The Chaos Wars

moon goddness
magical world

Second book in the Chaos Chronicles

Jamie is the reincarnation of the Moon Child, the daughter of Moon Goddess and Sun God. Her powers of wild and elemental magic are awakening within her. Which is good, as the forces of darkness are growing.

Jamie must learn to take her powers to the next level by becoming a weaver and overcoming her blindness. Only then can fight her ex -werewolf lover and the Empress of Chaos.

With the help of her two mates, her guardians and her friends, Jamie must over come the forces of darkness in the mortal world before it is too late.

This book is free, like the first book in the series: His only reward.

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Chapter 1: Useless
“For chaos’s sake!” Jamie cursed as she banged her head for the millionth time since losing her sight 6 months ago. “You OK?” Lux said. He was a human hybrid, he shared his soul with a demon called Loki. He stood over 6 feet tall and had a bright white hair. “No, I am not OK!” Jamie snapped “Wow, you really get moody when you don’t mate regularly!” Lux commented. But truth was he was worried, Jamie looked exhausted and Lux had heard her screaming at night.  “Oh shut the f**k up Lux! I don’t need you to babysit me either” Jamie snap. It was true, she missed her mates terribly. Richard, her hybrid demon mate was away at the front lines with the Elemental Guard. Whilst Eric, the King of the Rogues and Spy master was at the coast collecting information about potential attacks. The war with Thule was in full swing and quite frankly it sucked. “I heal bump again?” Water Element asked weakly. “Yes please” Jamie said feeling defeated as she felt the cool elemental magic healing her bump. She was exhausted and even healing a small bump had become a major chore. “Look Princess, we been through this. Until you get your sight back, I am to guard you! You know Richard would literally tear me limb from limb if something happens to you! Gods know what Eric would do as well” Lux said folding his arms.   “Well doesn’t my opinion count for anything?” Jamie said angrily. The furniture started to shake and books started to fly off the shelves. Her Air element was reacting to her frustration. “You need to clam down! I am not clearing up Eric’s study again!” Lux snapped. “Urgh! That is all I am a burden, isn’t it?” Jamie snapped back. “Well I rather be on the front lines with my comrades to be honest! But no, I am here stuck with you! So suck it up and stop this pity party!” Lux shouted. The last thing he saw of Jamie was her body shimmer as she teleported herself away. “Smooth, real smooth” Fluff mindlinked. He was one of Jamie’s Guardian and a direct descendant of the Gods of the Cats. His large black body was curled on the sofa. “f**k!” Lux roared. ============================================ Jamie had teleported herself somewhere in anger and it always took a few minutes to figure out where she was. “Jamie? What are you doing here?” Dion asked. Dion was the realms lead Arcane wizard and a friend of Jamie’s. “Dion? Where am I?” Jamie said as she felt a hand on her shoulder. “You are in my study! Did you teleport in anger again?” Dion said with a smile. He guided towards a comfy sofa and  Jamie sat down. He handed her a glass of spice apple juice and Jamie gracefully accepted. “Thank you Dion” Jamie said “So how have you been?” Dion said, something was off with Jamie. He could not quite put his finger on it, but there was something not quite right. “I...not been doing well. My mates are far away,  no one knows why my sight is gone and all my friends are in danger and I can help them! I feel so useless and f*****g frustrated Dion!!” Jamie said and she suddenly started to cry. She had seen medical specialists and none of them could find a reason why her blindness continued. Her water element could not fix it and Dion could not find any spells or information. “It is OK Jamie, it is too be expected to feel like that. You are not useless, you still have your powers and you still are the Trickster Queen. You are providing stability to Eric’s clans and I know the Palace is happy to have you around to train the animals” Dion said “You know that is bollocks Dion!” Jamie said “No it is not, you are use to being a warrior but there are many other ways to help the war cause” Dion said. “No, not for me. I need to get out there and start fighting. Something big is coming, I can feel it Dion!” Jamie said worried. “We have three hybrid demon Generals on our side, we are holding our own” Dion said gently. “I know..I just..” Jamie said “Look, you are becoming very fluent Braille and I just had a delivery of new books.  Why don’t you take a few and read them? They will help you continue with your training” Dion said softly. “Thank you” Jamie said  “There is something else isn’t there? Your subconscious did not bring you here just for some reading material” Dion said subtlety. “Tell him! We can’t keep going like this!” Vanth, Jamie’s own demon said “I been having dreams” Jamie said slowly  “Dreams?” Dion said encouraging  “Dreams....they have Raoul in them .....he does things to me and takes my power away” Jamie said quitley. Raoul had been her first mate and the leader of Wolf Moon pack. But when the Goddess broke the bond, due to Raoul’s neglect, he turned traitor and ran to Thule. “Raoul? It could just be your mind..” Dion said but he stopped when Jamie’s eyes went black, a sign that Vanth had taken over. “It is not Dion, look” Vanth said and Jamie’s body shimmered. Suddenly her body was covered in bruises, burns, cuts, bite marks and claw marks. Jamie’s body looked starved, her eyes were sucked in and her bones were showing. The clothes she was wearing suddenly became very baggy, even her hair was going white. “Dear Gods! What the Chaos is happened?” Dion said rushing over to her “We don’t know, but what is happening in those dreams is translating to this realm” Vanth said “How long?” Dion said  “Since both her mates have been away, 2 months. She didn’t say anything as she already feels a burden, I been constantly casting a glamour spell to hide it all. Her water element is exhausted too” Vanth said worried. “The silly fool!” Dion snapped and Vanth smiled before she let Jamie take control again. Dion was busy casting a spell when Lux walked out of the shadows. He placed Jamie under a dreamless sleep spell and she fell unconscious on the sofa. “There you are! Do you have any idea how worried I have been?” Lux shouted. “Lux, stop shouting, have a serious problem!” Dion said in a worried tone Lux stopped when he heard Dion’s tone and looked properly at Jamie. His eyes open wide with shock when he saw the sate of her. “What? I don’t understand..” Lux said rushing over inspecting Jamie. “It is Raoul, he is using a Chaos Dream Walker” Dion spat.  “That arsehole is using a Dream Walker on a Demon’s mate? Does he not know who he is dealing with?” Lux roared. “Of course, you are a exceedingly skilled Dream-walker! Is that why Richard chose you to stay with her?” Dion said. “Eric and him sensed something was wrong, but did not know what” Lux admitted “Are you going to tell Richard? I can’t inform Eric, he is deep under cover” Dion said. “I am going to do more then that, we are going to set a little trap for Raoul” Lux said with a smirk. “Good, because I don’t think she can take much more!” Dion said as blood started to trickle out of Jamie’s nose.

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