White Devil (completed)

kickass heroine

Jimena Aragon.

She is believed to be the most powerful vampire to ever lived. Why? She is a vampire royalty, and she has blood of a powerful sorceress running through her veins. She is a young protege , who is the king's most prized possession. An heir to the throne.

But then the greedy council want the vampire kingdom for themselves, and they see Jimena as a child who doesn't deserve such privilege. So, what did they do? They hired assassins to kill her, and the king.

Hundreds of years passed, the council ruled the vampire kingdom with greed and instilled fear to every person under their reign. The king and the name Jimena was now nothing but a bedtime story.

Jaimee Zaragosa

A human girl who works for a vampire noble house. A weak yet headstrong human who openly opposes the council. Does the council see her as a threat or a scrumptious meal?

What will happen when a series of murders causes a stir in an already troubled kingdom? Who is responsible for all those murders? People can only say two words.

White Devil

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 Third Person POV King Armeio, the ruler of the vampire kingdom was anxious since the morning. He knows something will happen. He knows that his end is near. He is quite aware how his council has turned their backs on him. They wanted the throne, his kingdom but only his child can sit on the throne after him. His child. The thought of his one and only child brought a smile to his lips. His dear Jimena. The child is the epitome of beauty, brains and power. Her hair white as snow, her eyes dark as the night and her lips that always shows her brightest smile, is considered the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom. Many sought her hand on marriage, but his daughter was shy and rather spend time inside her library rather than mingle with people. He couldn't blame his daughter, born from a vampire father and a sorceress mother gave her abilities that people can only dream of. She knows they only wanted her for her power and position. That same power and position is the reason why the king is anxious. The council are wary of her. They wanted to get rid of her . And he knows they are moving fast. He needs to protect his most prized possession at all cost. He called in his most trusted friend and sorcerer, Helios. "You've called for me my king?" Helios spoke the moment he entered the king's chamber. "Yes my friend." The king said while looking at the huge window. The tone the king used is something Helios knew too well. The king is anxious. "What seems to be the problem Armenio? The last time I saw you looking like this is when you saw my sister's pending demise." Helios said. Helios is the late queen's younger brother. King Armeio sighed and spoke. "I'm afraid it is my demise I saw." The king having the affinity to have visions of the future, made Helios looked alarmed. Only he knows about the king's ability. "The council?" he asked and the king nodded. "They are sending some people tonight. They will kill me and my precious crystal." The king told his friend. Helios looked surprised. "No. We can still change it. We need to call on the guards to-" The king cut him off. "This time my future cannot be changed. The visions I had this past few days is of me dying in every possible scenario." The king said. "This can't happen Armeio. I've lost my sister and I don't want to loose my friend and niece too!" Helios exclaimed. The king turned around to look at his friend. "That's why you have to listen to me my friend." ********************* When the evening came, when everywhere is dark, six figures silently crept inside the castle. They blend in the shadows, passing every guards. The figures split into two groups, and one group slipped into the king's chamber. Once inside, one figure pulled out a knife from his waistband. He quietly walk towards the king who is standing outside the balcony. "I have been waiting." The figure stopped his advances when he heard the king spoke. "So you know we are here to kill you, king." The attacker said. The king turned to face his attacker. "Yes." Then they heard an agonizing scream. The scream of the king's loving princess. They got her, his precious crystal. The king close his eyes and tears fell down his cheeks. "Do it." The king said. Then the attacker, in one swift move stabbed the king in his heart as another assassin pulled his sword and severed his head. Three figures looked down on the king's lifeless body, then they disappeared. When they reappeared they were in a forest outside the castle. Their other comrades joined them. "The king is dead." One said. "And the b***h too." Another one said. From the shadows, a tall man with black hair, wearing clothes of a noble appeared with a sinister smile on his lips. "Good job."

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