The Runaway Hybrid King


Aries Greenwood is the bodyguard. Well, his birth name is Aarini Valerious, and not only was he royalty, but he's also an alpha from the Silver moon pack.

After being blamed for his father's death, Aries was banished from their kingdom and his brother Apollo sentenced him to death. His brother, all because he wanted the seat on the throne.

That was 2 years ago and Aries left Europe and gotten settled in North America where he landed a job as a bodyguard. His boss was a rich designer who was different from everyone he's met before. Her personality was so bubbly, she was always happy, she was sweet, and he found her really attractive, but he promised himself not to fall for her. That wasn't a part of his plan.

Dianna Hendrix is a fashion designer. She has been following this dream since she was 15 years old and didn't expect it to flourish 13 years later.

After her playboy boyfriend broke up with her for a business associate of hers, Dianna became devastated. As her bodyguard, Aries is meant to always have her back. Always keep her safe. The two were always professional until one night when Dianna got drunk after an emotional breakdown.

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Author's Note And Character Introduction
Author's Note Hello everyone. I've decided to write another werewolf novel. This time it is a bit different because it consists of 'chosen mates from a Royalty family'. This is about a hybrid king who was banished from his country after he was allegedly framed by his half-brother for their father's death. Aries's birth name is Aarini Valerious but after he ran away, he started using his father's first name and a random last name. In the story, he will be referred to as Aries and occasionally by his birth name 'Aarini'. Aries and Apollo are half-brothers. Aries's mother died two years-to his knowledge after he was born and then after two years, Aries's dad remarried and a year after that, Apollo was born on Aries's 5th birthday. ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ ☆ Main Characters ☆ # 1) Name: Dianna Hendrix Age: 28 years old Date of Birth: November 14 Height: 5'8 Occupation: Fashion Designer/CEO Role: Aries love interest/Mate and boss. Description/Appearance: Waist-length brown hair, dark gray eyes, dimpled smile, buttoned nose. Dianna is always happy. Always wore a smile. She is a kind person and unlike most bosses, she is really understanding and caring. Her employees love her. Whenever she feels her patience tested, she can get really scary. She is loyal, faithful, and very spontaneous. # 2) Name: Aries Greenwood Age: 30 years old Date Of Birth: January 21 Height: 6'5 Occupation: Bodyguard Species: Hybrid (Werewolf and Vampire) Role: Dianna's bodyguard and Hybrid King. Description: Dyed-Blonde hair, blue eyes, stubble, muscular frame. Aries was a very kind and caring person until his brother kicked him out of their country. He became cold towards most people and hasn't smiled genuinely since. He is very quiet and always keeps people wondering. He's known to be a good man. ♡ Side Characters ♡ Name: Michael Hendrix Age: 49 years old Date Of Birth: May 5th Height: 6'0 Occupation: Retired Bodyguard Role: Dianna and Jordan's Uncle Description: Short gray hair, brown eyes, groomed beard, fit figure, jovial but very strict when it comes to his family. Name: Apollo Valerious Age: 25 years old Date Of Birth: January 21 Height: 6'3 Occupation: King Of Europe Species: Werewolf Role: Aries' little brother Description: Brown wavy hair, gray eyes, muscled frame. Name: Evalyn Hendrix Age: 52 years old Date Of Birth: September 11th Height: 5'7 Occupation: Resigned Doctor Role: Dianna and Jordan's mom Description: short brown hair with specs of gray, green eyes and a curvy yet plump figure. Name: Jordan Hendrix Age: 22 years old Date Of Birth: January 3 Height: 6'1 Occupation: Model Role: Dianna's brother Description: Brown hair, muscular frame, hazel eyes and High cheekbones. Name: Callum Hendrix Age: 56 years old Date Of Birth: August 29th Height: 6'2 Occupation: Businessman Role: Hendrix Siblings Dad Description: Slim built, dark brown hair with specs of gray hairs, hazel eyes and a neatly trimmed beard. Name: Chadrick Evanson Age: 29 years old Date Of Birth: April 1st Height: 6'1 Occupation: Rich Club Owner Role: Dianna's Boyfriend Description: Sandy blonde hair, gray eyes, slim but muscled built. Name: Jessica Scott Age: 25 years old Date Of Birth: - Height: 5'9 Occupation: Model Role: Chad's Mistress Description: Strawberry blonde hair, emerald eyes, hourglass figure. Name: Freya Petrova Age: 149 years old Date Of Birth: June 19th Height: 5'7 Occupation: - Species: Vampire- Day walker Role: Aries Birth mother ❊❊❊❊❊Dianna’s Friends Name: Carlyssa Gonzalez (Carly/Carls) Age: 28 years old Height: 5’7 Occupation: Wedding Planner Name: Mellyssa Gonzalez Age: 28 years old Height: 5’6 Occupation: Lawyer Name: Claire Guintoli Age: 27 years old Height: 5’5 Occupation: Veterinarian Name: Ava Christian Age: 29 years old Height: 5’10 Species: Werewolf Occupation: Federal Agent Mated to: - ✫✫✫✫✫Aries/Aarini’s Friends (Back Home) Name: Lucas Thomas Corvin Age: 29 years old Height: 6'2 Occupation: - Species: Werewolf Mated to: Luna Capri Name: Maxim Daniel Corvin Age: 30 years old Height: 6'3 Species: Werewolf Occupation:- Mated to: Sofia Rossi Name: Sonya Jane Corvin Age: 21 years old Height: 5'5 Occupation:- Mated to: Jordan Hendrix Name: Sofia Rossi Age: 27 years old Height: 5'6 Occupation: An Accountant Role: She is Aries' first and only friend he made in the United States. She lives next door to him. She found out that he is a werewolf and has been keeping his secret which brought them closer together. ☆ ☆ ∞ Some Mentioned Side Characters ∞ # 1) Jaide Valerious Petrova -19 years old (Hybrid) # 2) Aries 'Amis' Valerious- 107 years old (Werewolf) # 3) Rachael Valerious- 49 years old (Werewolf) #4) Sergei- 28 years old (Bodyguard) #5) Raynor- 35 years old (Driver) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Other Characters will be mentioned in the story so please keep a lookout. I hope you guys will enjoy this story while I write. Werewolf novels are a bit out of my comfort zone but I am willing to take a chance. I'm aware of how my previous books turned out but the more I write, the more I learn. I hope you all enjoy who's journey with me. Thank you and Love you all?❤ ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~~•~•~•~

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