Billionaire's Virgin

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Carrying his child would get her one billion dollars. What? How could anyone think twice to that? A billionaire offering her one billion dollars to birth his heir. She a virgin? He had everything a woman needed in a man but she was only a high school student. She had no one but her grandmother. Having a billion dollars at eighteen would make her one of the youngest billionaires in the world and so she was ready to take the chance.

"What are you doing Sebastian? There is no s*x in the contract..." I stuttered, stepping away from him for a second.

"Well," he leaned to gently kiss my neck, his voice was flirty and I could feel his hard against my stomach. "You are my virgin..."

Warning: Book contains detailed s*x scenes and use of mature words. 1*+ only. Would only recommend if you are into that.

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Interrupted sëx
Ignoring the moans coming from inside the room, I turned the door knob and barged inside. "Fucķ, does nobody respect privacy in this goddamned building?" The forty something bald man lying underneath Nikita groaned in anger. "Bıtch, it's time to leave, grab your s**t, Pablo's here." I ignored his annoyance and referred to the naked teenager sitting on top of his manhood. "What?!" Nikita exclaimed, her eyes popping wide as she hopped off of him. "What is going on?" The old man propped himself to a sitting position with his elbow. I impatiently tapped my foot on the floor as I waited for her to hurry up. She picked her underwear and clothing lying on the floor in such rushed motion. "Hurry up!" I commanded, growing impatient. Not bothering to put her clothes on, we both dashed out of the room, leaving the poor guy with a dropped jaw, and in a state of confusion. A few heads turned in our direction as Nikita struggled to put her mini skirt on while trying to run as fast as she could at the same time. Successfully doing that, she put her sleeveless crop top on and when she felt she was done, we increased our pace. "Double up, double up!" I yelled on the top of my voice. "I'm trying bıtch!" She groaned. It seemed like forever, but we made our way out of the small abandoned building, now by laymen, converted into a 'sèx and pay' store. I hopped on my bike and she did the same. I started the bike while she grabbed the helmets and placed one on my head and the other on hers. With that, I zoomed off on full speed, making sure we were completely out of sight. * Nikita and I could not control our laughter. I held my tummy while she held my shoulder to support herself from falling. "Gosh, we could have been f**kıng dead meat." I informed her. "I know right, that was epic! You should have seen Horton's face." Nikita said, managing to capture her soul. "Who is Horton?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "The old fool I was riding." She rolled her eyes, letting go of me, now healed from the laughing spree. "Oh yeah, him. Did you get your full pay though?" I could not help but ask. "Yep. I picked his wallet up while we made a run for it." She smirked, clearly proud of herself for the new act. "Bad ăss." I nudged her shoulder. She searched her little hand bag for what I assumed was the wallet and scrunched her face in pessimism. "What?" I inquired. "I must have left my panties in there." She scoffed. "Well you do have his wallet, ingrate." I rolled my eyes, slapping her back playfully. "Yeah but those were my favourite pair. I swear I'll get them back." She pointed and brought out the wallet to scrutinize its content. "Let's see here..." She pulled out some cash and counted them interestingly. "Six hundred bucks." She announced. "Nice, what else is in there?" I wondered. She squeezed her face as she brought out what was a picture. "Eww, a photo of his family." "Poor them. Married men are such bıtches." I commented. I had parked my bike in front of my grandmother's antique store and we were currently making our way to the next street to see Flash. He was the bıtch that completed our trio. "I know right." She nodded in agreement. "So about Pablo, what do we do? I mean, we can't exactly run forever." I pointed out as we continued walking. Pablo was a middle-class, middle-aged man who'd fallen victim of our tricks. We had met him two months ago in a store and Nikita had pretended to be blind. We told him we needed a few amount for her surgery and for some reason, he'd fallen prey of our words and had believed us. Pablo had supposedly donated ten thousand dollars to us after we promised him 'our billionaire fathers' would pay him double once he returned from London. "I know, we can't." Nikita grumbled, "and the most annoying part is the fact that we couldn't even put the money to proper use." She deepened her frown. "Don't say that." I slapped her shoulder. "Flash is proper use." Flash was that friend of ours we defined as insecure. I thought he looked perfect just the way he was but he felt surgical enhancement was best for him and as good friends, we were in full support. He said he wanted a gender reassignment surgery and so even though it hurt, and we were aware he could not afford it, we gave him all of the money we'd made from Pablo. "Well, yeah but still he hasn't transformed. What did he do with all of that money?!" She waved her hands in the air dramatically. "A face reconstruction surgery, a nose job, lip fillers, okay gender reassignment surgery costs a lot more than just ten thousand, get over it Kita." I rolled my eyes at her. "Ugh! I don't want to end up being Pablo's lunch someday okay? I love my f*****g body and my body is my money making machine." She said, feeling her boøbs as if they would disappear any second. Although surgically enhanced, Nikita's breasts were beautiful. Every day, one look at them made me wonder why I was born with such tiny tıts. "Calm down Nikita, no one is going to cut your breasts off. What is the worst thing he could do? Pablo is a b***h, one f*****g blowjøb and he's under your spell, I just know it." I smirked at her. Her face scrunched in disgust, "eww, no. I'm never sucking that son of a bıtch's dıck, not in my lifetime. The first I did, hopefully the last, I had myself in the hospital for three stupid days." She pointed out. "But he loved it!" I blinked at her. "Well that's his problem." She rolled her eyes at me. "I've got you bıtches this time." A masculine voice yelled from behind us. Nikita and I shared a worried look before turning our heads to meet the gaze of the owner of the voice. Pablo.

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