The Human Girl's Mate

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Serena is a simple human girl. At the age of eighteen she is taken to work at the Blue Forest Elven castle by an alluring beautiful elf, Commander Calen,Serena's fated mate, but he isn't who Serena thinks he is.

As they embark on their love story, Serena's life is thrown upside down by new bonds,new friendships,old friendships, war and heartbreak.

Will she find her happily ever after, or will discovering who her mate really is destroy Serena?

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Chapter one: A lesson in Elven history
'Good morning class, take your seats please.' A collective groan sounds around the small classroom when my classmates realize we are learning about Elven history today, but not me. I love history, I especially love learning about the elves and how they came to be in power, all their powers and abilities, I mean, who would be silly enough to not want to know everything about the race that rules us.  I open my notebook and begin taking notes as Mrs St Clare starts her lecture.  ' Elves have always lived in the forests to the East of what is today called the Human Plains.  Back then they still hid in the shadows, scared of what us humans could do, for you see while elves may live for a millennia, they are not immortal, they can die like you and I.  Unfortunately for us humans, it was the killing of an elf prince that started the Great Blood War. Now, who can tell me more about the Great Blood War? Serena?' My head snaps up from my notes, did she call  my name? By the look on her face I can tell she is waiting for me to answer, but I have no idea what she asked me... My hands are trembling, my face is so hot I bet I look like a tomato, to my right I feel a light tap on the table, I look down too see that my best friend Adam has written something in a bit of paper; 'TELL HER MORE ABOUT THE WAR MORON!' I whisper him a quick thanks and start telling her what I know  'Erm, well my father once told me that it was actually a love triangle that started the war. He used to tell me of a legend that spoke of a Human princess who fell in love with the elf prince, and they were planning to run away together when her human fiance found out and ambushed them. He killed the elf prince, and dragged the princess back to the castle to suffer her punishment, but instead  of being welcomed back a hero  the king had him thrown in the dungeons. My father said, the following morning the Elves attacked and we were no match for their power and cunning. The king surrendered, hoping the elf king would be merciful, but the elf king was so full of hatred and pain he killed the royal family and banished the remaining humans to the Human Plains, he then destroyed the human village and the castle. And now that human village is actually the Blue Forest.' I finally take a breath, I'm so nervous I don't even wait for her to tell me if I'm right or not I sit back down so fast I actually tip my chair backwards and nearly fall on my arse, but Adam saves the day again by grabbing my arm and yanking me up!  ' Serena!' He shouts as he pulls me ' What are you doing? Trying to get herself bullied again? Calm down!'  He's right, I need to calm down, I'm making a fool of myself over a silly talk in class. I sit back down slowly this time and as hear a few sniggers coming from behind us, but I ignore them and Mrs St Clare clears her throat, getting everyone's attention back to her .  'Well, Serena you're father is right. King Galrod of the elves did in fact attack the castle and banished the humans, but that was not the end of the war, some humans re grouped and tried to reclaim the the castle and the lands around it, but as we all know, elf warriors are ruthless and they fought back, laying waste to all who stepped in their path, King Galrod pushed the humans out once again, but he was even more furious and he ordered his warriors to end the humans. Those who escaped hid in the forests to the west and stayed there for many years, still being killed on sight by the elves. But after twenty years King Galrod sent word that the humans would no longer be s*******r and were welcome to return to the plains, but only under his rule. So the humans, tired of the dark forests of the west returned to the plains and pledged their loyalty and service to the elves. And that is why, when you reach the age of human adulthood girls are sent to work as maids, nannies or cooks  at the elven castles and houses and the boys are either trained to be warriors or farmers. And you, my class, you will all be gone in the next month or so, as you turn eighteen, you will be taken to the elves for assessment and given your place among society.'  I exhale loudly at that last bit, how scary to think that in just a week I will be eighteen and I will taken from my family and friends. Adam looks at me with a sad face, he too is worried about leaving, Adam's father passed away last year, and Adam being the oldest son was left in charge of the house and helping his mother tame his two younger twin brothers. As a rule humans are only allowed two children per family, but exceptions are made  for families who have twins or are yet to produce a female offspring. You see, elves may be powerful and ruthless, but that still comes from a place of fear and hate against humans, so they put value in human female lives to serve them, rather than males to fight them.  A week goes by in a flash and I wake to a great commotion outside my bedroom door, these guys couldn't be quiet if their lives depended on them!  'I can hear you fools out there you know?!' I shout from under my pillow annoyed that not even on my birthday I am allowed a lay in. Suddenly Adam, my mother, my father and Adam's twin brother's Tony and Lex come bursting through my bedroom door, with a small cake and a couple of gifts. ' Happy birthday Nina!' They all shout in unison and I smile at both their enthusiasm and my childhood nickname given to me by Adam who to this day claims that Serena is a really hard name for a two year old to say.  'Thank you everyone!' I say while reaching to hug my mother who is now crying. 'Mother, please don't cry, I won't be gone forever.' I don't want this day to be sad for my parents, I am an only child so once I leave they will be alone.  'Oh goodness!' my mother says, wiping her tears, ' you think I'm crying because I will miss you ?' she says with a chuckle ' I'm crying because you turning eighteen means I'm nearly fifty! I'm getting old!' she says half laughing half tearing up and I can't believe that's what's got her so worked up. The look of disbelief on my face must be a picture because soon every one of them is howling with laughter.  'Oh yeah very funny guys! ha! ha! ha! Laugh it up, you'll all be lost without me, you'll see! I give you fools a week before you're all crying for good old Nina!!' I shout as I jokingly kick Adam's arse off my bed. 'Now get out, let me get dressed before we eat that cake.'  The day goes by fast, we spend it at home together as a family, after Adam, Tony and Lex left this morning, my father has been in a bit of a funny mood, finally I decide to go pack, won't be long before an elf warrior will be coming to get me. I'm in my room packing when my father  comes in. 'My Nina, I can't believe you're eighteen.' He give s a big hug and sits on my bed, patting the covers next to him motioning me to sit next to him. 'Serena, I want you to be very careful when you to the Blue forest, especially if you are assigned to work at the castle, try your best to stay away from King Galrod and the Prince.They are cruel creatures, don't let this time of peace trick you, stay alert my child.' He kisses the top of my head and leaves me to think about what he has said. the elves have been at peace with the humans for two hundred years, why would my father be afraid that they would harm me? Why would the royal elves even care about a lowly servant girl?  When the elf comes to get me I am still thinking about what my father told me. My thoughts soon evaporate when I open the door, oh my, the paintings I have seen around school really don't do these elves any justice. His face is encased in a golden helmet, showing only vivid blue eyes, a long narrow nose and  pouty lips, I have to tilt my head all the way back just to look at him, he must be over 6 foot tall. His long black hair falls over his shoulders, cascading over  his golden armour making such a contrast, I never knew elves could have hair so black. I must've been drooling because he clears his throat and c***s his eyebrow at me 'Are you Serena Ward?' Oh my days, his voice is so soft, like butter, I can't help the little whimper that escapes my lips as I answer him yes with a small nod. He c***s his eyebrow at me again and smirks, he knows exactly the effect he has on girls, smug bastard, I'll show him, I straighten my back to make myself as tall as I can, but my confidence is knocked down a peg when I realize that even at my tallest my head only reaches his chest. 'Yes, I'm Serena Ward!' I say with a bit more conviction. Suddenly the elf reaches for me, but instead of grabbing my arm, he puts his fingers under  my chin and lifts my face to his. He's so close I can't think properly, oh those lips, so plump, so kissable, I find myself pouting my lips as if asking for a kiss, once again the elf clears his throat and my eyes finally look into his, such blue eyes, so vivid and clear I can clearly see my reflection in them,I can't pull my eyes away, he has me in a trance, suddenly his eyes sparkle and they turn black for a few seconds,my heart skips a beat and  he pulls back abruptly. 'Hey, what was that with your eyes?' I ask him, realizing that us humans still have so much to learn about elves. He looks as surprised as I am, in fact he looks more shocked than surprised, as if he's been slapped. He c***s his head to the side to look at me and I realize he is mimicking me.  'Come, girl, follow me, you are being assigned to the castle.' His voice has turned so harsh and I wonder what could I have already done to offend him... Wait? Did he say the castle?  

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