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Prince Julius de Ephalerith lost everything on the day where he would come of age. His father was murdered right before him, his mother's whereabouts were made unknown, and his best friend nearly died while protecting him.

All of this was caused by his half-brother who greedily wanted the throne of the empire that he didn't even want.

Having luckily survived, Julius is given the power to change everything, including his fate... and through this power, he soon discovers what he actually is...

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In the middle of a desolate wasteland, a small dome of light suddenly appeared. “Urgh!” A young man suddenly emerged from within the light dome. Being teleported suddenly, he was still in a state of disorientation. However, he was extremely bloodied and injured. There were a few stab wounds on his body but he wasn’t hit anywhere fatal. The young man walked forward a few paces before falling to his knees. His breathing was rough as he looked down on his bloodied pair of hands. “What…” A sharp pain entered his head in the next moment as he heard numerous voices**** voices******** inside his head incessantly. Every word and sentence was all jumbled up and mixed as if there were hundreds, thousands, of people talking inside his head. “Stop! Make it stop!” The young man cried as he gripped his head in agony. The voices continued getting louder and it felt like his brain was being ripped to shreds. “My Lord...are you okay?” A feeble voice called out to him. Unlike the other voices in his head which sounded like his, this voice sounded different. The young man recognized this voice, however. It was the voice of his maid***, it was the voice of his sister, the one who raised him from a young age. One of the very few precious people in his life. The young man quickly turned around but the pain from his injuries and his head kicked in and he nearly toppled over. “E-Eisha? What*” He quickly spotted his maid and saw something very appalling. It was that of a young woman’s body, bloodied and injured, with a few of her limbs dismembered. “Eisha!” Fighting off the pain from his body and mind, the young man quickly rushed over to his maid’s side. He quickly picked her up gently into his arms, tears streaming down his face. “Wh-what happened?! Why***!” The pain in his head began kicking in again and memories began flowing into his brain. Due to the massive pain, he felt earlier, the young man had forgotten the events that had just transpired a few moments ago. “You shall be the next Emperor. Lead the people towards a brighter future*” “Trash!” “The trash prince is here!” “Look everyone, the next “sun” of the Empire!” “The traitor who poisoned the Emperor!” “Kill him!” The young man saw images of a kind-faced middle-aged man telling him something before it was suddenly cut off by images of random people cursing at him and even wishing him dead. He couldn’t understand how he earned such hatred but he slowly began to recall his life. A crown prince of an Empire, but despite being a prince, he was despised and ridiculed by the very people he was supposed to lead as a useless piece of trash. A prince who was undeserving of his name, status, and title, that’s what everyone knew him as. He saw the hatred and disgust present in the eyes of the people in his memories and it was like a blade that slowly pushed its way into his mind. The images changed and this time, he saw a few knights impaling the middle-aged man he saw earlier. That man was the Emperor, Francis Charles de Ephalerith, a nobleman who was a wise ruler as well as a powerful warrior.  Right now, that man was being impaled by multiple weapons by the very people that swore to protect him. “Why?” “I’m sorry brother...but you and father were in the way…” “Prince Julius, please… you have to escape, and live!” The last thing he saw was his maid blocking the way of the multiple blades that were aimed at him with her body before the images suddenly cut off. “Julius de Ephalerith… my name…” Julius mumbled to himself. The pain and voices in his head were slowly dissipating. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be said the same for the pain from his body. The injuries he received weren’t fatal, but they were still severe and if he let them be, he’d soon die of blood loss.  However, there was something more pressing than his own injuries, and that was the dying young woman in his arms. From her condition, there was just no way to keep her alive. Julius tried to look around, however, he was currently stranded in the middle of a wasteland. There was nothing and nobody around that he could help him save the young woman in his arms. Eisha, the dying young maid, feebly called out to her lord, “Prince…”  Julius grabbed a hold of the remaining hand that was still attached to the young lady’s body which was trying to reach out to him and said, “Eisha, please don’t talk! Save your strength!” “Prince...live...well…” Julius could tell, the maid was already on her last legs. All of her limbs except for one arm had been cut off and she was bleeding profusely. There were multiple stab wounds on her body and even her chest was pierced through. “Help! Someone, anyone! Please help!” “Save her, please save her!!!” “Please! Please…!” Even if there was someone, there was just no saving the maid. Her injuries were too severe. Not even the best priest with their powerful healing magic or the greatest doctor in the world would be able to pull the young woman out of death’s embrace. However, something did answer Julius’s cries. [Do you want to save her?] “?” [Do you want to save the girl?] Julius began looking around but didn’t see anyone. The voice continued repeating the same words in his head when he finally noticed, the voice sounded just like him. [Do you want to save the girl?] “Yes! Save her, please save her!” [Will you accept this power?] “I accept! I’ll accept anything! Just save her, please!” [Granted] A sharp pain suddenly appeared once more in his head. Unlike the last time, however, the pain he was feeling was due to the massive amount of information flowing into his brain. [Assimilation of the Consciousness has been completed.] After hearing the voice echo in his head once more, the pain began subsiding. When the pain finally disappeared, Julius was able to think straight again and he immediately knew what he had to do to save his maid, Eisha. Julius reached into one of the wounds on his body and pulled out a small bit of his flesh. He grimaced in pain but it had to be done for the power he was going to use required a sacrifice. “[Create: Hatchery].” With his piece of flesh as tribute, Julius used the unknown power he received to create a flesh sac. It had formed on the ground where he placed his flesh on and it looked like a bug’s egg sac. He placed the maid on top of the flesh sac and Eisha began sinking into the sac until she disappeared underneath. [Readjusting the Successor’s consciousness and assimilating the soul.] After hearing those words. Julius immediately blacked out.

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