Manual of the Monster in City

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The monsters exist, and most people can't see them.

But I can.

Some of them are ghosts, some of them are spirits, and some of them are fairies.

So I write the manual, for me, for them, and for you.


Attention please: It is a MTL novel and we proofread the beginning part.

Release rate: 5 chapters per week

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1 I may be a fake Qingming
——Have you heard of that place? ——What place? ——There is a shop where wishes come true, any wish... as long as you can afford it. ——Eh? Is that an urban legend? Indeed, there are urban legends everywhere. Some people encounter terrible things, and then some people turn these things' existence, will, form, and sometimes just a sense of fear, all into illusory urban legends, and convey them to others. ——However, you must use your most precious possession in exchange for the deepest desire of obsession. Mr. Qingming, are you sure you want to... exchange? **** Lightning flashed across the gloomy sky. For a moment, it was bright as day, showing the abandoned temple gloomy. Behind the old furniture in the old house, the shadow looked like a monster breathing. Just in time for the stormy night, Jia Qingming was living in such a ruined temple that had been uninhabited for a long time. Although he was exhausted, Jia Qingming could not sleep for a long time. There was a faint feeling of anxiety in his heart. Although the temple should be a holy area, he heard many horror stories that happened in the temple. This kind of old house with a courtyard would have been particularly gloomy once unoccupied for a long time, Besides, it is still a thunderstorm night. He lay on one side on the bed, staring at the old closet in the corner. In the moth-eaten wood gap with peeling paint, there seemed to be a pair of eyes hidden, peering at him, peering at the uninvited guests in this shady house. He felt a wave of uneasiness. This feeling can be traced back to a long time ago. This feeling... was remote and painful. He subconsciously rubbed the jade bracelet on his right wrist. Obviously, this jade bracelet has been worn for a long time, the color of the jade was impressively red as if it was full of red blood. It does not matter. The jade bracelet is still there. Everything will be fine. There was a rustling sound from the corner of the room, catching his attention. But there was nothing there. The feeling of being stared at became stronger. There is a lot of noise in old houses. Heavy rain hits the roof and makes noises. The wind poured into the holes in the old window papers and ripped the crisp window papers. The window was suddenly blown open, and the creaking of the wooden windows startled him. The cold wind poured rainwater into the room, breathing like something damp. Qingming got up from the bed, walked past, and closed the window. The rain outside the house was heavy, and the wind in early autumn was a little cool. He closed the window, and when he turned around, he suddenly saw a pale person standing behind him, staring at him with his hollow eyes, and black blood came out of his eye sockets. "GHOST?!" Qingming ran to the door in a panic, but the wooden door that had become crunchy over time could not be pushed, as if it had been welded to death. Qingming leaned against the door, and there was nowhere to go. The ghost floated towards him, stretched out his pale hand, and kept flowing black blood from its orifices. He glanced down at the jade bracelet on his wrist and saw a trace cracked on the surface of the jade bracelet, and blood gurgling out from the c***k in the jade strangely, dripping onto the ground along his arm. "Help, help!" Qingming's screams crossed the air. At this moment, the blocked door suddenly opened. He looked back and saw a dark figure standing outside the door with backlighting. The lightning flashing across the sky illuminated his outline which was like a cast-iron figure. It was a teenager about Qingming's age. This man has short black hair and deep black eyes, but when he looks again, he feels that his eyes are dull, even extremely hollow. It feels weirder than ghosts. It seemed like a doll with a hollow gaze. "Something happened?" the boy asked, his voice calm. "I, I, I saw the ghost, right here!" Qingming said, his body still trembling slightly. But when he turned around and pointed the ghost to the boy, he found that there was nothing behind him. He glanced at the jade bracelet on his wrist, and the weird blood flow disappeared. "I...really saw it!" Qingming tried to explain in a panic, but the boy walked away blankly. The pace of steps makes the boy like a working machine, or a lifeless puppet, strange and stiff. Qingming suddenly remembered something. There seem to be no other people living in this old temple. **** "Class end!" the headteacher announced the end of getting out of class. Qingming looked out the window. There were already twos and threes on the playground, and the energetic noise slowly rose. What a wonderful world. The panic last night seemed to be a very unreal nightmare, and now he finally woke up from the dream. "By the way, classmate Jia Qingming, come to my office." Of course, there is a reason for being called to the office. On the first day of the transfer to Shenting County High School, Qingming slept drowsily for most of the courses, after all-- "Sorry, I didn't sleep well last night so..." "Although you are from a big city, I don't want to see your attitude like this." The young male headteacher had a serious face. "Sorry……" "Then, stay on duty after school." The headteacher concluded with this sentence. There was no room for negotiation. It was probably counted as punishment for his sleep in class. When she walked out of the office, Qingming finally let out a foul breath. "What a bad day." When I went to school in the city, I was marginalized and cold-eyed. I came to such a county high school to start again. I didn't expect to encounter such a thing on the first day. He looked through the glass curtain wall on the side of the teaching building and looked towards the playground. The sky is still cloudy, there is no so-called rainy season, and there are not many heavy rains. However, the weather forecast says that Shenting County will enter a continuous thunderstorm in the near future. On the basketball court on the east side of the playground, he saw the mechanical figure, calmly dribbling the ball and layup. The rebound wobbled. The cheering voices of the girls were clearly heard here. And why are such a cold and expressionless boy unexpectedly popular with girls! That guy... is indeed the weird boy he saw last night. It doesn't look so weird to see him in the daytime, and it's a school playground full of people. He played in a black uniform issued by the school and looked like a normal school student. But Jia Qingming still feels a deep sense of disobedience. The guy's movements on the court are a bit blunt, like a robot that has been programmed. If there is really something unscientific, it's not unscientific to appear outdoors in such hazy weather, right? He held the basketball, bathed in the cheers from the girls, and suddenly turned his head to look at him, seeming to notice Jia Qingming's gaze from the fourth floor of the teaching building. There is a strange aura in this person, which makes Qingming feel uncomfortable. It seems that the existence of this person will make him feel restless. "Excuse me…" There was a sound from a place very close behind him, which shocked Qingming. "Is it senior Jia Qingming?" The girl's voice is lovely. She was not familiar with the name Jia Qingming, so she read it straightforwardly. Qingming turned around, and the girl behind him was wearing a girl's short skirt uniform, with playful double ponytails, and a pair of bright eyes flashed with vitality. "It's me, and you are...?" The girl seemed unscrupulous, but Jia Qingming scratched her cheek embarrassedly. "My name is Xiao Shanshan. I am a senior student and the student council president of this year. Yesterday I was really... I'm sorry!" She solemnly bowed to him, her double ponytails beating on the side of her head, "Originally It should have been arranged, and the seniors were not notified in advance of such things as accommodation...I'm really sorry!" "It's okay. It was so rainy yesterday, and it's normal to have negligence. And..." He had to lie to comfort Xiao Shanshan in front of him, "And the place where I live is pretty good, quite ancient." "Really?" The look in the big eyes made people think that the hazy weather would light up. "Does the senior think it's not bad?" "Ah... well. That's it." "That's great." At last, he breathed a sigh of relief, "Will the seniors be free? As the president of the student council, I have an obligation to show new students to the campus!" "It seems to be a physical education class. I'm sorry I might have to..." "It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical education class! If you transfer to class on the first day, only the head teacher’s list with the senior’s name will be added. In the first week, you can still escape from unimportant courses like physical education. No problem!" "Hey, you are the president of the student council." Qingming couldn't help but complain. Obviously, you are the president of the student council, is it really good to condone students to skip class like this? "Hehehe." Xiao Shanshan laughed. "Let's go, I will take you to familiarize yourself with the environment, how about it? This is new student welfare!" Without giving Qingming a chance to answer yes or no, Xiao Shanshan leaped forward, the bell rang in class, and students from the playground poured into the teaching building. Qingming's eyes patrolled in the crowd but did not notice. That strange boy, it seems that after a short chat, he disappeared again. It's as if it has never appeared before. Qingming raised his hand and looked at the jade bracelet on his wrist. There was a long c***k on the jade bracelet. But the c***k is inside the jade bracelet, and the surface is still smooth. The trace looks like the texture of the jade itself, which is difficult to find. Only he knew that this was a trace split from the inside, like a bloody wound. "Hey, Senior Qingming, what are you going to do in a daze?" Xiao Shanshan waved at him at the end of the corridor. "Ah, nothing." "Hurry up!" Jia Qing quickly followed. But his heart is full of anxiety, no matter how self-comforting, he can't deny a terrible fact—— It was definitely not a dream last night. He... can see ghosts again.

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