The Alphas Pet

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Megan O'Donnell was your average 24 year old, just graduated from her local tiny community college with honors, finally out of her abusive grandparents household, and living with a great friend she met along the way.. Gary was wonderful and supported her one hundred percent, he knew her deepest secrets and was her knight in shining armor, always.. but Megan knew Gary had feelings for her that she wasn't sure she was able to commit too.. at least not yet. She had big dreams.. and none of them involved staying here and marrying her college bestie..

But one day Megan's whole world is turned upside down when she stumbles into a stranger in her small town community.. who is he..? And why does it feel like she's met him before?

Join Megan in an epic love-triangle adventure as she unravels the truth about herself and the small town community she's always hated.

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A Midnight's Dream
* Megan's POV* "Megan.. can you hear me? Follow my voice, Darling. You are getting closer, so close now... Just a little bit more..." Megan tossed and turned in her slumber, as her mind descended further into a dream. She scrunched her upturned nose, sighed and took a deep yawn as she fluttered one eye open.."Who.. who was that calling after me?" She wondered aloud, replaying the melodic yet masculine voice... Shaking her head and glancing around, she noticed light peering through her deep blue bedroom curtains...Shoot, what time is it? She groaned inwardly. Megan glanced at her alarm clock which read 7:39 AM. "Whyy... Why does this always happen to me!" She cried out, realizing she slept in 39 minutes past her alarm. She pouted and threw the pillow over her head. Today is going to be long... I just know it, she thought to herself. Megan peeled herself from her white feather down comforter and decided to get dressed. Grey's mother was nice enough to offer her the job.. the least she could do was show up, on time, for the interview. Megan dropped her fleece pajamas to the ground, stepped towards the vanity and glanced at her appearance. Frowning, she quickly discovered a small yet unattractive whitehead that must of popped up on her chin over night. It never ends, she thought as she ran her fingers through her almost white pin straight blonde hair, that did little justice against her pale skin. She shuddered at the quick flash back of middle schoolers chortling "Megan is an Albino!" It wasn't her fault she was so awfully pale, she sighed whilst tracing the powdery blue veins around her breasts. Megan bent her torso towards the vanity mirror as she rubbed the sleep from her dark hazel eyes. She quickly dressed in a tight black pencil skirt, hosiery, and a nice white chiffon blouse. She tossed a pair of black pumps out of her closet and slipped them on her feet as she hobbled her way out the door with a granola bar in hand. Megan wasn't enthused with the job offer as a small doctors office secretary, but it was better than nothing, and it paid the rent. She walked out the door and hailed a taxi, taking in the New York atmosphere on an early spring morning. * Coles POV* Cole was out and about town, handling a few business opportunities before he had to endure his Alpha Ceremony. Cole looked at his phone following directions his uncle had sent when he almost sprained his neck as he whipped his head around. He quickly got chills down his spine as every hair on the back of his neck stood straight up... It hit him like a ton of bricks... maybe more than a ton. He pondered as he frantically looked around, taking a deep breath just to be sure. But sure enough, there it was, lavender with an undercurrent of sea salt.. and maybe honey. It was the most amazing scent in the world. He could literally feel his mouth start to salvate. Ryker's thoughts pushed to the front of his brain "Mate!" Cole quickly pivoted his feet and stared after the girl just long enough to make out her long white hair which seemed to cascade and float with each step. Ryker howled in excitement as he appreciated the women's tight skirt that molded to her hips. "Easy boy." Cole chuckled slightly as his feet started to walk in her direction, as if a magnetic pull was forcing him to follow. Cole was just about to turn twenty in five days and his whole family (especially his mother) was growing concerned about the lack of him finding a mate. He was expected to take over the Blue Moon Pack after his father died, but the pack Elders decided when he was fifteen, that it was best that Cole was to find his mate first, given his immaturity at times.. The Elders assumed that when he turned of age, Cole would find his mate quickly.. but that was obviously not the case... and after five years with Elder Ronan and My father's Beta running the show... enough was enough. Cole ran his hand through his dark black curls on his head as he picked up speed. He noticed that she started to put a little more pep in her step, possibly noticing the stranger following her. She took a quick peek over her shoulder, looking at us dead on. Ryker almost broke to the surface the instant he finally saw his beautiful mates face. He whined in protest as Cole pushed Ryker's far back into his mind."You are going to scare her Ryker... Don't you smell that, Dummy? She's human." Cole pleaded with his wolf counterpart to not embarrass us before we even had a chance to meet.

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