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high-tech world

Many people believe that technology is more advanced now than it used to be.

As a power armor operator, Liu Yi is one of them... until he suffers from the mysterious case.

He sees a whole town die in silence and the reason is an antique from 2,000 years ago.

They don't die of the virus, magic, or something. They die of science technology that modern people can't understand.

At that time, he realizes, the ancients are more advanced than the modern...


Attention please: It is a MTL novel and we proofread the beginning part.

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1 Night Mission
The weather in early March was still very cold, and the wind on the top of the mountain was particularly strong. The few sparse trees couldn't stop the wind at all. Even as strong as Liu Yi, he couldn't help shivering since his power armor is an early model without a body temperature regulation system. Wearing it in the cold winter has always been a test of will. Even without sighting equipment, he can see the situation directly with the naked eye. Below the mountain is a small town through which the highway passes. It was only eleven o'clock, and there were only a few lights still on. There is only one hotel in the town with neon signs flickering and dimming. The night looks extremely desolate. It was frighteningly quiet all around, occasionally a breeze swept across the branches, and a few scattered leaves rustled. There is Baishou Town. At the time of the census, the number of residents was only 200, so it is more appropriate to call it a village. Although the place is barren, the name is good. The special service detachment of Changzhou City where Liu Yi was located received inside information: At 12 o'clock this evening, someone was going to trade about 50kg hard drugs in the forest outside the town. According to intelligence, the two parties involved in the transaction had no more than four or five vehicles and twenty members. Their main equipment was daggers and sticks.This kind fo criminals originally didn’t need a squadron equipped with power armor to deal with. However, both sides of the transaction represent a larger force. The special service detachment believe they can investigate and get a lot of clues from them. In order to ensure that no one slips through the net, the task is given to Liu Yi and his team. . The team members are already in their positions. As the captain and good at sniping, Liu Yi chose a location that was convenient for long-range shooting. Doctor and Apple are each with three people, one person was responsible for the alert on one side of the intersection; Invisible, Qiye, and Blue Cat were located behind the woods and were responsible for investigation and support; Yali, who was good at close combat, sneaked into the water ditch by the town to lie in wait. Yali was only 50 meters from the position of trading. Once it starts, he will be the first member to take action. That kid has the heaviest task, hope he doesn't fall asleep. The thought of it caused Liu Yi to open a separate channel with Yali, and what came out of the earphones was an enthusiastic report from the news announcer: "After this round of the National Power A Super League, the Mengdu Ali mom team is temporarily at the top of the list. The difficult team followed by one point; the International Archaeology and Linguistics Annual Conference was held in Changzhou, and the vice governor attended the opening ceremony and made an important speech; the provincial food company fire killed many financial personnel. The specific disaster situation is still In statistics, the families of the victims are currently emotionally stable..." Liu Yi lowered his voice and shouted: "Yali! I have told you not listen to the news on the channel!" The announcer's voice disappeared suddenly, and Yali coughed awkwardly: "Uh, boss, you know it's so boring to wait." It's normal for Yali to feel bored. With his fighting skills, even with without weapons, he could deal with about eight enemies, let alone with the most advanced police version of the DPJ-07 power armor in the team. The crystallization of modern technology not only allows him to easily lift half a ton of heavy objects and achieve a running speed of 60 kilometers per hour, but also protects against 5.56 mm bullets from direct shots at a distance of 200 meters. In other words, Yali is invincible for a trading group that only has cold weapons. "Stay alert!" A few big birds flew across the sky, ugly black outlines under the moonlight. "What's that?" Liu Yi stared intently. "Vulture," Yali answered casually. "Vultures?" Uneasy arose from Liu Yi's heart for no reason. "You are right. They look like vultures." "Don't worry, Captain, the vulture only loves corpses, not drugs, and won't tie capsules to its wings to help people carry them." Only love the corpse...Liu Yi felt uncomfortable about the words. "Alright, leave those alone, stay alert, don't fall asleep!" After the reminder, Liu Yi closed the communication channel and stared at the expected place of the transaction. The small town in the dark is silent, as if sinking into a dream with its inhabitants. After a long while, Liu Yi glanced at the time on the screen, 00:12. Is it so late? Twelve minutes have passed since the expected time, and neither party to the transaction appeared. They are late? Impossible, it is impossible for both sides to be late together. We were discovered? It is impossible. The actions of the whole team are very secretive. The camouflage on the surface of the power armor is extremely difficult to find at night. It is also equipped with a cold processing system for infrared imaging, which does not respond to ordinary metal detectors. Several drug dealers could never detect them. Liu Yi still had this confidence. What is the reason? 00:27. It was almost half an hour, and there was still no change in the field of vision, except for the black birds flying in groups under the moonlight. Strange, what seems to be missing? Apple's whisper came from the team channel: "Captain, I can't see anything here, I don't think they will come." "Don't be fool," Doctor in charge of the other side of the road retorted. "The drug sellers are not stupid. It is normal to postpone it for an hour. We used to watch from 7 o'clock in the evening to 7 o'clock in the morning." "The result?" Apple asked along. "I wanted to catch a few goldfish and keep them in a fish tank, but in the end a whale came up." The doctor replied. Doctor is right, the whereabouts of the drug dealers are elusive, but even if they change the trading time, they are definitely not the opponents of Liu Yi and others who have long been in ambush. However, Liu Yi felt the anxiety in his heart keeps increasing. Strange, what is missing? 00:53. "Boss," Yali said in the public frequency, "There is something, I thought something was wrong an hour ago." "Speak it out." "Uh," Yali hesitated, "I'm lying on the opposite side of a family's yard. The yard door is not closed. I saw a person lying in the yard, motionless for a long time, and I didn't see his family members come out to take a look. In such a cold day, I am afraid that people will be frozen." Liu Yi suddenly understood where his worries and doubts came from-the town was so deserted! During the hours they were in ambush, not a single light was on or off, not a door or window was opened or closed, and not a car was started. It looked like a ghost town. Some terrible thoughts flashed by, and he couldn’t think about it. He directly ordered on the squad channel: "The mission is cancelled. Yali searched the town to see what happened. Invisible, Dabao and Blue Cat assisted. Others searched around and opened it. Weapon insurance, keep the signal open, ready to support at any time." The order was quickly executed in silence. Liu Yi himself left the carefully chosen sniper position and walked quickly towards the town. Wearing a power armour, he can jump straight down a steep slope that is difficult for ordinary people to pass.The muscle assist system will absorb most of the impact when falling to the ground. On the screen, he saw Invisible and other two teamates coming out of the hiding place, maintaining a guard formation close to Baishou Town. Thier power armor bathed in moonlight exuding a strange luster. Yali's figure was blocked by the house, and after a while , His voice kept ringing in the channel. "Lying down," everyone could hear, Yali's voice trembled after the battle, "Confirmed death." "What about the cause of death?" "I don't know, no trauma was found. Ah, there was another person lying there, as if, as if he was also dead." Liu Yi quickened his pace. "There are two dead?" After a short silence, Yali replied: "No, many, many people are lying on the ground. They... are all dead! Uh, there are all over the street, everywhere, the sidewalks are full of corpses..." Liu Yi's mouth was dry for a while, and his throat tightened with tension: "Yali, please repeat it again. Did you make a mistake?" Yali suddenly screamed: "Something is moving! White headscarf, wearing a white coat, he, he is walking." "I'll be there soon and inform you where you are." Liu Yi descended to the low slope, and the town could be reached in an instant. "My position is—Hell, that person, he stepped over the corpse—" "How? How?" "He, he is walking towards me. I think, boss, we will meet soon—" With a scream, the Yali signal disappeared, and there was only a noisy "hum" in the earphones.

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