Holy Domain Frenzy


Survival or Death, Rebirth or Decay, Domination or Enslavement? War is the Inevitable Choice on the Path of Racial Survival!

A young human emerges from an orc camp, accidentally uncovering a dust-covered mystery of a racial war that has lain hidden for ten thousand years. Magic and martial arts clash, dragons and monsters dance side by side, as the feud between humans and orcs spans across the ages. Elegant elves, furious dwarves, mysterious sea folk, and the vanished giants all step onto the stage, as the continent of Beland is once again shrouded in turmoil and strife......

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On the endless vast battlefield, countless creatures were fighting crazily. The shining magic light covered the entire sky, meteors rained down, thunder raged, the sky collapsed, and large forbidden spells fell from the sky one after another. The vertical and horizontal fighting spirit tore through the earth, splitting huge ravines on the ground, blasting out super giant pits, and raising hills. The human race's heavy armored cavalry launched wave after wave of charges like waves, advancing one after another. Even death could not stop the pace of the cavalry charge. The orc warriors have completely entered a bloodthirsty and frenzied state, brandishing maces, giant axes, and chains. They are not afraid of death, roaring and rushing towards the enemy. Giant warriors wear thick enchanted armor, like moving war fortresses, invincible and crushing all creatures on the battlefield. The elven archers fired volley after round, raining arrows that shone with magical light in the sky. They were so sharp that death zones appeared on the battlefield. The dwarf cannons roared continuously, and the dwarf musketeers fired an overwhelming rain of bullets. The violent storm tore apart countless flesh and blood. Giant dragons were hovering in the sky, and the high-pitched roar of the dragons resounded throughout the sky, with boundless power. Dragon language magic continued to bombard them, and the dragons pounced non-stop. Each war angel flapped its wings and waved the long sword wrapped in holy light. The sky was filled with brilliance, and the angel sword plundered life in the gorgeous dance. There is fighting in every corner of the battlefield. In this vast land, there is nothing but killing and death. Life is so small and insignificant on this battlefield! There is only one enemy for all creatures! They were a group of creatures over three meters tall with short curved horns on their heads. They had handsome appearances, streamlined humanoid bodies, and wore gorgeous black armor. Their power is so powerful that they can easily smash the armor of giant warriors with a single movement of their hands, and their shining black magic shoots down giant dragons in the air. Their fighting skills are gorgeous, their fast-moving figures dodge the attacks of artillery and magic, and their glinting blades are killing people in the elves' formation. Their eyes were cold, and they harvested the human heavy armored cavalry in rows without any emotion, and their bursting fighting spirit slaughtered the swarming orc warriors indifferently. The golden dragon let out an unwilling roar, which was the cry before death; the war angel kept falling from the sky, its white wings stained red with blood. From early morning to dusk, the fighting lasted for a whole day, and the blood-red sunset gradually faded. Countless mutilated corpses were piled up on the battlefield, and the soil was mixed with blood, so much that one could step on it and bleed. Due to the huge disparity in numbers, these powerful creatures in black armor continued to fall, the light of magic faded, the sharp blades were broken, and they continued to retreat. Seemingly seeing the hope of final victory, humans, orcs, giants, angels, and dragons attacked more fiercely. They were consuming these powerful creatures with countless lives, forcing them to retreat step by step. Behind these creatures was a canyon, a tall, deep canyon completely shrouded in darkness. When the last black armored creature retreated into the valley mouth, the battlefield suddenly lit up with brilliant lights, red, orange, white, yellow, cyan... Colorful rays of light illuminated the entire battlefield. The brilliant colors merged and merged, gradually shrinking, and finally turned into a huge white mask, like a huge barrier enveloping the canyon in the darkness. At the moment when the mask was about to be completely closed, a huge roar of unwillingness came from the canyon, "You will have to pay the price sooner or later for what you have given us today! This land will never find peace..." This endless roar received no response, and disappeared together with the white light shield and the dark canyon...

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