A Beast For A Beauty

escape while being pregnant

Payton Black is the Daughter Of James and Nancy Black, Alpha and Luna of the Black Stone Pack.

Every Year her pack Holds a Mating Ball for all Wolves coming of age or unmated. All Packs Across Canada are Invited to Attend. This year The ball is held the day After Payton has turned 18. Her father Alpha James gets word that this year the Alpha Of the Dark Shadow Moon pack will be attending. He is known as the Beast. Every pack fears him, for he is not called the Beast For nothing.

Poor Payton turns out to be his mate. Now poor Payton has to leave with the Beast.

Can Payton be the one to Tame the Beast or will the Beast Kill the light inside his mate?

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Chapter 1
My name is Payton Black. Daughter of Alpha James Black of the Black Stone Pack. Tomorrow I turn 18 years old. Normally, you will get your wolf at 16 years old and shift for the first time when you turn 18. But being the Alpha's daughter, I got my wolf Aurora when I was 14 and shifted when I was 16. But poor me, I have not been lucky enough yet to find my mate. Every year, my pack will hold a mating ball for the new shifted wolves and for those wolves who still have not found their mate. All packs across Canada are welcome to attend. Since you have to be 18 years of age with a wolf to attend to find your mate, this will be the first year for me and my best friend Alison Quin, the daughter of our beta. The ball is being held this Saturday, the day after my 18th birthday. "Payton Rose Black " My mother, Nancy, yelled from downstairs. " Get a move on, or you will be late for school." " Be right down, Mother," I answered her. I slipped on a pair of my favorite dark black Skinny jeans, my skinny boots, a black crop top, and a black leather jacket. I put my long, wavy black hair up in a ponytail, did my make-up, grabbed my phone, keys, and purse and headed down the stairs. I kiss my mother on the cheek and head for the door. " Are you not going to eat first, Payton? " she asks. "No, I am picking up Alison and stopping for coffee like we always do. I will just grab a bagel as well, " I answered, continuing out the door. I climbed into my new car my parents bought me when I passed my driving test last year. It is a Candy Apple Red Mustang Convertible. I started the car and went down 3 houses and stopped for Allison to get in. " Morning, Chicky," Alison says, climbing in and hugging me. I have known Alison my whole life. We have been best friends since birth. She is a little hyper and loud at times, but this 5.5, 120lb, brown-haired-green-eyed girl would have my back in a heartbeat. I do not know what I would ever do without her. " Morning Ally," I said. "Please tell me we are doing our normal coffee stop?" Ally Asks " Well, Duh," I replied, " There is no way I am going without my large Double Hazelnut Mocha Latta," I told her. We turned up the music and turned off to the coffee shop. I pull into the high school parking lot a short time later, park my car in my normal spot, and get out. Our friends are all hanging out by the big tree in front of the school. I saw our friend Justin waving at us as we approached. After our greetings, I blocked them all out. I began to think about my birthday tomorrow and the mating ball on Saturday. I still have not found my mate. Normally, you do when you get your wolf, but I was early on getting my wolf, so I am wondering if one of the new wolves this year could be my mate. I looked around at my male friends. God, I hope it is not Justin; he is just not my type at all; he is cool and all, just a bit of a nerd. Ally's Brother and future Beta, Zack Quinn, would have been great since I have had a major crush on him since we were kids, but seeing how he is 20 years old, like my brother, there was no way he could be my mate. "Hello, earth to Payton." Ally taps me on the shoulder. "Huh? Oh, sorry, I was daydreaming, "I said. "The bell Rang chicky, we had better go before the second bell goes off, and we are late," she said. We ran to our locker and headed off to my first-period math class. I am good at math, but I hate this class. Mr. Harington is so dull. I take my seat at the back of the room and get ready for the next 2 hours of boredom. Finally, the bell rings, and I gather my books and run out. Standing at my locker waiting for me is Ally. "How was math class chicky?" she asks me "Dull and boring like always." I answered, "I swear half the class fell asleep." Opening my locker, I took out my English books, and I and Ally headed to class. We have the next 2 classes together. Taking our seats together at the back of the room, we waited for Mr. Glover, our English teacher, to start. "Seeing how it is almost the end of the school year with just a week to go," Mr. Glover said, "I think a nice pop quiz is in order to prepare your minds for your exams starting on Monday." The whole class moans. Mr. Glover was a stickler for pop quizzes. At lunch, I grab a salad a slice of pizza and ice tea, then head to our normal table. On my way, I had to pass the major, b***h Lisa Backster. The school's biggest stuck-up human ever. She thinks she is all that and more. The humans in this school do not have a clue about the Werewolves. So, since I can remember, Lisa finds it her mission to always start something with me. And I can never show her who the real boss is. As I am walking past her, I hear her call me a dyke, then laugh with all her followers. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to face her. "How did you know, Lisa?" I asked her. "Finally, I can tell you how I really feel about you. We can be together now." Just the look on her face was a win for me. "I knew you were gay," Lisa says. "That is why you never had a boyfriend." "You got me, Lisa. You are so smart," I said, walking away. I can not wait to graduate and be finished with this school and done with her. "Well, that was fun," Ally says, laughing. " Same old, Lisa," I said. " I wish she knew what we were, so we could just put that human in her place. We ate our lunch, then decided that after school, we would hit the mall for dresses for the ball on Saturday. In gym class, Ally and I had no problems doing the 10 laps around the track. It was nothing for us since it is something we must do every day training with the pack. My last class was my favorite subject of them all: art class. I loved art. I loved to paint and draw. I was really good at it, too. I love doing landscapes and human portraits. "Very beautiful, Payton," the teacher, Mrs. Grant says, looking at my sunset over the lake painting I am working on. "You should be teaching this class; you are so good," she went on. " Thank you, Mrs. Grant, I love Art " The bell rang, and I started to clean up my station. Once I was done, I headed to meet Ally at my locker. As I rounded the corner, there were Ally and Jack were waiting for me. "It is about time, chicky," says Ally. " I was starting to think you had left without me." I laughed a little and opened my locker. "Sorry, I had to clean the brushes and put the paint away," I told them. "Can I get a ride home, Payton?" Jack asked me. " My mom needed the car today." " Yeah, sure, of course," I answered. "Let's go." After dropping Jack off at home, Ally and I continued on to the mall. Parking the car, I elbowed Ally. " Look what I see," I said, pointing to a group of hot guys. " Wow," said Ally, lowering her sunglasses. " Do you think they are from a visiting pack for the ball on Saturday?" "I sure hope so, " I answered. " Check out, Mr. hot and heavy in the white tank top, blue jeans, and black hair," I said. " Oh, I see him and Mr. Hottie in the blue T-shirt, black jeans with blonde hair. " Ally says We looked at each other and burst out laughing. We got out of the car, heading towards the front door of the mall when we heard whistles and hoots. We turned to see the hot group of guys checking us out and whistling. We laugh and blow kisses to the guys before entering the mall. " That was fun," said Ally. Three hours later, we entered the last dress shop in the mall. "I swear, Ally, if we do not find the perfect dress here, I will have to wear jeans," I said. "Well, here is to hoping, " Ally said. "I do not think Alpha Black will allow us to wear jeans," she laughed. 15 minutes into browsing the racks, Ally shrieked. I looked up, and she was holding up a black and white one-shoulder Mermaid dress. The white was at the bottom that ruffled. It was so pretty, and so Allys style "I am going to try it on," said Ally. " Most definitely Ally, that is such a pretty dress. As Ally is trying on her dress, I spot a navy blue lace Mermaid off-the-shoulder long evening dress that pooled out onto the floor. I loved this dress. I ran to the dressing room and tried it on. It fit perfectly. It was firm to my figure, made my breasts stand out as well. I looked like a goddess. Both Ally and I came out at the same time to model for each other. " Oh, goddess Payton, that dress was made for you." She says " You are so stunning. You have to get it." " Only if you get that dress, Ally," I said, "You are so beautiful in it." We bought our dresses and then decided to go get something to eat before looking for matching shoes. I ordered a 4 piece Chinese meal and a diet coke and joined Ally at a table. She ordered the 6 pieces Chinese meal and a coke. As we were eating, Ally pointed out the group of hot guys from the parking lot staring at us. We have just finished eating when the group walks over to us and sits at the table next to ours. " Hi, there gorgeous ladies, my name is Tucker," says the guy I liked. " This here is Tommy," he said, pointing to the one Ally liked. " This is Ryan. " He pointed to a tall blonde " and Dylan, " he says, pointing to the last guy. " You ladies from the pack around here or visiting for the ball?" Tucker asks. " I am Payton Black, Alpha Black's Daughter from the pack holding the ball," I answered. " This is my best friend and our Beta's daughter, Alison," I said, introducing her. We sat for about an hour talking with the guys and getting to know them. They were from the Blue River Pack from B.C. It was their first time coming to the Mating Ball as well. But sad to say none of them were my mate. After picking out matching shoes for our dresses, we leave the mall and head back to the packhouse. I drop Ally off in front of her house and drive up to my house. I ran up to my room and hung the dress in the closet. I do not want anyone to see it till I am wearing it on Saturday night. I walked down the hall to my brother's room and knocked on the door. " Come in," said Jaxson. " Hey, Bro, how was your day?" I asked. " Same old, same old," he answered, "More Alpha training. I can not wait to find my mate so I can take over as Alpha. " Jaxson was 20 but because he still had not found his mate. Our father is not going to hand over the Alpha Title until he finds his mate. I told Jaxson about the group of guys we met at the mall and how none of them were my mate. "Sorry, Sis," Jaxson says, "But I know how you feel. I have not found my mate either." " Want to go for a run with me, Bro?" I asked him. " Yeah, sure, I could blow off some stress," he answers. We head out, go to different sides of the tree line strip, and shift. My wolf, Aurora, is as big as an Alpha wolf since I am the daughter of an Alpha and Alpha Female. My wolf is a mix of golden colors with my hazel eyes. She is so beautiful. Jaxson's Wolf Thor was a mix of dark grey with blue eyes, too. He was very handsome too. We took off running. We love to run together and see who was faster. I always won. For the next 2 hours, we ran, played, and talked. These were good times. My brother is the best.

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