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Calie, is the youngest of the royal siblings. She grew up sheltered and protected by the kingdom, for she possesses a gift, rather dangerous if it falls to the hands of the wrong person.

She wanted to be free and independent. So when she met her human mate, she left her home to be with him. But not everything is a happy ending. Her mate died, leaving her broken with their son.

Years have passed, while on vacation, a handsome young man, an alpha wolf claimed her as his mate. Will she give him a chance? Will she give herself another chance in love? Or this will only bring more heartache? And what if a huge threat arises while on vacation?

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“Don’t touch my daughter!” Liam growled when the rogues grabbed his three year old daughter. “Shut up!”One of the rogues growled. “Your family is nothing but a bunch of stuck ups!” “Now that your b***h is not around let’s see how you can take all of us.”   Around twenty rogues appeared, and circled them. Then the rogue that has the girl pulled out a silver knife and put it against her little neck. Calie, the three year old princess cries, calling out for her father. “What do you want?”Liam sneered at the rogue leader.   The rogues laughed. “What we want? Well we want revenge. You see, your little assassin group killed a group of rogues a month ago. And that includes our mates!”The rogue leader growled. “So now we want your b***h to feel what we felt when we lost our mates.”Another rogues said. “Those rogues killed a lot of people.”Liam sneered, but one rogue slapped the back of his head. “If you much move from that spot or do something, that little girl will have her pretty little neck cut open.”   Liam’s eyes widened with what he heard. He looked at his daughter who was crying. “Don’t worry sweetheart. Everything will be okay.”Liam told her. “Remember, no movements.”The rogue said, and then he motioned his men to attack the kneeling alpha lord.   They began to kick and throw punches towards Liam, but not once he took off his eyes on his youngest daughter. He needs to buy all the time until Camilla comes back from her hunt.   In truth he can kill all these rogues in a flick of his hand, but he’s scared for Calie’s safety. His youngest daughter hasn’t shown any sign of gift or trait. She’s completely human and Liam is hell-bent on protecting her. “Daddy!” Calie cried. “Shut up you brat!”The rogue holding her growled.   Calie cried and then she grabbed the rogue’s hand and bit it. “Ow!”   When the rogue let go of her, she ran towards her father. Liam’s eyes widened and rushed to meet his daughter. But the moment he moved, the rogue leader went to stab him in the heart.   Liam gasped when he felt the sharp pain in his chest, but his eyes are still on Calie who was being held by another rogue. When someone grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, Liam knew what will happen next. He mouthed the words ‘close your eyes’ towards Calie, and the girl immediately followed.   When he felt a sharp pain in his throat and he chocked on blood and gasped for breath, he fell on his knees. “Liam!”   He heard his Queen’s roar just before he closed his eyes. Calie opened her eyes when she felt the grip on her disappeared. But the sight in front of her made her wail. Her father was on the ground with blood coming from his gaping wound on his neck.   She runs towards her father not paying attention towards the huge bipedal lycan mauling all the rogues around. “Daddy... wake up.”Calie cried as she shakes her father. “Daddy wake up.” “Daddy...”   Seeing her father lifeless in front of her brought severe pain in her heart, but she ignored it and continued to shake Liam. “Daddy!!”Calie screamed, and then she heard a loud and heartbreaking howl.   Calie looked up and saw the bipedal lycan looking down at them. Its slick white fur was now red from the blood of all the rogues she killed. “Mommy...”Calie called.   The bipedal lycan’s eyes softened and slowly began to shift into human. Camilla fell on the ground and grabbed Liam’s body and began to shake him but it was no use. Then she bit her wrist and let her blood drop on Liam’s mouth and wounds, but none of them worked. Tears flowed down Camilla’s eyes but she continued to drop her blood on Liam, she also bit his wrist to insert her venom but nothing is happening. She tried healing him but his wounds took too long to close. “No, no, no, no... Liam!!!”Camilla wailed.   Her cries made the birds fly away and other animals run. A lycan losing a mate is the most painful thing to see. Camilla’s heart is tearing apart as her other half died. “Liam!”She cried as she cradled her husband’s lifeless body.   Camilla hugged his body feeling his warmth slowly becoming cold. Calie continued to cry as the pain in her heart intensified. Then something happened to her, it’s as if she was pushed behind. Like she has no longer control on her movements.   Camilla’s eyes opened when she suddenly felt a strong and scary aura. And then she noticed her youngest daughter’s eyes became white. She was so scared that she tried to crawl away but it was useless.   Calie radiates such power that Camilla has never seen in her entire life. When Calie looked down on Liam and then her hands went to remove the dagger on his chest.   All the while, Camilla was just watching her daughter. And when her little hands began to illuminate, Camilla cannot help but wonder if her daughter just unlocked her power. At the same time she wonders if Calie’s healing ability can heal Liam when he’s heart is no longer beating.   Watching her little girl, she was surprised to see how fast Liam’s wounds closed up.  A cry escaped her lips when her daughter finished healing Liam but he’s truly gone, he’s turned pale and cold.   Camilla cried feeling all hope vanish. Yes they were able to heal him but it was too late, Liam was gone. But when a strong energy sips out of Calie, Camilla felt like the air was knocked off her lungs. It was stronger than earlier, and it’s something she never felt before.   Then she noticed Calie’s veins began to illuminate and she can clearly see the light in her veins move towards Liam. She stared at her husband and she can see that Liam’s color is slowly coming back, but when she looked at Calie, she gasped.   Calie’s dark brown hair is slowly becoming white. Not just the bangs or the tip, but her whole head is now covered with white hair. And when the light on her slowly dimming, her eyes began to droop. And when she lost consciousness, it was the same time Liam heaved a deep breath and coughed continuously.   Camilla had her eyes bulging out of her sockets as the event replayed in her mind. Her youngest daughter did not just heal Liam, but she brought him back to life. “Necromancer...”        

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