King Alpha Gone Rogue

opposites attract

Everything went haywire when the hybrids invaded the Mystic Shadow pack – the King Alpha had to go rogue, while the other alphas were left at the mercy of the enemies. Years later, the King Alpha Samael was still trying to find his way back home when he stumbled upon a feisty and stubborn female.

Arella Chesterfield was not the typical female waiting for her male right after she turned eighteen. She was going to be the savior of her pack, and the only way to do that was bring their undeserving King Alpha back to its rightful place. Or so she thought. In fact, Arella was on a journey on self-discovery in which she learnt to love herself and more importantly, her alter-ego and wolf Selene.

What happens when they find out that they were destined for each other? Will they be able to cast their differences aside to achieve a greater purpose? Or is there something else lurking underneath that hate and sparring?

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“Sam! Sam! Wake up!” a trembling voice was breaking though the groggy state of his mind as Samael Darhk struggled to find an equilibrium between dream and reality. He could feel the beads of sweat bordering his hairline but was too lost in his subconscious to react. There were no words to describe his dream, only a sense of uproar which suggested a high level of disturbance. It was one of those nebulous nightmares which was only capable of stating one’s distress. “Sam honey. Wake up!” the voice repeated, and this time Sam could discern the familiarity behind it. It was that of his mother. He jerked awake, blinking several times to allow his eyes to adjust to his surroundings. And just like that reality sunk back in. They were on the run – his mother and himself, away from their pack. Their lives were in danger. His father King Alpha Darius Darhk was the strongest werewolf of their pack. Theirs were a very highly esteemed pack in the werewolf society, which consisted of several leading alphas and lunas. The Mystic Shadow pack had existed for centuries, with his great great grandfathers the highest ranked leader as they were known as the King Alpha. There was only one King Alpha, and Sam was the next in line for the position. He was about to turn eighteen in a few days, but something had happened. Something huge and disastrous which had forced his mother and himself out of the pack. Memories came tumbling in his mind, and incensed he flung aside the bedcover as the dark thoughts invaded his mind. They had to leave his father behind at the mercy of the Hybrids. A groan rumbled through his stomach as he recalled everything, sleep no longer a barrier between his subconscious and reality.  He could see everything clearly like it was happening in front if his eyes. There had been a night invasion of the Hybrids inside his pack, a completely unexpected and uncalled incursion which had caught them unawares. His father had gathered all the leader alphas, but it turned out that some of them had already allied with their enemy, the Alpha Hybrid Dorian Walker. It wasn’t the attack which had dismantled King Alpha Darius but the duplicity. Just like his ancestors, he’d always fought to be a fair and just leader, and to have his own kin turning against him was the ultimate betrayal. “Samael, you need to leave from here. I can no longer trust anyone. You have to go,” he’d pleaded to his only son, but Sam had been adamant to stay at his father’s side to fight against the enemy. “I’m not leaving you here alone at the mercy of that tyrant,” he’d supplied grimly between gritted teeth. “Let me fight with you,” he’d then pleaded with an indisputable steely determination. King Darius had frowned down upon him and muttered. “I don’t want to fail my duty, son. For if it comes a time when I have to choose between my pack and my son, I will choose the latter. And I cannot fail my people. You’re my greatest weakness for the moment.” Sam felt like there was something more that his father was not telling him, but he refrained from arguing and performed a curt nod. That was the man he’d admired his whole life – Sam wasn’t about to let him down. “Take your mother with you and stay hidden for two days. I will send someone to come fetch you when things have calmed down here. Don’t worry about me, I have enough soldiers and alphas to defeat that damned hybrid,” his father had attempted to cajole in a grave voice. Now, with hindsight, as Sam contemplated his cowardly decision of running away in the dark, he felt ashamed of himself. His mother Alena must have drugged him to sleep for he’d been restless to go back to his pack. “Mom,” he finally said after finally regaining his bearings, his expression a grim and determined stubbornness hailed from a pure pedigree of perfect leaders. “I’m going back in,” he announced in a tone which brooked no further argument.   His mother shook her head in a defeated shake. “I’m afraid I have bad news, sweetheart. I’ve got news from the pack that things are not good, and we have to run from here as well,” she placed her hand on the back of his shoulder, which he shrugged off impatiently. “I am not running away,” he protested vehemently. “I am going back in to save everyone!” “Sam….,” his mother began in a guilty connotation in her voice which he knew so well, and he turned around to stare at her incredulously. “Mother, please tell me that you haven’t hidden anything from me. Please tell me you’re not keeping secrets from me,” he pleaded by grabbing each side of his mother’s shoulders in supplication. “Samael…” “No, don’t Samael me. Tell me the truth!” he shouted lividly, unable to keep a restraint on his emotions. A sense of foreboding gripped the region of his chest, so hard that he felt the constriction a physical pain. He tried to open his mind link with his mother, but the latter was blocking him. There was a loud rumble which caught his attention, and Sam released his mother to peep outside the window to glimpse at the dimly lit surroundings. Out of despair, they had run to an abandoned warehouse, miles away from the pack, and shadowed among the trees and mountains. It was then that Sam saw them. Hybrids. They were definitely not like the Lycan he’d envisaged when his father had first told him about the half were-wolves and half vampires. Their human forms were distorted with stuffy hair all over their faces and body, with long vampire fangs hanging out from their mouths, and bloodshot eyes. “Mom, what are those?” he whispered in the dark silence, and Alena Darhk gasped in shock as she joined her son at the windowsill to stare at the creatures creeping in the night. For once, her grey eyes were filled with fear, as she grabbed her son’s muscled arms. “Sam! Run! Run please!!! Now!” “There’s no way in hell that…” An animalistic snarl resounded outside breaking the precarious calm, and Alena turned to her son cradling his face in her hands. “Sam, you need to go now. They must never find you. I love you. Go and find the cure. Go NOW!”

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