The Resurrected Lycan


Lycans have been hunted for decades, but Meena Steward is one of the few that have survived. She's the Alpha of her pack, the Steelhead Crest pack. She's unmated, which is becoming a problem because it's causing her Lycan to go feral. Meena refuses to take a chosen mate, no matter how many Alpha werewolves beat down her door. Will she find her mate before it's too late, or will she have to give in?

Lucious has been on his own for a long time, and it's been a tough life. He doesn't remember his family or where he came from, but he knows where and who he's trying to avoid. Will he ever be safe and find peace? Will he ever learn about his past?

Sapphira has never been the same since she lost her pet, and she hasn't stopped looking for him. She will scorch the Earth to get to him. Will she ever find him again?

Join the journey and find out what happens in their lives. Join the Resurrected Lycan.

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“SOUND THE ALARM!” The alarm blares in the distance, and everyone takes off. People are running to the safe rooms, and others are getting ready to fight. “How did they get so far in?” He sighs and runs a hand down his face. “It doesn’t matter now. You two go to the safe room. Don’t stop along the way. Get going!” She nods and grabs the little boy. He clings to her, crying. She runs across the yard and into the packhouse. She has no idea how long she has, but she’s determined to make it to safety. A pain hits her chest, causing her to falter in her steps. She takes a deep breath and releases it. With determination, she goes to take a step forward before being brought to her knees. The pain is crushing, causing a blinding light behind her eyes. Her grip loosens, and the child falls from her hands. “MOMMY!” The child is wailing, but she can’t bring herself to approach him; the pain is too much. Leaving this world was not the plan, but she doesn’t know if she can stay. It isn’t just that she felt her mate die, but as vulnerable as she is, she may not survive herself. She feels the fight drain from her body, and that scares her. She opens her eyes and can see him in the distance, sobbing for her. He’s an arm's length away but seems further with all the pain she’s in. She reaches for him, trying to will her body to cooperate. “We’ve found another one.” The voices and footsteps get louder, and the child wails harder. A presence appears over her. If she’s going to go out, she plans to go out fighting. She looks at the child and tries to convey her love for him. She turns over on her back and is immediately met with a bloody smile. “Mmmm. I think I’m going to enjoy this.” She extends her claws and moves her hands, trying to get any area that’s available to her. Some of her hits landed, but it wasn’t enough to hold off the inevitable. Sharp fangs penetrated the skin around her collarbone. The intrusion was harsh, and the devouring of her lifeforce stung. The more her blood is drained, the weaker she gets. She tries to fight against it and tries to live for the child, but it’s hard. She keeps getting glimpses of her mate and family that she’s lost. She knows she has no hope, and that breaks her. She weakly turns her head to the child, who’s watching in horror. She can’t imagine what’s going through his mind right now, and she doesn’t want to guess. Her heart breaks for his future. He’ll either be slaughtered, or he will live a life of pain and servitude. If her death could save him from either, she’d gladly let go now. “I…I love you; never forget that.” The light slowly fizzles out, and only darkness remains. The child is huddled in a corner, his arms wrapped around his knees. His heart is hurting, and he doesn’t understand what’s going on around him. The only thing he understands, the only thing he sees, is that she’s gone. He cries out, but there’s no one to comfort him. The area around him gets darker; the light that was once there is being snuffed out. He peeks from his arms to see a woman standing in front of him. She has a dark skin tone but is pale. Her hair is silver and falls around her face. She has plump cheeks, a sharp chin, and a slim nose. Her lips are thick, her fangs nestled in each corner of her mouth. It’s her eyes that get him. She has bright red eyes with a yellow center. She reaches out her hand to him with a soft smile on her face. “Everything will be okay, parvulus. Come to me.” He’s scared, like really scared. He doesn’t know her or know if she means him harm. He looks over at her cold body, and a shudder runs through him. She follows his eyesight and takes the body in before turning back to him. “She’s gone, isn’t she?” His little voice holds so much pain and sadness. She slowly nods her head. “You don’t have to be alone.” She motions with her hand. “Come with me. I will take care of you.’ He doesn’t know her, but he doesn’t want to be alone. He slowly reaches his hand out and puts it in hers. She helps him up, and they walk away from the car.nage, with him taking one last look at his fallen love. ↫↬↫↬↫↬↫↬↫↬↫↬↫↬↫↬↫↬ “What were you thinking?! You shouldn’t have brought him here!” He paces back and forth, wanting to shake some sense into her. She’s the Queen Mother, leader of the Crepusculum Clan, which makes having him so dangerous. “We were told to level it all, leave no stone unturned. I swear on Absalom! You're the Queen Mother! What will they say?” “Vocem tuam deprime (Keep your voice down)! Noli eum excitare (Do not wake him).” He sighs, frustrated, as she moves in closer. “I know who I am; I don’t need you to remind me. He's a boy and won’t remember any of this one day. He’s of a perfect age to be made a loyal pet. There's no harm in keeping a little token. If there's an issue with it, they can see me personally.” He throws his hands up and walks away. This isn’t how things are supposed to go, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a chance to turn things around. ~Sapphira~ I’m left alone with him, which I don’t mind. Something about him drew me to him. This may be a huge mistake, but it’s my mistake to make. It's been a few months, and he's taken to his new life pretty well. I wasn't sure how things would play out, but I have no complaints. I sit at the end of the bed, watching him sleep. He turns his head to me, his big brown eyes searching for my soul. “When I get big, will I get long fangs like that too?” I chuckle, and I stroke his back. I move him on the bed so I can slip in next to him. “Yes, you will get fangs too. The bigger, the better. A true sign of power lies in the size of ones’ fangs.” His small arm is in my hand. I gently turn it over to look at the fang marks that litter the inside of his arm. I should stop and give him time to get older, but his blood just tastes so good. “Are you going to bite me now?” I raise an eyebrow at that question. He usually doesn’t ask; he just goes with the flow. I look into his eyes, trying to see if there’s anything off. There’s a curiosity in his gaze but no fear. “Would you rather I didn’t?” He shrugs his shoulders. “If you like it, then you can do it. I’m okay either way.” Maybe I’ve been taking too much from him. Maybe he’s becoming depleted. You have to be careful at this age. If you take too much, the little thing can die. I kiss the inside of his arm a few times before placing it back against his body. I pull him in closer and let him snuggle against me. “Just rest right now. Don’t worry about anything else.”

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