Coma Dreams Come True


The present of Wendy Wilson's 18th birthday for her is a ten-year prison sentence. In order to revenge, she made a deal with the devil and married a man in coma, but she didn't see that coming..

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Chapter 1 Marry the Paralytic
It was the middle of the night, in the dead silent and cold New York Women's Prison, Wendy Wilson curled up on the bed. The quilt was pitifully thin and unable to resist the severe cold at all, she could not help but stretched out her hands to caress her sore knees. The pain in her joints made her unable to sleep all night long. It had been three years. She thought she would be used to this kind of suffering, but she was not as strong as she had imagined. The illnesses she had accumulated over the years made this winter even more difficult to bear. Wendy did not even know if she could survive until the day of her release. She was forced to serve the 10-year sentence three years ago, there were still seven years left. Because of the pain, Wendy moved her body. The shaking of the bed woke up the person next to her, who got up violently and grabbed Wendy's hair. Wendy looked at the woman's cruel face, her expression was numb. Wendy was used to being beaten. However, her silence did not bring her sympathy. Seeing that the heavy slap was about to land on her face, Wendy did even have the strength to dodge. All she could do was let the woman slap her, and it would be over once that woman had enough. Just as Wendy closed her eyes and waited for the pain to come, the sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside. "Wendy Wilson, come out!" Wendy opened her eyes. The woman shook Wendy off and said, "You're lucky." Wendy slowly put on the only proper clothes that she had and walked out behind the prison guard. "What happened?" "Shut up, don't ask what you shouldn't ask!" The prison guard did not say much and handcuffed and hooded Wendy. The darkness brought unknown and fear, and Wendy's heart sank slowly. After walking for a while, she was taken into a car. "Where are you taking me?" Wendy almost screamed. Hearing the sound of the engine starting, Wendy was extremely terrified. Being taken away out of nowhere like this gave her the feeling that she was about to be secretly executed. "You will know when you're there." An old but firm and powerful voice reached Wendy's ears, but her heart beat faster... She intuitively felt that this trip would change the trajectory of her life. After spending quite a long time anxious, the car stopped and Wendy got out. A man grabbed her, led her to take several turns, then finally stopped. Someone roughly removed the cover from Wendy's head, and her eyes, which had been immersed in darkness for a long time, were dazzled by the sudden light. After some time, Wendy's eyes finally adjusted to it. Then, she realized that an old man was standing not far away. The old man was expressionless, yet possessed an aura that was not to be underestimated. This was the person who brought Wendy out, the person Wendy could not afford to offend. Wendy glanced at him, then lowered her head to stare at the toe of her shoe. She was very afraid of accidentally provoking this man. After all, if this man wanted to do something to her, she would not be able to fight back at all. "Here's the thing, I have something to ask of you. If you agree, I can cancel the charges and release you from prison in advance." Before the old man finished speaking, Wendy interrupted him impatiently and said, "I agree." "Aren't you afraid that I will harm you?" The old man was surprised by her eagerness. Wendy shook her head. "No matter what it is, I won't end up worse than now. Besides, if a person like you really wants to harm me, why would you need my consent?" This person could easily bring Wendy out of prison, which meant he could also make her completely disappear from this world, and she did not want to die yet. The old man nodded. "Having said that, you still have to understand it before making a decision." After speaking, he opened the door and entered the room first, Wendy followed. Then, she saw a person lying on a hospital bed. It was a very handsome man. Although he was wearing a hospital gown and his eyes were closed tightly, he still did not lose his exquisite and noble aura. The outline of his facial features was so fine under the dim light as if they were sculpted, almost irresistible for any woman. Wendy could imagine how outstanding this man once was, and such a person obviously had nothing to do with a person like her, so she could not hide her confusion. "This is my grandson Felix Swift. He has been unconscious for three years. He is the owner of the car you hit." Wendy's face turned pale in an instant, she could not help clenching her fists, her untrimmed nails pierced her palms and into her skin, but she did not realize it at all and stared at the man in front of her. It was him! Wendy knew that this man was also a victim, but when she thought that it was because of this man that she was revenged and deliberately tortured in prison, it was difficult to keep calm. Anger, grievance, and astonishment intertwined, but in the end, she could only hold back and pretend to be calm. Seeing Wendy's trembling hands, the old man thought she felt guilty and said, "Here's the thing, Felix is unconscious now, and needs a woman to marry him to take care of him. For some reason, you are the candidate. What do you think?" Wendy was silent for a moment. Marry him? Marry a man like Felix? Even if she did not go to prison, based on her background, it would be wishful thinking to think she could marry into a family as wealthy as the Swift family. She was certain that the Swift family was planning something... However, she had no right to refuse. She only had two paths. Marry the paralytic in front of her and embark on a road with an uncertain future, or go back to live a miserable life in prison till her sentence ended. No matter which path she took, she would end up in a cage. She looked straight at the unconscious Felix in front of her, serious and complicated emotions surged in her heart. "I..."

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