Princess Charming

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Mabel is a hopeless romantic, desperate to find love. She's been through it all in her quest to search for her soulmate. Dramatic dates, crazy exes, obsessive lovers just to name a few.

After the chaos, she almost gives up in the dating department. This is until she meets an outstanding man. He's not like the rest. Little does she know that he's not what he seems. This relationship leads to a shocking discovery. She realises what she's been searching for has been standing right in front of her.

It was closer than she thought....

☆ Princess Charming ☆

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MABEL Axel is late. This is our third date and he's late. The two times we've gone on a date, he's never been late. Infact, he's usually here a couple of minutes earlier before I arrive. But today is different. I've been calling him. He's not picking. Texting him. He doesn't reply. It's been fifteen minutes. I'm starting to get worried as I glance around the plush restaurant, hoping for a sight of Axel. Right that minute, the glass doors open. Axel. Butterflies burst in my stomach as I stare at how perfect he looks in that gray ironed suit, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He scans the restaurant until his eyes meet mine. His beautiful blue eyes. His face breaks into a big smile at my sight and I can't help but blush. He walks gracefully to the table and plants a sweet kiss on my brow. "I'm an asshole." He hands me the red roses. "I'll take whatever punishment for my crime, your highness." Axel finally takes a seat and sighs. "I'm so ashamed for being late on our date." I stretch my hand towards his and squeeze it. "Hey. It's fine. Really." "I still feel horrible." "Atleast you're here... that's what matters." He runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "So, you won't believe what happened!" "What happened?" "I had a meeting with a client and it took longer than I had expected. I was to call and cancel the date but I thought of the pain I would go through not seeing you. So I left the meeting a bit earlier and on my way here, traffic was the f*****g devil! And even worse, my phone got snatched through the car window as I was texting you." That explains why he wasn't picking up and replying my texts. "But I still deserve to be punished, your highness." I grin at him. "Kings don't get punished," I say. "You are forgiven, my lord." A sweet smile stretches on those lips that I want to kiss so bad. "God! Where were you my whole life? I wish I met you sooner..." I titter. "Maybe you'd have dumped me by now." Like all those assholes I have dated before. "Who would be stupid enough to let you go?" The waiter cuts the conversation short. I almost scream on seeing his face. Breaker? My ex? He's now a waiter? He's just as startled as I am when he sees me. The stupid shitty asshole! His lips draw into a crooked smile. "What will you have ma'am?" Breaker hands over the menu to me, completely ignoring Axel's presence. I'm so shook after seeing my ex when I'm on a date with my fiancé. I can't even speak. What the f**k is wrong with me! I hand over the menu to Axel and force a smile, trying to act cool, calm and collected. Axel takes the menu and says, "Some veggies, roasted pork and red wine." "And you, ma'am?" Breaker's eyes don't leave mine for a second. I fake a smile. "I'll have the same." I silently sigh in relief when my ex leaves. Axel gazes at me, his eyes glittering with delight. "That guy was f*****g you raw with his eyes right in front of me. And honestly, I don't blame him. Who wouldn't?" So he noticed? Axel adds. "You're hotter than the sun, baby." I roll my eyes. "Why don't you believe me though? You know what, stand up, go to the washroom and look at the mirror and see if I'm lying." Axel makes me feel so good about myself. I've known him for a month now but it feels like we've known each other for a lifetime. He gets me. And I get him. We're like kindred spirits. And as if his personality isn't good enough, he's handsome as hell on the outside. Perfect face. Perfect body. Wealthy as hell. Owns a business company. Owns multiple cars. I've not been to his house yet since he lives in a different town but he has shown me pictures and damn! A plush glassy mansion that's too big for one person... Who knows... he might just ask me to move in with him one of these fine days. And then he'll marry me. And we'll make a beautiful family and live happily ever after. Oh God! It's like... It's like my dream finally came true... I found my prince charming. Now all that's left is a ring... A wedding ring. I already have an engagement ring. Axel already proposed with a diamond ring. Yes, within a month! I know it sounds crazy but we're inlove and can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. Now, this is what I wanted. He's all I ever wanted! "That blue dress looks perfect on you. Wait, is there anything that doesn't look good on you? Even rags would look chic on you." Axel keeps flattering me and I can't stop rolling my eyes and giggling. Breaker resumes the table with a tray in his hand. He serves me the food, that cocky grin still stuck on his face. As Breaker serves me, he passes a crumpled piece of paper which is written, I look a million times better than him! He's a downgrade from me! Ew! He's a warthog! I flare up and glare at him. "You are the warthog, Breaker!" Oh God! I snapped. "What?" Axel asks in surprise and confusion. Breaker smirks. He's enjoying this. "It's... it's..." I stutter. "It's him! He keeps staring at me and it's uncomfortable." Axel buys that lie and glares at him. "Get lost, dude! Before I get your ass fired!" Breaker sneers at the both of us before he flees from our table. "Such a creep!" Axel shakes his head after he leaves. I sigh when my ex is out of sight. I don't want Axel to find out that Breaker is my ex. Who would be proud to say they dated such a creep? Axel dishes into the meal and I'm scared it might be poisoned. I don't trust Breaker. At all! He's done some pretty crazy stuff in the past... "Eat your food, darling," Axel says sweetly, pulling me from my thoughts. I force myself to eat, pushing the thought aside. The food is actually scrumptious. "So!" Axel chews his food. "What's your dream destination?" I giggle. Perhaps he wants us to fly to some exotic and exquisite place where it's just the two of us. "Seychelles." "In Africa?" I nod. "Yeah, I just love the sunny weather. The sandy beaches. The blue ocean. It's always been my dream to go there with someone I love." And now I found someone I love. Axel stares at me and clasps his hands on his chin. "And you know what my dream destination is." He pauses with a grin. "Wherever you are." My heart leaps at his words, his blue eyes sinking into mine. This feels like something from a novel. "I want you to be mine, Mabel," he says. "Only mine." And there's nothing I want more than to be his. All his. The doors burst open loudly that everyone looks in the direction. It's two grown women. One is tall and slender and the other, short and plump. They both look furious! The women storm in and start looking for something... Someone... For some reason, their eyes stop at our table and they bolt towards us. Axel has his head bowed down as if he's trying to hide. What the f**k is happening! "You man w***e!" The plump woman screams as she pounces on Axel, slapping and punching him continously. "So this is the job interview you were going to on a f*****g Sunday? Huh!!!!" I'm in a complete daze, my heart hammering against my chest. What the hell is going on? The plump woman slaps Axel again. "We struggle to save money for our babies and you take out cheap w****s like these on dates with our savings!" She roars. She scowls at me and tears apart the roses furiously. She throws the pieces to my face. "Ugly slut!" The woman turns to Axel and pours all the food on his face and his expensive gray suit. "You ungrateful useless piece of s**t! After all that I've done for you! For us! For our family!" The woman is crying hilariously like a child, tired of beating up... her husband? Who was my fiancé just before they stormed in. I can't believe this! She has caused a scene and the customers are staring, some of them recording all the drama for the world to get entertained too. God! No! The slender woman that has been inciting her friend to beat up her husband suddenly turns to me. She has this evil smile as she moves closer to me. She takes the two glasses of wine and spatters all the wine on my face. "You home-wrecking w***e!" She proceeds to dump food on my head, messing up my hair. "Burn in hell b***h!!!" Welcome to the story of my life!!!!

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