Briar Reef Murder Mystery

small town

The small town of Briar Reef is shaken to its core when one of its leading citizens is found dead in the woods with her face missing. Detective Celia Sparks is working her first murder case in the town where she had come to escape but this big city cop has her work cut out for her. The more she uncovers the more questions they are than answers. In a town that’s known for burying its secrets how will she ever find the truth?

Briar Reef Murder Mystery is created by Jordan Silver, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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Chapter 1
"Umm, how are you always so good at this?" Sonya Davis ran her hands up and down her lover's back as she moved her hips up to meet his. His c**k slid deep within her, and deeper still, making her juices run down and wet the place beneath her, soaking her ass in the bargain. She's never been this wet with anyone else, never enjoyed the pleasures that this one man can give her. Her heart cried out as her loins trembled and she begged him in hushed whispers to go deeper. He took her lips roughly, bruising them with his brute force. A force she craved like water needed to quench a thirst. His lips fell away from hers and made their way down to her neck where he teased her with his teeth, knowing that he didn't dare mark her. But knowing it, the thought of doing it still, filled him with a kind of excitement that he hadn't enjoyed in too long to remember. She tugged his head back to hers as she felt her p***y clench in readiness and their lips came together in fiery passion as they each tried to consume the other in the heat of lust. "f**k me lover, f**k your woman, harder, harder, f**k me harder." She moaned the words against his mouth as he f****d into her harder at her command. The two bodies moved wildly together on the blanket as they neared climax, neither of them giving much thought to the strands of hay that made their way through the threadbare material that had seen much better days. Their naked bodies glistened in the bright sunlight that peeped through the lone dusty window as he pounded into her fecund flesh. This wasn't the first time they'd been here like this, and if they had their way it wouldn't be the last. He pulled their lips apart when they both needed to catch their breath and she screamed out when his c**k found her sweet spot. He covered her mouth with his big work roughened hand. "Shh, you'll get us caught." "Then stop hitting my spot like that." She laughed teasingly and wrapped her toned legs around his ass, pulling his pounding c**k harder into her. "Now shut up and f**k me you beast." He replaced his hand with his lips once more, driving his tongue into her mouth in tempo with his thick long c**k that reached her depths with each thrust. She'd never been f****d so hard or so well before in her life and her heart was full to overflowing. A s****l being all her life, she reveled in the fact that she'd finally found someone who could fulfill her needs over and over again. Always before she'd have to go away in her head, pretend to be with someone else, doing any manner of things just to get off. But not with him. In the year and a half since they'd been f*****g he never once let her down and she never wanted it to end, never wanted to be without him. "When are you going to leave her?" "When are you going to leave him?" The answer was never. It was just part of the game they played with each other, talking about their individual spouses while they f****d each other blind. It added some extra spice to their passion, made it even more exciting. Added to the risk they were taking, it made for some very explosive orgasms, for him and for her. The element of the forbidden gave them both a thrill. "c*m inside me." "Are you sure?" He felt his balls tighten up in preparation. She's never let him c*m in her without a condom before; every time he f****d her raw she made him pull out and c*m on her ass or her flat tummy. "Yes, I'm sure, c*m in me. Let's take the risk." The thrill, the excitement, it was too much for her and she came screaming into his mouth as he emptied his seed inside her for the first time that day. He stayed on top of her until he'd given her the last drop, then rolled away and reached for his discarded flannel shirt to retrieve his pack of cigarettes. "You want one?" "You know I do." She only smokes at times like this, in between bouts of shared passion with him, only him. In her real life she wouldn't dare; not the upstanding wife of one of the town's leading citizens. Mother, friend, confidant; member of the PTA, head of the local charity and all around good girl, here is the only place she felt free to let her hair down. Here, or any place they could find to be alone together. "You know I'm going to f**k you again, you don't need to be anywhere do you?" "Nope, I have the whole day set aside just for you." He lit one cigarette and passed it to her before lighting another for himself. They laid in silence, blowing smoke in the air as they relaxed in the afterglow of what they'd shared. He rolled to his side facing her, his finger making a trail down her middle until it met her Mons. "You have the prettiest p***y I've ever seen." She opened her legs when his hand moved lower giving him free access to her. He dipped his finger inside as she lifted her lips to his. The kiss was deep, soul stirring as she rolled over on top of him, making sure to keep the burning cigarette away from his eyes while reaching between them with her free hand to find his already rising c**k. With a few strokes of her hand he was stiff again as she rubbed the fat head back and forth along her slit. Each time the bulbous head of his c**k touched her clit she felt a shiver run down her spine. He moved her hand away, taking over, no longer willing to wait and forced his c**k inside her. She released air from her lungs as he pulled her down on his c**k until her ass hit his thighs and his balls were squeezed up tight against her ass cheeks. They both put the cigarettes out hurriedly to avoid starting a blaze in the dry hay and she planted her hands on his chest as she rocked her hips back and forth, taking him in deep. "I want you to f**k me from behind, I love the way you do that." She panted out her need as she f****d herself hard up and down on his c**k. He tweaked her clit between his fingers to bring her off before lifting her off of him and putting her on her hands and knees. She screamed out in pleasure pain when he drove his c**k into her without warning and this time when he covered her mouth with his hand he pulled her head back until her neck couldn't go any further. His hips pounded faster, harder, slapping against hers as his c**k reached places inside her only this position could achieve. "Yes-yes-yes I'm cumming, I'm cumming; you make me c*m so good." Her words were muffled against his palm as her eyes rolled back in her head. He covered her lips with his as he pounded out his lust and once again, without having to be told, washed her womb with his seed. The orgasm went on for much longer than the other, but these two insatiable lovers were not quite done with each other. They spent the better part of the morning and into the afternoon making love until they had to get back to their lives. "I'll see you this evening then, at dinner." She kissed her lover one last time after rushing into her clothes and hurrying down the stairs and out of the old barn that was their favorite meeting place.

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