the mortal world where her father was. “Father,” She called, and she approached him silently. “M-My daughter? W-What are you doing here? Aren’t you fighting with Lucia?” King Zarro asked confusingly as he knows her daughter went away with Lucia. “I am. I mean…I was. Listen, Father, I came here from the future to save you. It’s hard to explain, but Lucia will use you to get to me. So, I am here to take you away, to save you from her,” She elaborated in a whisper. “I-I don’t understand, my daughter. You came from the future?” he mentioned with puzzle visible all over his face. “I will explain later. Come with me now before Lucia kill you,” She replied, and she pulled her father to save his life. To be continued...

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