Seduction & Betrayal

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Sierra Ryans has had a rough past but is working very hard to overcome it. She has been a cop with the Klamath Police Department for quite a few years now with her partner and best friend Mack Stone. She is currently investigating a sadistic serial killer dubbed The God of Torture, who just so happens to have his sights set on the head strong Detective. Xavier Collans has been watching over Sierra for almost her entire life. He knew a secret of hers that she didn't even know. He figured that it was already going to be hard to protect her as she is a Detective but now with the added threat from The God of Torture, he would have to enlist the help of an old friend. His feelings for Sierra were making it harder for him to be her guardian and he knew that it was only a matter of time before he would succumb to his feelings. He just hoped he could protect her in time!

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My name is Sierra Ryans and in all my years as a cop I have never found myself in a position quite like the one that I find myself in now!  Normally I am great with details and remembering faces but this time the only thing I noticed that the stranger was tall, slender, frightening and that there was a familiarity about him that I could not understand.  It was like there was an itch in the back of my mind that I could not quite reach.  I didn’t know if it was his scent, which was actually quite wonderful to smell and it called to a place deep in my soul, or if it was the way that he moved.  He moved with a gracefulness, almost like a panther stalking his prey but not in a menacing way.  Whatever it was she knew one thing was for sure…they HAVE met before!  The more I tried to place him the more I got irritated with herself for not knowing where I knew him from.  I had no doubt that I would find out soon enough. “You must come with me!”  The dark figure said.  His voice was soothing and very seductive!  I felt tremors in parts of my soul that I didn’t even know existed.  I don’t know how much longer I can keep my self-control around him.  The dark figure didn’t wait for my reply and before I could react, he had a grasp on my arm and proceeded to drag me along the dirt road to an awaiting car.  I tried to struggle out of his grip but there were tiny sparks on my skin where he touched.  I know that he felt it too once his grip tightened on my arm.  I was trying to ignore my reactions to his touch, failing miserably by the way.  This guy had an almost animalistic protectiveness about him that made it very difficult to deny. I felt like I was falling into a trance, I shook my head a couple of times to get my head cleared.  “Who the hell do you think you are? STOP! You are hurting me!” I felt a renewed strength that gave me enough clarity in my thoughts that I was finally able to break free from his grasp.  At that moment my flight or fight instincts kicked in and I knew that if I fought him, I would lose considering how my body has been reacting to him whenever he gets too close to me, so I turned on my heels and ran.  I am no pro runner by no means, but I consider myself to be pretty fast so imagine my surprise when I felt strong and powerful arms wrap around my waist, stopping me in my tracks! “Get in the car!”  His voice had an edge to it that intensified the tremors deep in my soul.  “No way!”  I was surprised at how my voice came out as a whisper.  I swallowed my throat suddenly dry.  I was finally able to get my sporadic heartbeat to calm, a little.  “I’m not going anywhere with some insane stranger!”  Once the words left my lips, I knew he was not a stranger. He let out a low growl and spun me around to face him.  He peered down at me and could see something dangerous flare in his eyes.  “We both know that I am NO stranger to you!” As I looked into his icy blue eyes, I felt like I was immobilized by his stare.  I could see and feel the lust in his eyes.  I licked my dry lips and noticed that he followed my tongue, hungrily.  He leaned in so close that his hot breath could be felt on my lips.  My body had such an intense reaction to him that I was suddenly overwhelmed by the sparks, that soon became lightening on my skin and into my soul!  My head began to spin with all the forgotten memories rushing back, I slowly succumbed to the blackness that has been threating to envelope me.  Before the darkness finally took over, I could feel protective arms scoop me up like I weighed nothing, I was completely overcome by his scent of Cedar and spice and in the depths of my memory I finally remembered where I met him before!

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