Rebirth Of Anushka

female lead

"Kill Anushka, Kill Anushka, she doesn't deserve to live!" The people said.

I've been having a recurring nightmare lately...

In the dream, I was taken away by the guards and sentenced to death for stealing, and my people and those I had helped tried to kill me.

I cried out my innocence, but the guards' arrows went through my heart anyway.

Blood poured from my mouth and I saw a handsome man running toward me from a distance, holding me tightly.

"What point is there in living without you, if you will be reborn, I will be reborn with you, together we find the truth."

Who is he? Why was he kissing me?

I thought this man was a fictional person in my dream world, but one day I saw him in reality...

Note* This story is based on imagination and none of them are real. Do not carry out any of the instructions in this book, this is for your entertainment. Any resemblance to real person living or dead will be a coincidence.

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Repeated Nightmares Book 1
Shanaya POV I started running so fast; I was getting weak; I can't believe my friends framed me up, and they accused me of it; they kept chasing me, shouting, "Kill her, kill her." I wasn't calculative in my running, but I fell to the ground after hitting my leg on a stone; they caught me and started beating me with both hands and everything they were holding. " Please I am innocent, I can't steal," I cried in pain; amongst the crowd, I got stabbed but didn't know who; I held the place, but the blood was gushing out so fast, the person took out the knife. Then my handsome lover ran to me to help me after the people left me to die"Tia."He cried out with tears gathered in his eyes, he was the last person I saw before my eyes went closed. "Oh, it was a dream." I stood around the house wearing my night clothes when I heard some noise outside. What could be happening? I kept on hearing, "She stole the King's diamonds." I quickly went into my room to put on my clothes to see for myself, but that was my greatest regret; "That's Avaya, the one who gained entrance by dating one of the princes to steal the diamonds for us to start a war," one of the boys said out loud pointing to my direction. I could remember vividly I helped his dying mother; I love my subjects; why will I steal and start a war that will cost lives? "Hey, you all must be mistaken; I never stole anything, okay, let's go back home," I said freely. "Don't let her fool you, who knows her next move, kill her," they said, and they came after me; I started running, " Oh my love, where are you? These people want to kill me" I ran as fast as my leg could carry me. I got exhausted, and they seized me and pronounced death for me. I got beaten first and I bled from different places when a sharp object penetrated my body, my vision was fading, and the only face I saw was my lover running to me in tears. "Shanaya, wake up." I screamed, opening my eyes, sweating already, then seeing Reeva's eyes; I got frightened the more. " Holy Lord," I exclaimed. "Calm down, it's me," she said. "You almost gave me a heart attack," I said to her, still breathing heavily. "Oh, another bad dream, let me guess, people, accused you and killed you before your lover came right." I nodded. " Seems I need to change those movies you watch; it seems to be affecting you so much." "It was like I woke from one dream and entered another one again but thank God I am alright," she gave me a weird look. "Whatever, I think I will need to change my keys so I won't have another heart attack because of you," I said to her. Then I heard someone hitting my door very hard; I ran to the bathroom, telling her to say I am not home. " Oh lord shiva, please, I do not wish to hear, kill her now; what kind of dreams am I even having? It feels so real." when saying these; I noticed the pains in the place I got stabbed in the dream. Taking a look at it, it was bleeding; I screamed loud in the bathroom; Reeva rushed to me and said, "What's happening to you? Are you okay?" I cried, saying," I'm not alright,I am not, I am in pains, it's real, Someone stabbed me, get me a pen and my jotter in case the lawyer didn't come before I die, you can take over my room and my silly car, my dog can take the money in my account." "Oh mine, is she having a hangover or what is this time around? Look Shanaya; there is no bleeding on that place, is just the normal scars you have; you told me you were born that way with these scars, how pathetic, what a stupid will, your dog should have your money, now I see where I stand," she replied making a fuss with her mouth. I had to check again and saw that she was right; maybe i'm going insane. " Oh, better be fast, your boyfriend is waiting for you so we can go to school with his amazing car and not that silly car of yours you want me to inherit after you die," she bends her head in a different direction before leaving. I put on the shower to have a cool bath and said to myself, "It's just a dream and not real at all." I came out of my bedroom after putting on my favorite jeans and my material top; a thought said," What if someone is planning against me at school? Let me take a scarf to disguise my look." I took the scarf and joined Reeva and my boyfriend Bhavin. "Hi babe, I overheard your scream; hope you are okay?" he asked, hugging me. " Yes, I am much better now; let's go," I said to him. He kissed me and said," A morning kiss from you makes my day." I blushed. "Oh lover birds, let's go, tic tok tic tok."she added. " Just a minute" I had to give my pet food and some milk before leaving; I skipped breakfast and ate at the cafeteria after the first two classes; I can't wait to graduate from this university. We entered my boyfriend's white Honda jeep as he zoomed off. My name is Shanaya Ahuja and I am from Delhi, India. Still, I study in America, have not been home for a very long time now, my cousin's name is Diya, we don't get along so well, and I don't know why but I love her. She is my family. I have lived with my aunt and husband. I am not very tall but I got the sexiest blue eye balls with long hair and lashes, perfect body shape for a girl. I will be completing 25 years soon. Meet Reeva, my best friend since high school. Bhavin, my boyfriend, met him in year two, and I just like him, but there are some things I hate about him. In a relationship nothing is always perfect. I was told my birth was strange. I am lovely, but I was born with scars on my body; I have tried several creams to wipe them off, but hell no. I wouldn't say I like surgical things. I started having these dreams when I turned 22, and it has been making me feel so uncomfortable. "We are here,"said Reeva. We came down from the car and headed toward our department. That was when one of the first-year students walked up to us and said she was looking for Shanaya; that's me. I remembered the dream, and I became so scared, don't tell me it is about to happen now, please, I covered myself with a scarf properly. To be continued.

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