The Alpha Who Broke The Rule

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Vander is a strong Alpha, no one disobeyed him because he is ruthless. In his rule, everyone will be punished if they break their old and new laws.

One of his new laws is the death of his pack member if they love someone from another race or outside the pack organization.

The reason behind this law is they wanted a true blooded pack member that will follow the rule of the organization, a true blood will never betray their blood family as what they believe in.

But what if Vander meant to disobey his own rules? Because he fell in love with a Goddess of beauty that he saw bathing on the river? This beauty can light up another war between Vampires and Werewolves. Is he willing to take the risk? Or will he stick to his rule?

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C1: The Beauty
Princess Anastacia Moon of Gold Kingdom "Princess, please, do it faster!" Sab irritates me again. It's been three days since I last bathed! "Can you please keep your voice down? You want us to be safe but your voice might wake the wild animals out there!" The water from this river is cold, but surprisingly it makes me feel at ease. I want to stay here for an hour, I hope Sab can understand that! I tried not to mind Sab while she was holding my clothes even if she keeps on pestering me to go up. I don't want to wear that dirty clothes again! But what can I do? That's the only clothes I have! I don't know if there's a point in running away from that evil Vampire who wanted to marry me. I felt like wherever I ran, he knows where I am. I felt like everything I did will be useless anyway. He also told me that it will be easier for him to revive me as a Vampire if I kill myself! I don't like the idea of me being like him! Also, I'm afraid of hurting myself even a little bit, so how come I will come up with the solution of killing myself instead? It doesn't matter if I am naked, it is much better than covering myself with that dirty clothes again. "Do you think there are people living in this forest?" "I don't know, Princess, but maybe there's a lot of wild animals in here that's why you need to come up now!" There's really no point in starting a conversation again with Sab. For almost an hour, I felt someone was watching me. I look in different places but it's hard to identify if there's really a pair of eyes watching me, especially since it's dark and the only light that we have is the quarter moon. Whatever! I hope that's not a wild animal! "Princess, come here! I light some firewoods." The water felt so cold that's why I decided to stand and get out of the river. I saw how Sab's face finally became at ease. "You don't have to worry too much, we escaped death together." "Princess, I can't help but become worried about you. It doesn't matter if I get killed, as long as you are safe and alive." "Okay, sorry, so do we still have food?" I dismissed the topic, it makes me feel that I'm a bad girl for being reckless. She placed a white robe on me that makes me smile. "Oh, we have this one?" "Yes, Princess, that's the only clothes I have. Sorry that you need to wear a robe from a servant." "It's fine! It makes me feel good knowing that I don't have to wear my dirty clothes again." She smiled at me. "I already washed your clothes." She pointed my clothes hanging on the branch of a tree. "Thank you!" "Don't worry, according to the map we are near to our destination. We just need to walk for about three days to get out of this forest." I sighed after hearing that we need to walk for another three days. It's hard to eat this potato she handed me. A boiled potato is the last thing I wanted to eat before I die. "I'm sorry, Princess, having gold coins at this moment can't make you eat healthy and delicious food." "You worry too much, you are here with me to keep me safe. I am more than grateful that I have you rather than walking and running alone. Because without you, I don't think I can make it alive." She's skilled in combat, she's one of my best maidservants, that's why I'm thankful that my Father chose her to run away with me. I am not a good princess, I complain most of the time. I don't want to get married because I am happy with just me being myself. I also hated Vampires, they think that we are only beneficial if we are young, pretty, and have a beautiful bodies. They also think lowly of women that's why I will not marry that Vampire, ever! "I will walk for five minutes," I said, after finishing my boiled potato. I deeply sighed after facing the river again. My father told me that werewolves tend to build their home inside the forest. Unfortunately, some of my Teachers told me that werewolves are not real. They are just a product of human fantasy because hundred years ago, humans felt miserable in the hands of the first colony of Vampires. That's why they created false history and stories about this pack of Werewolves to ease their loneliness and suffering. But there are stories, that said, Werewolves have been defeated after the tenth war by the Vampires and they run to different places to build themselves again, and after a hundred years they will go back to start another war with the Vampires. "I hope that they are true because no matter what we humans did, we can never escape the Vampires that treated us humans as their pets, slaves, and a product that they need to consume whether we like it or not." I immediately turned my head to my left side when I felt that someone was watching me again. Am I being paranoid? Maybe, because I'm afraid that Vampires are here to get me? "Is there someone out there?" I asked. "For a human, you have a sharp sense." A sexy baritone voice makes me flinch in shock. "Where are you?" I don't see him, but his voice felt near when he talks. "You are trembling, do you really want to see me?" "I'm not trembling!" I denied it, though it's the truth, my hands and knees are trembling. "It's rude to watch me without telling your name, don't you learn that in your school?" Am I being stupid to say that? I heard his chuckle. "You are quite amusing for a human." "Human? So you are not like me?" Is he a Vampire? "What do you think?" I don't know where he came from but he's now in front of me standing so tall!

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